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Leshanwumu MuseumNearby City

Leshanwumu Museum

3.8/59 Reviews
"Sichuan Leshan Ebony Treasures Cultural Expo Garden is a thematic museum with ebony carving art as the main content, integrating the collection, research and exhibition of ebony carving art. It is located in Suji Town, Shizhong District, Leshan City, in the world’s natural and cultural Double heritage-Leshan Giant Buddha-Emei Mountain Green Tourism Channel, 18 kilometers away from Leshan city center and 19 kilometers away from Emei Mountain. It is one of the key private enterprises in Shizhong District of Leshan City, and it is also the Leshan City Government's effort to build "China's First Mountain" One of the key tourism supporting projects. The first, second and third phases of the project cover an area of more than 200 acres, with a construction area of more than 21,000 square meters and an exhibition hall area of more than 10,000 square meters. It adopts the blue tile roof style design of the traditional ancient Sichuan residential buildings. It is currently the largest thematic private museum in my country. The stone bridges, flowing water, and flowerbeds in the garden are designed to imitate the natural landscape, creating an elegant and quaint residential garden scenery. The spacious parking lot, the chic promenade and the exhibition hall with cornices make the museum garden magnificent. The scenic spot was officially opened to the public on April 19, 2006. The completion of the Leshan Ebony Cultural Museum in Sichuan is of great significance for the collection and research of human natural and cultural heritage, and adds a beautiful landscape to the Chinese cultural tourism industry."
Museum of Handmade PaperNearby City

Museum of Handmade Paper

2 Reviews
"To the East Han Cailun paper, then write the world is born. And when it comes to papermaking, 99 percent of people will first think of Anhui Jing County, today want to take everyone to the Jiajiang, 1775 kilometers away from Jing County, where the landscape is clear, bamboo for paper. [Geographical location] Jiajiang County is located in the northwest of Leshan City, Sichuan Province about 30 kilometers, because the Qingyi River here formed "the two sides of the Qingshan relative out, a river from the middle of the river" wonderful landscape and named. The paper-making museum in Jiajiang is becoming scarcer by using artificial methods under the baptism of the mechanized tide. As early as the Tang Dynasty, the local began to make paper in the form of handmade paper, until now. If you want to experience the ancient method of papermaking, you might as well go into Zhuangyuan paper mill, to experience the wisdom of the ancient people with bamboo paper. The second station Jiajiang New Year Painting Hall "Zhong Ling" "Qin Qiong" "Wei Chi Gong" ... These familiar door gods seem to have faded with the taste of the year. Better go into Jiajiang New Year Painting Hall, you will definitely find a long-lost childhood memories. The yearly painting of Jiajiang chooses the technique of wood-based wood-based painting, with four processes of writing, ink-line, overprinting and flat brushing. The simple craftsman is firmly handed down in the flow of time. The third stop, "Buddha is a mountain, mountain is a Buddha." Leshan Buddha is so famous that it hides the gloss of the thousands of Buddha rocks in Jiajiang. The thousand Buddha rocks are beautiful in the "Best place in Qingyi". On the left side of the wall, there are more than 200 caves inscribed in a row. The statues of the Buddha are about a thousand statues. The postures vary from one size to another. Thousand Buddha Rocks were excavated in the Tong Dynasty, flourishing in Tang Dynasty, extending to Ming and Qing Dynasty, and rising for hundreds of years, more than Leshan Buddha! [Transportation] from Leshan City along the Lejia Avenue about 51 minutes drive, can reach Jiajiang Town. You can also choose to hand over the line ~ [food] After experiencing the ancient method of paper making, it is better to try the fish head of Macun nearby. Fish head is usually from the Tsing Yi River branch line Macun River flowers, fish meat tender and delicious, with sauerkraut flavor, plus local characteristics of the bud, fresh and delicious, fragrant overflow. In addition, Jiajiang bean curd, Xiema roast meat, Mucheng sweet skin duck and other food is also worth to try! Country notes, you've been on your way."