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Sunset Viewing Spots in Emeishan

Emei Mountain
29,049 Reviews
13.5km from downtown
UNESCO World Heritage - Natural Sites
UNESCO World Heritage - Cultural Sites
"It's so beautiful! Although there was no sun, the visibility was very high and I saw a shocking view! The scenic area is very large, the tickets can be used for two days, only stayed for one day because of the itinerary, and many places did not go. It is recommended to live on the mountain for one day and have fun for two days!"

Reasons to Recommend: Mount Emei is one of the four famous mountains of Chinese Buddhism, and it is also the temple of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva. There are numerous Buddhist monasteries in the mountains that combine to give this place a holy and serene atmosphere. The scenery in the mountains are beautiful. The four seasons each have their own characteristics. If you are lucky, you can see the sunrise and sea of clouds. Do note that the monkeys in Mount Emei are notoriously naughty. They are not afraid of people, and even take the initiative to ask tourists for food.

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Golden Peak Temple
2,552 Reviews
16.8km from downtown
Observation Decks
"The Golden Dome of Mount Emei is the most concentrated place of Emeishan temples and scenic spots. Emei Mountain is located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, standing between Dadu River and Qingyi River, depositing the Bayan culture of the rolling Yangtze River, which is the natural and cultural heritage of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River for thousands of years."

Reasons to Recommend: Emeishan's Golden Peak Temple is surrounded on all sides by places of interest, attractions, and temples of all sizes, shapes, and historicity. To visit here is to truly experience the essence of Emeishan. Golden Peak Temple's golden statue of the Samantabhadra (the Universal Worthy with Four Faces and Ten Great Vows) is a must-see for many tourists to Emeishan. It is also one of the Han ethnicity national key temples of Buddhism. At 3,079 meters above sea level, visitors to the Golden Peak Temple will find their breath taken away by more than just the 48m tall Samantabhadra. While there, devotees may also go to the Huayan Temple to pay respect to the Buddha. From all four sides of the Golden Peak Temple, it is possible to see Emeishan's four wonders - the rising sun, the sea of clouds, the glory of the Buddha, and the holy light.

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Leidong Plateau
314 Reviews
16.2km from downtown
"Leidongping is one of the main attractions of Emei Mountain. Leidongping is located on the slope of Lianwang, at an altitude of 2430 meters. The ancient name LeiShen Temple is said to be built in Han Dynasty. There is a pavilion on the right side of the temple, the pavilion front stone, the book carved "Leidongting" three words. Leidongping side of the old side of a noiseless iron tablet, prohibited visitors to loud noise, otherwise thunder and lightning, storms. According to legend, there are 72 caves under the rock, there are dragon god and thunder god living."

Reasons to Recommend: Leidong Plateau, with an altitude of over 2,400 meters, is the terminus of the sightseeing shuttle bus in the Emei Mountain Scenic Area. The bus operates between the Baoguo Temple Passenger Transport Centre at the foot of the mountain to the peak. Visitors must pass through Leidong Plateau on their way to Jinding Summit. Usually visitors would one day earlier to watch the sunrise at Jinding, because the accommodation cost in Leidong Plateau is cheaperch than that in Jinding Summit.

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162 Reviews
9.7km from downtown
"First-line day, in fact, the main destination of this trip is not the first-line day. We are passing by. We mainly go to see monkeys. The monkeys here are all skinned. Groups of tourists find things to eat. If you don't give it, you will have to steal it. Many female friends are scared."

Reasons to Recommend: Yixiantian is situated on the road from Qingyin Pavilion to Hongchunping Temple. Walking along in the canyon, visitors can hear the roar of the waterfall by the ear, with steep cliffs standing on both sides. It is like a giant axe that has split the mountain and a line of blue sky is revealed. In the past, the cliff path was narrow and simple. Visitors often fell for the path being slippery. It has now been converted into reinforced concrete plank road.

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Golden Statue of Puxian on Emei Mountain
257 Reviews
16.7km from downtown
"This is a 48-meter-high platinum bronze elephant, located in the Emeishan Golden Dome, more than 3,000 meters above sea level in front of the Tibetan Temple, ten square Puxian Bodhisattva sitting as the landmark landscape, free of charge for tourists."

Reasons to Recommend: Located in the center of Golden Summit, the four sides of the statue are the signs of Mount Emei. The icon was cast in copper-cast gilt and consists of a pedestal and the Ten Prophets. Against the background of the blue sky, the statues give off a shocking glow. Samantabhadra is a symbol of the wish of Mahayana Buddhism. The "Ten Parties" represent the 10 wishes of Samantabhadra, and it is also a symbol of ten directions in Buddhism. It means that the boundless line of Samantabhadra will be able to complete all the Buddhas of the Ten Trinity III and all sentient beings.

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Wanfo Top
94 Reviews
17.8km from downtown
"The top of Wanfo is the highest point of Emei Mountain. The altitude is over 3,000 meters. The ordinary tourists will have a slight altitude reaction. The view from the top of the mountain is wide. The surrounding clouds are running high. The scenery is magnificent. It is said that people can see the wonders of Buddha."