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Jin Kou GorgeNearby City

Jin Kou Gorge

4.3/550 Reviews
Ranked #6 in Leshan Amazing Natural Scenery
Open from 9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Beautiful world-class canyon landscape. Make people handy unique geology book. Feel the spirit of the railway soldiers. On both sides of the Dadu River, is literally wall-mounted thousand-foot, many places are almost completely vertical. The water left a clear mark on the rock wall, one layer of books, each layer recorded the long-lasting changes of time, let people move. Come to the Grand Canyon, the first sunny day, the next rain, the first day driving, the next day boating. When the sky is clear, the sky is high, the cliffs are high, the river is broken gold ten thousand points, the water highway is like a long rainbow, stretching far; the rain clouds and fogs, mysterious, large and small waterfalls like long practice when the sky, from the cloud to flow straight down, some even directly poured into the highway. The most striking part of the canyon is a huge mountain body, like a sitting Buddha overlooking all living things, rain or shine, not sad or unhappy. But Buddha, God, thousands of years, people are in deep water, but ignored, ignored. Never have there been any saviors, nor do they rely on the gods or the emperors, they are the party, the brave and fearless railway soldiers, when the road is opened at the mountain, when the water bridges, with sweat and life, created the Chengkun railway this miracle on earth, for the Liangshan people paved the first out of the mountain, out of poverty the heavenly road! The main character here is not the magnificent Dawa Mountain, nor the rolling Dadu River, but the railway crossing the mountains, the spirit of the railway soldiers, will be forever! One is not careful to say far, or to say something useful: One is to recommend the Grand Canyon Hotel in Jinkouhe City, the conditions are good, and the stay is very satisfied. The other is to recommend to take a cruise ship, spacious, standardized, open for an hour, some viewing angles are not driving or walking. Third, you can go to the Railroad Museum, the only country, and can eat and live nearby. Fourth, if you have enough time, you can climb the mountain near the village of Gulu to see, light from the bottom to the top view is limited, not enough to appreciate the grand canyon's deep and magnificent."
Leshan NitrateNearby City

Leshan Nitrate

4.5/533 Reviews
Ranked #2 in Leshan Amazing Natural Scenery
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"World Natural Heritage, World Geopark, National Scenic Spot, 5A Level Tourist Scenic Area Turbidite Rock • Triassic Spring Waterfall, located in the business village of Shawan District, Leshan City. If you haven't heard of this place, because I changed its name, the original name of the niobitong rock falls (which was named after the old days when people made the niobitong rock falls) is too earthy and ugly to be worthy of such world-class scenery, so imitate the Hong Kong Bride Falls gave her a new name, I believe it will like it. 1. Location: the key point, Baidu map navigation is wrong, the labeling is wrong, will lead to a winding road, the correct location is search "Xiaodong tour farmhouse", can be accurate strike. May be corrected for a while, after reflecting the map of Baidu, someone called to ask about the situation. In short, in the Shawan District of Leshan, the name is also very soily, but the river is open Dadu River. The mountain road narrow, careful driving, can see that has widened once, but still can not meet the demand, and along the road to go through a very very rotten road, far more than Gan'a Liang came to the dilapidated, seems to be because of the high speed repair along the line, the car road completely destroyed the reason, chassis low will regret. 2. Opening time: All day, undeveloped scenic spot, you can donkey tour, live in the hole for a few days without problems. 3. Price: free, parking 10 yuan. 4. View: (1) World-class Tiankeng Falls, which fall from top to bottom by more than 400m, are somewhat similar to the Red Water Foguangyan Falls, but are more magnificent than it is because it is a huge Tiankeng below. This crater is comparable to Enshi's so-called "Asia's largest" Tenglong Cave, flying a helicopter is no problem. The distant view of the waterfall flowing down 3,000 feet, near to see the strange rocks and rocks tens of thousands of clusters. This season is not rainy, waterfalls are small, a slip under the like bride wedding dress, beautiful. (2) karst pit, obvious karst topography, pit roof and rock wall are up and down small pit, the trace of erosion of water is clear. The opening of the hole is open, right below is rock clumps, long-term by waterfall scoured, the environment is damp, breed many moss, climbing need to be careful, easy to slip. A huge stone like Jia Baoyu's patching stones in the middle of the waterfall, just in the center of the falls, like a meteor, flying in the sky, so I named it "meteor stone" (Triassic because the falls have several layers). When the value of Dragon Boat, five poisons, saw Zhang Snake skin, amazed, slip down when the hand string beads fall a heavenly woman scattered flowers, so also named "falling pearl stone." (3) the hill has a small mouth, as if there is light. The bottom of the Tiankeng is the entrance of the karst cave. The mouth is small and the stomach is large. It needs to have bright flashlights. It is best to wear a mine light on your head. Many places need hand and foot to use. It is large and long. Many people have mentioned that it is not a watch. 40km is indeed a few days and nights. I found snake skin inside the cave, so apart from the place where people walk, the cave will not go, dangerous, good for the exploration of many people, do not worry too much to walk out. Stalactites, underground river, here is all, is "ghost blowing lamp" version of the river Longling Cave, suggest to walk a paragraph to return. PS. The top of the waterfall can fall quickly, but it needs to be applied and carried out by professionals, and generally travel is not to go. Meteor Rock •The scenery of Triassic Waterfall is undeniable. The quality of the attraction is so high 5A that I am talking about Wulong Karst and quite."