The Liudingshan Jinding Buddha is located in Dunhua City, Jilin Province. The Buddha is located in the south of the north. The height of the Buddha is 38.4 meters. It is opposite to the Big Buddha in the north and south of Lantau Island in Hong Kong. It is said to be the highest Buddha statue in Sakyamuni in the world. There is a Zhengjue Temple at the foot of the mountain. You can visit the temple first and then reach the Jinding Buddha along the climbing steps. It takes a long time. You can also take a tour bus to reach the mountainside and walk to the foot of the Buddha. Come to the foot of the Big Buddha and look up to the world's tallest Sakyamuni sitting Buddha statue. The solemn feelings arise spontaneously. Even people who have no faith like me will feel solemn and respectful from the heart. Inside the huge pedestal of the Big Buddha, there are also various Buddhist temples where visitors can visit or worship.
Posted: Apr 11, 2019
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