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Yellow River Estuaries
Driving in the scenic spot of the Yellow River estuary, the scattered red sapphire can be seen on the road, and the weft is the diameter, weaving a bright red carpet. Half of the dongying is sea water and half is flame. This semi-flame is also a unique wetland natural landscape in the Yellow River estuary scenic area. It is a cluster of wild plants with a cluster height of about 20 cm and the scientific name of sulphonate. It is known by the locals as Herbs and is said to be the only grass that can survive on saline soil. It is also a very adaptable and nutritious plant. I heard that the Tang Dynasty general Xue Rengui once went east, all the way through a sea area is also a saline-alkali land, the military is in urgent need of military food, the soldiers are hungry and cold, the victory is hopeless, they have to use this dish to fill the hunger, and finally won the victory, and then there will be yellow The name of the dish. Extremely far-sighted, bright red carpet stretches for the Yellow River into the sea, wrapped in red makeup, red powder, beautiful, full of charming romantic style; every year in April, the ground grows, the beginning is tender red, gradually deeper, From October to purple. A cluster of clusters, a poncho, in the salt and alkali brine, brewing a piece of fiery red life, romantic and colorful, let people indulge in it, linger on. I want to come to the ancient poem cloud, "Sunrise River is like a fire", that's it.
Yellow River Delta Bird Museum
Su Shis "Spring River Evening Scene" has a sentence: "Spring River Plumbing Duck Prophet", while others say that the autumn high-spirited bird first sense! Xia Xia has passed away, and the early autumn has come. Those birds that have been swaying in the winter and snow in the spring have already experienced the autumn breath and leapt more autumn scenery, which has become a token of the autumn news. said that the Yellow River Delta wetland is an important station for bird migration. The rivers and seas meet and the wetlands are new. The rare birds breed and migrate in the wetland ecology. This vast land also has many colorful birds. Nearly 6 million birds from the south to the north each year make up a large number of "flight formations" to shuttle around here, so they are known as "Bird International Airport" by domestic and foreign bird experts. When you come to Shandong, don't forget to go to the Yellow River Delta Bird Museum in Dongying to see the country's largest bird museum. The Bird Museum in the Yellow River Delta is a multi-functional exhibition hall integrating collection, display, publicity, education, scientific research and leisure. The exhibition area is 3,000 square meters. It is the largest bird museum in the country and the only one in the province. A museum featuring birds. Here, the theme of "protecting rare birds and building ecological civilization" is divided into "Dahe River - the Symbiosis Hall", "Migratory Birds Station - Resonance Hall", "Bird Country Quest - Concert Hall", " The four theme exhibition halls of Bird Paradise - Sharing Hall showcases more than 1,400 specimens including rare bird specimens.
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