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Trip Moments

When I mentioned Dubai travel, most peoples impressions were described as local tyrants. But in fact, Dubai has a lot of fun local places, not found by most people. Today, come to re-recognize the secrets of the Middle East-style Dubai.
Sheikh Mohammed Cultural Exchange Center: A close lunch conversation with locals. 1 to 2 hours, you can know why Arab women can't show their faces; why are different UAE headscarves and their methods of different ways? Taste the daily authentic food of the local family and the weekend party style
Dubai sand trip: You can usually report a half-day trip, take a camel ride in the evening, watch the sunset, and lie on the beach at night to watch the show. Taste the local delicacies. You can also take a photo of the locals and experience the Falcon show
an Arabian breakfast: the exquisite Arabic breakfast, long time ago has long been famous. This time, I also visited the Arabian Teahouse, which is the most recommended by locals, for a very ceremonial breakfast. It is rich in variety and is a small butterfly on a very delicate bowl. The whole store decoration is also very story, it is worth a morning. Also recommended is the Make Art Cake
Arab Coffee Museum: a not-so-big museum with hundreds of coffee utensils hidden hundreds of years ago. Tickets are not accepted at the museum and Arabic coffee is available upstairs. The taste of Arabic coffee is so acidic that you can smell it as soon as you enter the door. If you like, you can leave a tasting
Jumeirah Castle Market: high-end exquisite version of the indoor market, here you can also shoot the sailing hotel, hot day is suitable for shopping and eating here, but also Play on the beach in the Sailing Hotel
perfume, spices, gold market: the most lively place in Dubai. You can buy a wide variety of goods here, but remember to learn to bargain. Now the price of the vendors is huge, you can cut to two or three fold
Dubai Atlantis: Dubai's artificial island, you need to have hotel products to enter. The hotel is full of ocean atmosphere, you can play aquarium, afternoon tea or buffet here, take a photo under the different special design buildings of the hotel
Visa: visa-free, go away
Accommodation: Several locals recommend a cost-effective hotel: zabeel house by Jumeirah ;rove hotel;XVA art hotel
Transportation: subway taxi (not expensive, close to domestic first-tier cities)
withdrawal: one Zhang Ningbo Bank Savings Card, free of charge
Transportation Card: You can buy at the airport subway station, 20 dirhams, 6 dirhams for the cost of the work, one time to buy a ticket than to buy a ticket separately
Samuels Lifestyle
Dubai Food Discovery Shop - Dessert Snacks

Today, we continue to follow the "Frying Pan Adventures" Middle Eastern theme food tour to explore the local delicious snacks and desserts.
In the multicultural fusion of Dubai, is there any flavor of snacks?

First stop
Falafel Sultan restaurant
Fig. 2-Fig 3

The specialty snacks at this store are called Cooked Meatballs and are made with bean noodles.

Second Station
Qwaider Al Nabulsi Western Restaurant
Figure 4-Figure 6

There are a lot of desserts here, all of which are now available for sale, and the variety is quite varied. The golden color looks delicious and delicious. It is very attractive~
Inspected in the kitchen, the masters enthusiastically produced local specialties kunafa.
The main ingredients are cheese, put in the nuts, The special pot is cooked on the fire.
Crunchy crumbs with melted cheese in between, and sweet honey egg rolls below, very sweet and delicious.
is a favorite of students, workers and white-collar workers in the local area.
With the iced lemon mint tea in the popular street, not only meets the sugar demand of breakfast, but also solves the morning thirst.

3rd stop
Fig. 7-Fig. 9

Sitting on the opposite side of the cruise on the Dubai River, visit an authentic Dubai local restaurant in the old town.
Just in the beautiful scenery of the ancient city hidden by the Dubai Creek. The Old Town by the Dubai Creek is home to many unique stories.
This river divides the city of Dubai into the Old Town of Dera and the new city of Bur Dubai.

Here, the Arab national dessert Luqaimat finale!
The kind name is succulent fried egg, and the sweet taste brings a good mood for the day. The unique aroma of
squid, which is unique to the local ingredients in Dubai, is the most delicious one of the desserts.