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Desert Safari
When I mentioned Dubai travel, most peoples impressions were described as local tyrants. But in fact, Dubai has a lot of fun local places, not found by most people. Today, come to re-recognize the secrets of the Middle East-style Dubai. . Sheikh Mohammed Cultural Exchange Center: A close lunch conversation with locals. 1 to 2 hours, you can know why Arab women can't show their faces; why are different UAE headscarves and their methods of different ways? Taste the daily authentic food of the local family and the weekend party style . Dubai sand trip: You can usually report a half-day trip, take a camel ride in the evening, watch the sunset, and lie on the beach at night to watch the show. Taste the local delicacies. You can also take a photo of the locals and experience the Falcon show . an Arabian breakfast: the exquisite Arabic breakfast, long time ago has long been famous. This time, I also visited the Arabian Teahouse, which is the most recommended by locals, for a very ceremonial breakfast. It is rich in variety and is a small butterfly on a very delicate bowl. The whole store decoration is also very story, it is worth a morning. Also recommended is the Make Art Cake . Arab Coffee Museum: a not-so-big museum with hundreds of coffee utensils hidden hundreds of years ago. Tickets are not accepted at the museum and Arabic coffee is available upstairs. The taste of Arabic coffee is so acidic that you can smell it as soon as you enter the door. If you like, you can leave a tasting . Jumeirah Castle Market: high-end exquisite version of the indoor market, here you can also shoot the sailing hotel, hot day is suitable for shopping and eating here, but also Play on the beach in the Sailing Hotel . perfume, spices, gold market: the most lively place in Dubai. You can buy a wide variety of goods here, but remember to learn to bargain. Now the price of the vendors is huge, you can cut to two or three fold . Dubai Atlantis: Dubai's artificial island, you need to have hotel products to enter. The hotel is full of ocean atmosphere, you can play aquarium, afternoon tea or buffet here, take a photo under the different special design buildings of the hotel . Visa: visa-free, go away Accommodation: Several locals recommend a cost-effective hotel: zabeel house by Jumeirah ;rove hotel;XVA art hotel Transportation: subway taxi (not expensive, close to domestic first-tier cities) withdrawal: one Zhang Ningbo Bank Savings Card, free of charge Transportation Card: You can buy at the airport subway station, 20 dirhams, 6 dirhams for the cost of the work, one time to buy a ticket than to buy a ticket separately
Samuels Lifestyle
Burj Al Arab Jumeirah
Finally, check in at the Seven Star Sailing Hotel in Dubai. The Arabian Tower Hotel of the United States and the United States Jumeirah Group is similar to the sails of the boat, also known as the Dubai Seven Star Sailing Hotel. It has long been a favorite to live, this time finally realized. The hotel is built on an artificial island in the Persian Gulf, 280 metres from the shore of the beach. It is connected to the land by a curved road. The hotel has 56 floors and is 321 meters high. The top of the hotel has a cantilever that protrudes from the edge of the building. The apron of the beam structure is more than 200 meters away from the ground. Figure 9 can be photographed from the seaplane, which is too cool. The interior is magnificent and luxurious, as if it were Aladdin's palace: the paintings of famous artists are on the wall; there are 17 telephone tubes in each room, and the door handles and toilet pipes are crawled with gold. Each suite also has a private butler who explains the high-tech equipment to the guests. Of the total of 202 suites, the lowest price is 900 a night, and the 25-story Royal Suite costs 18,000 a night - it has collections from around the world, private elevators, private cinemas, private restaurants, and rotating sleep The bed, the shower head with the upper, middle and lower three-stage water spray can be selected. Lying in the room, you can enjoy the view of the Arabian Sea. The room is 170 square meters, up and down the stairs, specially equipped with butler service. In the room you can see the Arabian sponge long beach coast and warm in the room. Sea ~ If you like to integrate into nature, you can also choose to stay at the resort's summer palace, castle and other hotels, take a boat tour of the park, enjoy yourself #OOTD# LIPSY LONDON DUNE LV
Dubai Fantasy Museum, M MUSEUM OF ILLUSIONS, Dubai's newly opened pedestrian zone, Al Seef, is part of the international museum chain and debuted in Croatia in 2015 in Zagreb, the capital of Dubai. It is the largest in the world. We experience unique vision and senses through exhibits, and the museum encourages zero-distance contact with products, allowing visitors to take as many photos as possible to record and share their adventures. Its also fun to play with friends here, with 80 interactive exhibits, making a variety of very interesting photos. Several rooms are especially fun 1. The exhibition called Vortex Tunnel, a rotating cylinder that induces the brain to think that the ground beneath it is moving. (Figure 4) 2. There are countless you in the kaleidoscope. (Figure 4 below) 3. They can walk into another room and watch the world around them be reversed. (figure 5) 4. In the so-called Ames room, depending on the location of the visitors in the exhibition, visitors can zoom out or expand. (Fig. 7) Fantasy Museum is an optical illusion museum. The so-called visual illusion, when people observe objects, the wrong judgment and perception based on empiricism or improper reference means that the observer is objective. Under the influence of factors or under the control of their own psychological factors, the erroneous feeling of the graphics that is inconsistent with the objective facts is a kind of visual science. Here, science is no longer an unreachable "iceberg beauty". The sense of experience allows us to immerse ourselves in her charm, while also visually and tactilely, teasing our eyes and brains and opening a scientific adventure. Dubai Fantasy Museum MUSEUM OF ILLUSIONS Dubai River's newly opened pedestrian zone Al Seef adults for 80 dirhams, children's ticket for 60 dirhams