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The fashionable and bustling Dubai is naturally a paradise for food. The little word dinner chose Asado restaurant in The Palace Downtown Hotel next to Dubai Mall.
Traveling, not only is it fun to play, but also the best place to enjoy the Dubai Mall's musical fountain, while the Dubai Mall's musical fountain is also the world's largest and most beautiful musical fountain, so it's just a landscape. I am already intoxicated. As the famous restaurant of 2017 Time Out Dubai Restaurant, the interior decoration is very distinctive, and the open grill is the highlight of everyone.
The most famous here is the steak, the juicy and juicy steak, served with a delicious Papillon sauce, which is instantly scented.
If you don't eat beef, then lamb chops and fish are also a good choice.
Sitting at the poolside and enjoying a long table feast, savoring Argentine wines, accompanied by seafood and barbecue, this dining satisfaction is far beyond the taste buds. It is said that every year, the room where the fireworks are seen is full. Oh, so friends who want to make a reservation remember to advance ~

Hotel: The Palace Downtown Hotel
Posted: Dec 12, 2018
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Through the desert sand dunes, there is an oasis of tranquillity - Banyan Tree Al Wadi. It is not only built on the desert, but also all equipped with private pool villas! It is the first desert integrated resort in the UAE with a full pool villa!
Yan Yuzhuang is located in the Awadi Nature Reserve and is the first protected area in Ras Al Khaimah Beach. This protected area spans 100 hectares of desert and is a paradise for local flora and fauna. The reserve also protects three re-introduced native antelope breeds the sand gazelle, the Arabian gazelle and the endangered Arabian antelope, and you may encounter them at any time in the hotel. There are two main types of rooms in the
Evadi Banyan Tree, one is a townhouse, 158 square meters, with a private infinity pool, sunbeds and more.
One is a tent villa, the tent villa is 253 square meters inside, very spacious, two people live a little waste.
Feeling the decor of each Banyan Tree villa is very similar, but the tent-style villa design is absolutely rare!
You can relax in the private large pool while overlooking the desert. The private pool area is also the largest of the hotels I have ever stayed at!
Dining, you can choose to have dinner on the sand dunes or on the tower, so you can fully appreciate the desert. You can also choose the Safran restaurant, which is mainly Southeast Asian, which is very suitable for the taste of the country.
Staying in Dubai's ultra-modern luxury hotel, take a magical vacation through the desert plains and enjoy the nomadic life with the Middle Eastern antelope!
Half of the sea, half of the desert Dubai Seaplane VS Desert Safari

When it comes to Dubai, people will think of oil, gold, it is one of the richest regions in the world. In just 30 years, it has become a global trade and tourism metropolis from a desert town. Today, Dubai's many iconic tourism products showcase the luxury of this place. The towering skyscrapers, the rugged coastline, and the vast desert scenery make the glittering Dubai a preferred destination.

So what is the most important thing to miss in Dubai?

Dubai is a city with many charms. Staying in it, you can feel the luxury of Dubai; away from it, overlooking Dubai from the air, you will find the other side of her stunning.
If you like adventure, Dubai's aerial project is definitely not to be missed! Dubai is one of the most beautiful parachute resorts in the world. If you don't want to skydiving, experience the seaplane. Looking down at the height of 4,000 meters, overlooking the panoramic view of Dubai, it is really unbelievable!

Departing from the most modern neighbourhood in downtown Dubai, you can reach the magnificent scenery of the Arabian Desert in less than 20 minutes by car. This is the original tourist attraction in Dubai. Come to a Dubai-style desert tour and experience the fun of off-road, beach buggy and sand boarding. Going to the desert to sand in Dubai is the best way to experience Arabian-style tourism. Usually arranged before the sunset, take the modified off-road vehicle, away from the bustling city, gallop in the desert. Off-road vehicles have a feeling of riding a roller coaster as the terrain rises and falls. Some people even have a feeling of motion sickness in their bodies.
Today, mushrooms are coming to recommend a Guinness Book of Records, the world's tallest restaurant, At.Mosphere. The restaurant is located on the 122nd floor of the world's tallest tower of Burj Khalifa, floating in the clouds above the ground level of 1030 meters, and is rated as one of the most romantic places in Dubai.

Want to watch the city panorama, in Dubai, apart from seaplanes and skydiving adventures, the most comfortable way is to watch the city change as you enjoy the food.

To enter the At.Mosphere restaurant, you need to enter the Corporate Suites lobby in Burj Khalifa, take the elevator to the 123rd floor, and then walk down the stairs.

The restaurant is mainly Western food, and the value of the value + taste is recommended. Not only can you eat dinner here, but also the afternoon tea is the most ideal place to enjoy. The afternoon tea is definitely the taste buds. Of course, come here to take a photo overlooking Dubai. The golden position is also a life achievement. The little friends can never imagine how it feels to eat at Genting Heaven Palace. God's perspective is instantly available.

Restaurants can directly search for the public and search for seats, star ratings are a good high score! When dining at the restaurant, you don't have to queue up to the Burj Khalifa on the second floor. The friends must remember that this restaurant needs to be booked in advance. Don't miss the regret or delay in the trip~ and ask for a meal. Very formal ~

The Lost Space at the 6-star Atlantis Hotel in Palm Island, Dubai is the first open-air ocean world in the Middle East with an unprecedented marine ecosystem, mainly from the Arabian Gulf with over 65,000 fish and marine life. It includes the Crescent Moonfish, a variety of sharks, devil fish, piranhas, hundreds of tropical fish and treasured fish. Atlantis, a legendary high-civilization city, Plato's ideal country, suddenly sinking into the deep sea disappeared a long time ago, until now there is still someone to prove or deny its existence. The Lost Space created by Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, is based on the mysterious remains of Atlantis, recreating the scene of the lost ancient city sinking into the sea. During the construction of the resort, a series of complex passages on the seabed were made public. They were once thought to have been buried in the Arabian Gulf for thousands of years. According to further investigations, it was discovered that this is an ancient street system. Today's theme - the lost city of Atlantis. Staying at the Atlantis Hotel, you can see thousands of marine life from all over the world through the maze of water, through the maze of underground tunnels, and see the underwater relics of Atlantis, as if you are in the mythical world. There is also a special exhibition on the site, where you can see a variety of marine life, such as the precious snail jellyfish, the colorful coral reef ecosystem, and even the piranhas. Exploring the mysterious legends that have been circulating for a long time in the marine world of Atlantis is a dreamy and fascinating journey.

Returning to the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in Dubai, once again, I walked back to the Islamic style hall on the right. When I walked through a handsome man in a white robe, it was like crossing an Arab in the "One Thousand and One Nights". The palace of the kings of the ancient country, the golden splendor let me lament that this once the GDP is second only to China's Arabian Peninsula. When I was young, I also wanted to go back to the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel. Once again, I walked back to the Islamic style hall on the right. When I walked through a handsome man in a white robe, it was like crossing the once "One Thousand and One Nights". In the palace of the kings of the ancient Arab countries, I was sighed by the splendour of the Arabian Peninsula, which once had GDP second only to China. When I was young, I also wanted to try to be a dream. On the way to life in the future, I would meet a handsome Arab prince who took me home and eventually had to be defeated by reality. Even if I think of it at this moment, my heart will inevitably move. Doing a dream, on the way to life in the future, I will meet a handsome Arab prince who will take me home and eventually have to be defeated by reality. Even if I think of it at this moment, my heart will inevitably move. In the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel, there is a fairy-like woman who caressed the harp and bathed in the warm sunshine of the afternoon. From the golden hair to the white dress, there was golden light. We gently smiled at each other. This kind of scene reminds me of the god "Apollo" who plays the harp in Greek mythology. Apollo is a god of light, youth and music in poetry and art. No matter what reason we have, this life meets, but the eyes of the eyes are warm.