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Instagram-Worthy Locations in Emeishan

Emei Mountain
29,050 Reviews
13.5km from downtown
UNESCO World Heritage - Natural Sites
UNESCO World Heritage - Cultural Sites
"It's so beautiful! Although there was no sun, the visibility was very high and I saw a shocking view! The scenic area is very large, the tickets can be used for two days, only stayed for one day because of the itinerary, and many places did not go. It is recommended to live on the mountain for one day and have fun for two days!"

Reasons to Recommend: Mount Emei is one of the four famous mountains of Chinese Buddhism, and it is also the temple of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva. There are numerous Buddhist monasteries in the mountains that combine to give this place a holy and serene atmosphere. The scenery in the mountains are beautiful. The four seasons each have their own characteristics. If you are lucky, you can see the sunrise and sea of clouds. Do note that the monkeys in Mount Emei are notoriously naughty. They are not afraid of people, and even take the initiative to ask tourists for food.

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Xiujia Waterfall
23 Reviews
5.9km from downtown
""Xiu Jia Waterfall" (Qi Jue Hidden Tou Poem. Chinese rhyme) Xiu Mei Suspended Suspension Hanging on the Sky, the world is famous for its scenery. The frescoes of waterfalls and cascading waters give alms to the pure land for the common people. (Motherland Landscape 1O48)"
Famous Mountain of the World
71 Reviews
4.7km from downtown
Modern Architecture
"The first archway before entering Mount Emei, the landmark building of Emei Mountain Scenic Area, indicates that you have entered Mount Emei. On the front of the memorial arch is written "Famous Mountains in the World" and on the back is written "Sacred Sites of Buddhism", which clearly expresses the status of Mount Emei."
Emei City
76 Reviews
2.1km from downtown
Historical Architectures
Cultural Areas
"Followed by the tour group to Xiangcheng to listen to the historical and cultural explanation of the Yi people, and admire the Yi people in the deep mountains and old forests. The Yi people played an important role in the Red Army's Long March. We have an obligation to help them out of poverty. How can a good tourist attraction They turned into an invisible shopping store, the Elephant City at night should be more beautiful~"

Reasons to Recommend: Emei Elephant City is located in the urban area of Mount Emei, close to the Buddhist temple, the Giant Buddha Temple. There is only one passage for believers and tourists to enter and leave the Giant Buddha Temple. Emei Elephant City has theaters, stages, inns, theme clubs, business courtyards, courtyards and other buildings. There are also landscapes such as the statue of "Xiangxiang Ruyi", the "pilgrimage starting point" archway, rockeries, and water features. trees. The archway of the pilgrimage avenue in Emei Elephant City is engraved with the calligraphy "Starting Point of Pilgrimage" inscribed by Foguang Mountain's Kaishan Zongchang Xingyun for Emei Elephant City. Emei Elephant City expresses Buddhist culture in different ways. Emei Elephant City is a tourist destination for experiencing Buddhist culture, tourism and shopping, leisure and holiday appreciation, and feeling local cultural characteristics. Together with the Giant Buddha Temple, it constitutes a new tourist attraction in Mount Emei, and it is another new highlight of the location of the world double heritage .

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Woyun Temple
23 Reviews
16.7km from downtown
Historical Sites
"Woyun Temple is located on the golden summit of Mount Emei, Emei Mountain, Leshan City, Sichuan, just beside Huazang Temple. Because the side of the Temple is often surrounded by clouds and mist, it is called Woyun Temple. The roof of its building is silver-white."