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Emeishan Yoga Zen Spa

Emeishan Yoga Zen Spa

4.4/560 Reviews
"Hot Springs Resort"
Open from 11/9-12/31,2:30pm-11:00pm (Local time)
"It is also a pleasure to go to the golden top in Emeishan hot spring in the snowy day. It is a way to keep healthy and a way to relax, and it is also a kind of leisure way. It can relax body and mind and have health effect. It is the best choice for winter leisure vacation. After nearly an hour's drive to the Emeishan down the road to the Baoguo Temple, a quiet place, in the hotel in the Emeishan, in the deep, found this outdoor hot spring yoga hot spring. Because we have to go to Emei Mountain in the morning the next day, the principle of proximity, although the size of the yoga hot spring is not as large as some nearby hot springs, it is relatively quiet, especially at night, there are many historic trees in the garden, the whole courtyard enclosed building group, after registration, enter the inside, change your clothes, After the building, the spa is in the enclosure behind the building. Listen to the waiter said, it is better to go to the spa in winter night. Change in the swimsuit, shrank out of the foot of Emeishan the day under the snow, first entered an exit by the hot spring pool, the body sink first, finally the body has some heat. The hot spring pool is hot, some can lie down on one side, feel down, the water buoyancy is quite big. Through the hot spring sulfur heat, the side of the building, some light, some people in very casual chat. In such a quiet place, soaking in the natural heaven-given hot springs, the body and mind will naturally relax, what is the topic? Talk about? Nothing is the most important. Lie down in the water, beside many wild cats accompany, close your eyes, only know the body is comfortable, what do not need to think again. So, a "oxygen-suction + hot springs + leisure" good place, yoga + hot springs, can you imagine? In Emeishan Yoga hot springs, everything is possible! The most comfortable natural oxygen bar & feel the embrace of nature, cold snowy days, it is also a joy to climb the golden top in Emeishan Hot Spring! Tip: Emeishan Yoga Hot Spring Address: Emeishan Yoga Hot Spring Address: Emeishan Hotel, Baoguosi Road, Emeishan City, Sichuan Province; Tickets: It is recommended to buy a group for more cost-effective; Recommended index: four and a half stars; Note: It is best to bring your own swimsuit swimsuit, otherwise you need to buy swimsuits at the front desk for 38 yuan; The benefits of soaking hot springs: 1, soaking hot springs can dilate blood vessels, speed up blood flow, promote the metabolism of the body, long-lasting youth. 2, in the hot spring, the whole body is in a relaxed state, can play a relaxation fatigue, promote the body recovery effect. 3, hot spring can improve the human immunity, strengthen the immunity and defense function of the body, has the function of anti-inflammation, desensitization. 4, the hot spring contains a certain amount of chemical elements, and human skin contact, can achieve the beauty effect."