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Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring
Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Moon Spring are a pair of twin sisters in the Gobi Desert. "The mountains are sung and the water is inspired by God." There is indeed a sense of "Mingshashan Yiyi, Crescent Moon Springs". At that time, I saw the desert of Tonghua. Therefore, it began to look forward to the scenery of the desert. A few years ago, this novel was not adapted into a TV series. It was starred by Liu Shishi Hu Ge Peng Yuxi and renamed the wind. I read the first few episodes, and the framing is the Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Moon Spring. There is a camel in the desert, but these are already raised in the scenic area and used to give visitors a taste. off season is also 100 yuan once, I don't have a ride and I don't know how far I can ride this circle, but there is really a sense of loneliness in the desert. When I entered the scenic spot, I found a large reed. The dry reeds are swaying, and the yellow glow in the sun shines. keen discovery is a good place to take pictures, hurry and pat. I was only in the desert, I remembered San Mao, remembered her and Jose, and thought of the Sahara they lived. San Mao is a very talented woman. I used to like to read her dreams. "Life is short, there is no time to waste, everything is free to pursue, and how others think about me is so insignificant." Yes, how short our lives are, You will never know what will happen in the next second, where you will be. I used to be as heavy as I did when I left, but in fact, except for death, everything else is trivial.
Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring
There are three famous performances in Dunhuang, "See also Dunhuang", "Dunhuang Festival", "Silk Road Flower Rain". I have been very uninterested in the show, but I heard that the Dunhuang Festival is very special, it is a desert scene, and the other two are indoor performances. Suddenly attracted by the real performance of the desert, decisively booked the ticket, and sure enough, the experience and the senses of the senses. "Dunhuang Festival" is the world's first real-life show with desert as the background. Based on the real scene, it shows Dunhuang's unique scenery, splendid song and dance culture, mysterious legendary religious color, and the intersection of civilizations. The historical imprint is a good place to feel the rich Dunhuang style. The venue of the show is the Dunhuang Mountain Villa in Mingsha Mountain. During the performance, the auditorium will also rotate 360 degrees and fully integrate into the scene. With the stage sound and light system, the audience can experience the magical effect of naked eye 3D. Special reminder 1, the general performance starts at 9:00, and starts at 8:30. The temperature in the desert in May is only 10 degrees, which is very different from the daytime temperature difference. So remember to watch a show with a coat at night, after all, the show time is one hour. 2, no matter which channel is booked, there will be a hotel pick-up and transfer. The merchant will inform you in advance. After the performance, after finding the driver according to the master's mobile phone and license plate number, you will be safely delivered to you. Hotel.
Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring