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About Dunhuang

Dunhuang is located in western Gansu, an oasis in the vast Gobi Desert. Previously one of the important and strategic cities on the famous Silk Road, it contains over 2,000 years of history. Dunhuang is one of the frontier towns established around 104 BC, serving as a fortification to protect against invading tribes. Centuries later, Dunhuang was the main communication post between ancient China and the rest of the world. Christian and Jewish artifacts have been found in the area, showing the variety of travelers who made the journey along the Silk Road. Its style has fascinated travelers for ages. The Thousand Buddha Grottoes (or Mogao Caves) to the southeast of the city are a precious treasure trove of Buddhist art. There are exquisite wall paintings and statuary. Head northwest from Mogao Caves to the Great Wall at Yumen Pass and the Great Wall at Yang Pass to see the remnants of the Han Dynasty Great Wall, which were left behind in these famous mountain passes. Dunhuang's natural landscape is extremely worth seeing and enjoying. The wondrously multicolored Danxia Landform is a favorite place among photography lovers.

Popular Attractions in Dunhuang

Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring
9,381 Reviews
Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Lake is located south of the City of Dunhuang. The site features a mountain and a spring that are symbols of Dunhuang. You should visit the sightseeing area in the afternoon to avoid the heat of the midday desert. Once the sun goes down, you can climb the mountain. From its peak, you can enjoy the desert and Crescent Lake at the base of the mountain. The scenic area offers a variety of recreational activities, including camel riding, sandboarding, motorcycling in the desert, archery, and helicopter tours.
Mogao Grottoes
5,236 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
The Mogao Caves, also called Caves of the Thousand Buddhas, is located in the southeast of Dunhuang city. The Mogao Caves scenic area consists of the Mogao Caves Digital Center and the Mogao Caves. The Mogao Caves Digital Center shows short films about the caves. After thousands of years of carving, the caves have a large number of murals, cultural relics, and etc. It's a world-famous Buddhist art destination. The artistic characteristics of the caves are mainly reflected in the ingenious combination of architecture, statues and Dunhuang murals, and the artistic styles of many dynasties are vividly and harmoniously presented.
Yadan National Geological Park
1,970 Reviews
Geological Sites
Yadan National Geological Park, also known as Dunhuang Devil City, is an important landscape for tourists visiting the Dunhuang West Line (including Yumenguan, Han Great Wall, Yangguan, Xiqian Buddha Cave, etc.) in the Gobi Desert in the northwest of Dunhuang City. . The park is dominated by large and unique Yadan landforms and it looks fantastic and spectacular on the Gobi. Every evening, during the sunset, it is a wonderful place to shoot photos. Jinshi Yingbin, Pyramid, peacocks and Xihai fleets are important attractions in the scenic area.
Yumen Pass
1,368 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Yumen Pass was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, also known as Xiaofangpancheng, which is the throat of the Silk Road leading to the Western Region. Because Hetian Meiyu entered the Central Plains from here since ancient times, it was called Yumenguan. With the erosion of thousands of years, Yumenguan has lost the appearance of the year. The current Yumenguan looks like a relic of a rammed earth pile. It is square and consists of four walls of earth. It opens on the northwest sides of the earth wall. Although there is no spectacular view of the year, the small town that stands on the top of the Gobi Desert can imagine the glory of the year and sigh the vicissitudes of history and time.

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Dunhuang Weather

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Trip Moments

In order to see the sunrise in the desert, it was early in the morning, at 4 o'clock in the morning, I felt that the whole person was still alive. Mingsha Mountain in the morning, walking barefoot on the top is particularly comfortable, soft sand, cold and cold. We climbed a hill and waited quietly. The sunrise here is beyond my imagination. It is not a red yolk, but a pearl, small and beautiful, quite eye-catching, and beautiful things are nothing more than this. The camel team is also there early in the morning, but riding a camel can only watch the sunrise halfway. Also, if you have a trip to see the sunrise, you must first buy the ticket the day before yesterday, and brush the fingerprint on the next day to enter the scenic spot. Otherwise, there is no ticket sales in the early morning.
Posted: Jul 28, 2019
The Crescent Moon Spring in Dunhuang has long been famous in the world. The town of Crescent Springs, like the dream of crossing and returning, has become a home for the pilgrim Mogao Grottoes in just a few years. It is said that it is a home, indeed because its simplicity can awaken people's nostalgia or childhood memories away from the city. Fine sand, earthen walls, wooden pillars, canopies, tables, lanterns, and the enticing color and aroma of various folk snacks... here should be based on the romantic feelings and pastoral dreams of the builders, and even Showing some of his childishness. When you live here, you will have a special feeling. Maybe you haven't seen the builder, but you seem to pass him by, or meet unexpectedly. There is a moment of heartbeat in the silence. You are not only infected by the impression in your eyes, but also moved by this thought. At night, there is another feeling, almost not thought to be crossing, but has already enjoyed the joy of this return. A little cool breeze, a tree shadow, a few strings of lanterns, moonlight, three or five tourists, slowly and leisurely.
Posted: Sep 8, 2019
The Crescent Spring Town is an emerging tourist, leisure and business area in Dunhuang. It is a municipal supporting tourist facility for Dunhuang tourism, which serves the improvement of the entire Yueshashan Crescent Springs and the tourism support of Mogao Grottoes. The whole function area of the whole month is mainly divided into parking lot, self-driving tour route and commercial car supermarket, special catering service area, cultural tourism business area, characteristic town model exhibition area and special hotel and commercial residence. Area. The entire supporting facilities are very perfect, and it is very successful as a relatively mature tourism function area for tourism development in Dunhuang. This Crescent Spring Town is only 3 km away from the Mingsha Mountain-Yuya Spring International Scenic Area, and only a few hundred meters away from the Leiyin Temple, the birthplace of Buddhist translators, to the history of Mogao Grottoes. Cultural monuments are also more than a dozen kilometers away, and the traffic and location advantages are very obvious. As a place to visit and travel in Dunhuang, the Crescent Springs town is worth visiting. It is a place where you can enjoy Dunhuang specialties, experience the historical culture of Dunhuang and feel the local culture.
Posted: Sep 8, 2019
Travel master cao   
There are many poems about the frontier in the Tang Dynasty. When the Tang Dynasty was strong, many literati had the opportunity to experience the border, so many famous poems about it were written, especially about Yumenguan. For example, the very famous phrase "Spring Breeze is not good" The site of Yumenguan is now a small square in the northwest of Dunhuang, Gansu Province. Today, it is just a ruin. The core area is centered on the site of Xiaofangpancheng. It is linearly distributed. If you really want to come here to see the Great Wall, you may be disappointed. Desolation, a piece of ancient city wall ruins and a stone with a red letter of Yumenguan, even the entire attraction. The poem "The Yellow River is far from the Baiyun Mountain, a lonely city Wanshan Mountain. Why do you have to blame Yang Liu, the spring breeze is not Yumenguan." Let Yumenguan be known to the world. However, the erosion of the years and sands of thousands of years has left this place long gone. Many tourists have lost their hopes after coming here. They can only be called for their feelings. Yumenguan is dubbed "depressed" by tourists. But when you really set foot on this land, your feet are on the yellow sand, blowing the wind, looking at the endless desert, the sights gathered here thousands of years ago seem to be in front of you. Today's Yumenguan has long had no bustling scenes on the Silk Road, but there are still all your imaginations about the frontier. In 2014, the Yumenguan site was the Silk Road: Changan, a joint application of China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. A site in the road network of the Tianshan Corridor was successfully included in the World Heritage List.
Posted: Aug 21, 2019
Millennium Dunhuang Wannian Shaquan, Old Town New Town Hongwu Inn. Beside the Crescent Moon on the edge of the desert, the fresh and natural beauty is relaxed. Hongwu Inn is located in the foot of Mingsha Mountain, the moon spring town on the bank of Yuequan. There are old streets, stoves, eight fairy tables, wooden benches, wooden rafts, iron bells, antique buildings in the town, under the curtains, delicious fragrance It has both famous snacks from other provinces and local and local characteristics. Hongwu Inn is a hotel-style inn. The decoration style tends to be retro culture. The room facilities are based on the star rating. The old bandits, old tables and chairs, earthen walls, famous calligraphy and painting, imported Thai latex mattresses, smart toilets. Surfing showers, healthy green plants...presenting old and not old-fashioned, undisciplined and uncluttered, both old and modern... The moon is empty, the lights are bright, the four fields are silent, you can feel the scenery of the ancient town, and you can see the Gobi scenery. Do not smell the noise of the car, listen to the frogs and bells, and noisy noisy, more than a lot of fun hotel with a standard butler service, let the tired you feel the warmth of home, warm and thoughtful, a cup of tea a quiet, A greeting to a friend...
Posted: Sep 8, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Yadan National Geological Park, West Thousand Buddha Caves, The Han Great Wall, Dafangpan City Site, Dunde Glacier.
Here are the best places to visit in Dunhuang, including: "Si Lu Hua Yu" Performance, See Dunhuang Again Performance, Dunhuang Western Movie and Television Base, Dunhuang Museum, West Thousand Buddha Caves.
The long-distance bus from Dunhuang to Xining is very tired. The general tourists are from Dunhuang by train to Lanzhou and then from Lanzhou to Xining.