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Fantasy Emei Show

Fantasy Emei Show

4.3/5110 Reviews
Emeishan Top 1 in Memorable Performances
Open from 1/1-12/31,7:30pm-9:00pm (Local time)
"When visiting Mount Emei, I will stay in the city for the first night. Mount Emei is not a big city. Apart from shopping and eating, there are not many attractions in the city. The plan tonight is to watch a show of "Holy Elephant Emei". show. "Icon of Emei" is performed at the Elephant City Theater in Mount Emei. You do not need a ticket to enter the Elephant City of Emei. It is full of ancient Sichuan residential style buildings, like a cultural town. The landscape in the block is mainly based on elephants. Going through walls, elephants proposing marriage, bronze statues, stone statues... There are iconic elements and Buddhist culture elements of different images and styles everywhere. In addition, there are traditional cultural experiences featuring intangible cultural heritage, such as paper-cutting, New Year paintings, blowing Chinese people, and face people. There is also a small stage for performances. In addition, I solemnly introduce that there are also many delicacies here, and you can also enjoy the rhythm of shopping and eating. At the end of the Emei Elephant City is the Emeishan Giant Buddha Temple. It is the largest Buddhist academy in Asia. It is a Shifang Jungle Temple with a relatively complete functional system. There are many buildings, large in scale, and majestic. The tickets are slightly expensive. We went at night. It’s not open anymore. The performance ticket of "Icon of Emei" booked online was 260 yuan for VIP tickets. I told the customer service that I would like to take more photos. I specially arranged for us in the first row. The time of "Icon of Emei" was 90 minutes. It consists of seven parts: elegance, spirit, Shu, strength, dream, and Zen. After watching "Holy Elephant Emei", give it an overall score of 80, not that the actor did not perform well, but that after watching such a performance, people can't remember what he did. To be precise, it is like a Spring Festival Gala. It needs to take care of everyone's feelings and is suitable for the whole family to watch together. I say it is a smorgasbord of Sichuan folklore. You can watch Sichuan opera unique skills, tea art, and northern Sichuan puppets, but it lacks a main thread, a plot that affects people's hearts. Of course, if you are not from Sichuan, you may look fresh and Ba Shi, and it is still worth recommending." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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