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About Duyun

Duyun is situated in the south of Guizhou province close to the border with Guangxi. It is the capital of Qiannan Bouyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture and the political, economic and cultural center of southern Guizhou. The city is located on the banks of the Jian River and is surrounded by mountains. It also has traditional gardens and historical attractions. Home to almost 100 bridges, Duyun is known as the 'city of bridges'. Each bridge is designed in a unique style. Popular attractions include Maolan Karst Forest, famous for its unusual rock formations and lush forest. The region is also home to a number of ethnic minorities.

Popular Attractions in Duyun

Doupeng Hill
118 Reviews
Located in the northwest of Duyun City, Doupeng Mountain is located in the middle of the Miaoling Mountain range. It is a primeval forest area that is located very close to the city. There are peaks, canyons, caves, streams and waterfalls on the mountain. The coverage of original old growth forest is extremely high. Most of the roots of the trees grow out of gaps in the rocks. The strange landscapes of trees bearing rocks, rocks bearing trees and tree-bridges can be seen everywhere a visitor rests their eyes.
 Duyun Qin and Han Studio City
41 Reviews
Film Studio
Shibangu Street
98 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
Corkscrew Mountain
44 Reviews
Corkscrew Mountain is located in the Puyi and Miao nationalities autonomous region in Tuyun, Qiannan and is named for is giant spiraling appearance. The area includes Tianluoshui waterfall, Yangjiachong canyon and Sifangtan high altitude waterfall, as well as high altitude grasslands, ancient ruins and Yuntai Mountain. In addition, there are wild animals including black bears, marmots and musk deer, as well as rare medicinal wild plants.

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Trip Moments

Guizhou Duyun Qinhan Film and Television City covers an area of 2,300 acres, with a total investment of 6 billion yuan. The theme of Qinhan Film and Television City is "Dream back to Chang'an", and the central axis runs through the entire "city". The Weiyang Palace in the film and television city is currently the largest Han Dynasty palace building in the world, covering an area of 130,000 square meters. Qinhan Film City is divided into inner city and outer city. The inner city is the palace area, and the outer city is the city culture area, showing the culture of the Qin and Han dynasties. Yaochi, Altar, Changle Palace, Xuanshi Temple, Jiaofang Temple and Chengming Hall are all representative buildings in the palace area. Among them, the Xuanfang Temple is the place where the emperor is enthroned and holds a marriage or funeral ceremony. The outside of Qinhan Film and Television City has three main streets, Zhuque Street, Fuxi Street and Chang'an Street. The three major mansions of Hengshan Wangfu, Dasima General, and Huainan Wangfu, built on Fuyu Street, are the most elegant buildings. The Baixifang in the East and West Cities is a place for folk art performances in the Qin and Han Dynasties. Although the entire studio is a newly-built building in recent years, there is no feeling of fake and no excessive genius. It can be seen that the scenic spot is as restrained and refined as possible when it is built. Walking in the Qindu, which is close to history, is like crossing time and space. There is a Hanfu rental office in the scenic area. Visitors can rent suitable clothes according to their own body and identity preferences. After the replacement, they can take photos in different locations in the scenic spot. Photographed in the ancient city of Qincheng Han Palace, especially with a literary atmosphere.
Posted: Apr 13, 2019
The fir lake scenic spot is located at the core of the Duyun Economic Development Zone and covers an area of 800,000 square meters, including the fir lake glass bridge, the forest zip line, the colorful slide, the canopy bridge, the mountain slide, the dinosaur valley and the bird show. , the Global Speedway, the Squirrel Tribe and the upcoming Lotus Victory. Personal favorite is Lin Haifei and Feilong Glass Bridge. Linhai Feisuo has a drop of 28 meters and a total length of 296 meters. Through the zip line, the tourists quickly descend with the height difference and the terrain, and fly quickly to the other side like flying birds. The process of zip line can also admire the opposite shore and valley. The green scenery. Under the Linhai Feisuo, walk half an minute to reach the entrance of the Feilong Glass Bridge. The glass bridge is 288 meters long and 188 meters high. There is a 7D thrilling effect on the bridge deck. Walking on it is both intense and exciting. Although the bridge surface is firm and stable, it is always afraid that one accident will fall into the deep valley, and the heartbeat will be played. The rainway is another stimulating project in the scenic spot. It rushes from the top of the ropeway. The thrill of the huge gravity drop can only be described by the word "cool". After playing a few major projects, you will arrive at the valley through the mountain slide and end your journey. The alpine slide is a glass slide. Before the project, special clothes and gloves are required. Finally, the buttocks sit on the slide, and the legs are opened, and the speed is controlled by both hands. Under the leadership of the adults, this project can also be played by young people who meet the requirements.
Posted: Apr 23, 2019