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United Arab Emirates
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Popular Attractions in Dubai

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah
1,385 Reviews
Modern Architecture
The Burj Al Arab Hotel is one of Dubai's landmarks. It is a luxurious, 7-star hotel in the shape of a billowing sail, located on an artificial island in the Persian Gulf. Its interior decoration is magnificent and uses large quantities of gold. The hotel's suites enjoy beautiful views of the Persian Gulf. The items used in the suites are all expensive luxury brands. Besides its spacious and comfortable guest rooms, the hotel also has eight restaurants. Among these, Al Mahara restaurant is the most famous one, which is in an aquarium. While dining, you can see beautiful underwater views through the glasses next to you.
Burj Khalifa
3,932 Reviews
Observation Deck
About 828 meters tall and with 162 floors, Burj Khalifa is one of Dubai's landmarks. There is an observation deck on the 124th floor that visitors can reach by the elevator in one minute. The entire Dubai can be overlooked through the glass walls of the 124th floor observation deck, including the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab Hotel, and Dubai's beautiful beaches. Sunset is a good time to make the trip up the tower to look at the views. You can see the day turning into night on the horizon, the sun setting in the west, and the city lights being switched on.
Atlantis, The Palm Island
525 Reviews
This is an Atlantis-themed hotel resort located at the tip of the Palm Jumeirah Archipelago. You can get there by monorail, which allows you to admire the island views on the way. The hotel features a giant aquarium, an exciting water park, and Dolphin Bay where you can closely interact with the dolphins. It's a highly suitable place to stay with children. During the daytime, you can enjoy sunbathing on the hotel's private beach while appreciating the view of the Persian Gulf. In the evening, you can enjoy a magnificent sunset by the sea.
The Lost Chambers Aquarium
448 Reviews
The Lost Chambers Aquarium is located inside the Atlantis Hotel at the tip of the Palm Jumeirah Archipelago. The theme of the aquarium is the search for the lost civilization of Atlantis. While observing the sea creatures, you can imagine yourself searching for the ruins of the mysterious Atlantis. The aquarium features a giant two-story high glass fish tank and it is free. Standing in the hotel's corridors, you can see myriad aquatic organisms that live in the giant tank. If you want to swim with these beautiful, brightly colored fish, you can also sign up to dive here, then you can get really close to the fish in the giant tank.

Trip Moments

The process of turning imagination into reality, full of curiosity DAY 1 1Old town: a true insight into the local history of the original, Bastakiya is the iconic area of Dubai's historic architectural style Visiting the Coffee Museum and locals chatting with friends like coffee and learning about the local culture 2 Dubai Museum, built in 1798, officially established as the National Museum of Dubai in 1971. Formerly known as the Al-Faheidi Fortress, it was once the royal palace, the fortress and the ancient castle of Haiphong. It is the oldest building in Dubai. 3 Spice gold market, all merchants are neatly filled with open spices, gathered jewelry from Dubai, India and around the world, mostly 18k and 22k gold 4Air Dinner: The world-renowned sky restaurant Dinner In The Sky settled in Dubai's Marina area, each person sent a menu to choose the starter, staple food, dessert according to their taste, bring the menu to the table show to the Lord The kitchen is just fine. The dining chair like the roller coaster in the playground can be rotated 360 degrees. It is very large and very comfortable. Enjoy the food Day 2 1 Burj Khalifa The world's best must not be missed. On the first day, I saw the music fountain with the background in Dubai Mall. Many travelers are not willing to miss the city where the highest point is overlooked. The skyscraper has become a Lego toy in an instant. It has a small view of the mountains. If the weather is good, you can see it further. 2Seaplane Look out from the giant window. The mirage of Dubai is gradually coming into view. Do Fundus, all buildings are within reach of the way, it reflects the intimate charm and sophisticated details of the UAE's iconic sights. 3 Train Park dozens of retro cartoon trucks and trucks. The real identity is a restaurant that offers take-away food! It is also a good place to take pictures. It is full of surprises and incredible American road feelings. Experience the collision of American culture with the Arab countries and feel the new lifestyle of the UAE. 4La Perle Water Dance SHOW Golden embroidered stage, seating 270 degrees around the stage, 360-degree visual experience stage, in the performance, sometimes pouring rain, sometimes gusts of wind, sometimes smog, sometimes snow falling The waterfalls on both sides of the wall pour down, and the splashing water on the ground creates a heavy rain and majestic effect. Watching La Perle is like taking an adventure Day 3 1 Dubai Mall I am very much looking forward to the high demand for shopping in this kind of travel, the world is very high-profile, has the most full-brand, suitable for high, medium and low-grade consumption. I like the most. Dubai has a low import tax and no Consumption tax, the giant water foot box in the lobby will lie in front of the fish tank to enjoy a variety of underwater creatures, chocolate, date palm, essential oils, many Dubai specialties can be bought, shopaholic pilgrimage 2 One of the most anticipated projects of sand , wearing a beautiful long skirt and taking a unique set of beautiful photos in the desert, the official sand-rushing tour, the most exciting thing in the city is casually The impact of the second big head down will accelerate the summit, and then the weight drift will drift in the desert. There will be a rollover downhill, and you will be yelling, especially happy, the whole journey is 30 minutes, and the meaning is still not finished The wonderful itinerary brings us a different Dubai, its mystery, its enthusiasm, its charm is far more than these, I hope to continue the fate, the next time to wipe out a different spark.
Posted: Sep 12, 2019
After saying it many times, I left and left, but I was trapped by work. But some time ago I finally went to the UAE. Speaking of the UAE, everyone thinks that this is a country with a pile of jade and extravagance, but in fact it can be more than this. 1Sheikh Zayed Mosque Come to the UAE, the capital Abu Dhabi is definitely the most recommended place. Everyone knows that the UAE believes in Islam, so mosques in the UAE usually do not allow non-Muslims to enter, but the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is an exception. The most important and only mosque that women can enter from the main entrance. But before entering, you must pack yourself tightly. Before I entered, I was asked to put a long squat on the outside, so everyone must be mentally prepared. The entire mosque costs 5.5 billion, with Swarovski crystal chandeliers worth 800,000 and the largest handmade carpet in the world. In short, it is spectacular. 2 Abu Dhabi Louvre I heard that there is also a Louvre here, so I said that I bought tickets to visit. The Abu Dhabi Louvre covers an area of 24,000 square meters and has an exhibition area of 8,000 square meters. It is the largest art museum in the Arabian Peninsula. The opening layer is decorated with palm leaves, and the light falls through the dome to form a spot of different sizes, creating a psychedelic visual effect. 3 Ferrari theme park afternoon, we went to the Ferrari theme park according to the previous strategy. I can't afford Ferrari. This time I finally got a chance to sit on Ferrari and really satisfied my vanity. There is also the fastest roller coaster in the world. I felt a little scared at first, but after I finished it, I asked to sit again. I don't know if I am courageous or not. Anyway, I think the world is the fastest. 4The feeling of rushing sand rushing is a bit different from riding a roller coaster because there is more kind of unrestrained. In the sand dunes with a slope of forty or fifty degrees, then swooping down, you can experience a short weight loss. After taking the sand, you can take pictures in the desert, choose the best in the sunset, the sun is better. 5Dubai Mall On the last day, I chose to relax a bit, that is to go to the Duball Mall. Although it is not high, it is very long and can sit like a sightseeing car. For people like me, coming here is to feel, because I can only afford chocolate here, but there are often discounts here, and many fashion buyers often come here. Walking Dubai for five days and four nights, not only experienced the luxury of Dubai, but also experienced the culture here. Although the consumption of this place is very expensive, the style here is still worthy of my visit.
Posted: Sep 17, 2019