Fangshan District

Things To Do in Fangshan District

Yunju Ski Resort
453 Reviews
Outdoor skiing
yahoollFirst time here, entering the snow field is very strict. Parking lot is 10 yuan once. First change the snow ticket, buy the ticket. Show health treasures in the snow field, then scan the code itinerary (my Unicom number can not receive the verification code, fortunately there are two phone cards). The hall is very clean, no chaos in other snow fields. In the door there is a coach to ask if please don't ask a coach. We came in the morning to ask a coach, as expected to find a veneer coach, two hours to start, 480 yuan. Single rental is required for lockers, 20 yuan once. No shoes can not enter the snow field, this let the snow field less people, like this rule. There are two primary roads, one intermediate, one advanced, and a rolling park, a snow circle, a motor-driven playground. The snow field has outdoor tables and chairs for visitors. There is a restaurant at noon, the restaurant has cover rice and small hot pot to provide, there are mutton kebabs, grilled intestines and other snacks, there is boiled water. Can bring your own small hot pot, instant noodles, food. There are many people but not chaotic. The service staff is also very good, not as cold as the online said, there are questions and answers. The coach is also very responsible, after teaching the children, and also deliberately bring the children to me, explaining the learning situation.
Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site Museum
760 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
水晶石水晶石The Zhoukoudian Site Museum is under the Yuanren Cave, about one bus stop, and it can be reached on foot. If you have time, you can visit it to learn more about the history and excavations of the "Peking Man". The museum has a small area and good conditions. The exhibits include primitive social objects excavated in Zhoukoudian Longgushan archaeological site, restoration models of "Beijing People's Skulls", "Shantop Cavemen" skull models, etc. There are explanations and introductions by an instructor in the museum. Under her leadership, it is a long knowledge journey to be able to better understand that period of history.
Yunju Temple
199 Reviews
六道愚童Beijing • Yunju Temple. Yunju Temple is located in Fangshan District, Beijing. The specific address is known from Baidu. I checked and purchased tickets from Ctrip. Usually, you can take the 917 express or shuttle bus from Beijing South Railway Station Bus Station or Liuliqiao Bus Station in downtown Beijing to Yunjusi Intersection, about 90 minutes. It is 3 kilometers from Yunju Temple intersection to Yunju Temple. You can transfer from the intersection to Yunju Temple. You can get there by bus F19 or F12, but the departure interval is about 1 hour. You can also use taxi software to get a taxi; or take the local nearby An electric car costs 15 yuan per person. The speed is not fast, and it will arrive in about 30 minutes. Take a taxi for 40 yuan to the intersection of Yunju Temple. It should be noted that Yunju Temple and Shijing Mountain are not together, and the distance is about 1 km, so you need to plan your time. What to visit at Yunju Temple: 1. To worship the Buddha, Yunju Temple has monks and abbots. 2. Reading the scriptures, Yunju Temple’s going out is related to the publication of Buddhist scriptures. The most famous one is the stone scriptures (the original site of the stone scriptures is in Shijingshan), as well as paper scriptures, wood scriptures, and aluminum scriptures. There are special physical exhibitions and introductions. 3. Paying homage to the relics of the Buddha is said to have appeared from under the stone pagoda on Shijing Mountain. It is enshrined in Yunju Temple and you can pay close attention to it. 4. Look at the architecture, especially the stone tower, from different ages. Tickets are 38 yuan, and there are many souvenirs and food at the door. It takes less than 2 hours to go to the fragrance.
Zhoukoudian Peking Man Relic Site (East Gate)
160 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Historical Site
水晶石水晶石Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site Park is an AAAA-level scenic spot, a key cultural relics protection unit, and it has a pivotal position. The park is well-developed, utilized, constructed and maintained. It can not only grow knowledge, understand the history, and entertain education, but also has beautiful scenery, lush trees on the mountains, lush vegetation everywhere, and multiple viewing platforms, which are full of fun .
Jinshuihu Sceneic Area
48 Reviews
ApplePing[Cost-effective] In the ordinary days, we should also capture the shiny and beautiful, maintain that love, and go to the next mountain and sea. Beijing's source, leisure Fangshan, Beijing Fangshan Xiayunling Jinshui Lake scenic spot, live one night to feel the beauty of nature more leisurely and deep. 🛖 Jinshui Lake Landscape Home This is a few lake-fronted, the mountains and waters depend on the Maocao Lake view double-storey wooden houses, if summer, the small balcony is blowing a breeze, sitting on the lake and mountain color, much more comfortable ~ Fortunately, the room is also equipped with floor heating, this ultra-low winter only warm healing. [Scenic] 🧗‍♀️ Pigeon Platform Mountaineering Road, warm winter sun in the morning, climbing high and looking far, watching the mountain is a bit high, but the difficulty coefficient is not big, and Ama walks and takes pictures together, very soon (about half an hour) can reach the observation deck, the golden morning light warms the heart, overlooking the spectacular ice golden lake, Seeing the people on the bridge, the whole Xiayunling scenery, the heart is very happy. Many friends are concerned about whether it is cold or not, in fact, climbing the mountain because of the whole body movement, not cold, but wearing a good hat, scarf gloves is very necessary. 🚗Xiayunling Jinshui Lake Travel Tips: 📍 Address: Xiayunling Village, Xiayunling Township, Fangshan District, Beijing 🎫 Tickets: 45¥/person 🅿️ Parking: 10¥/Car Unlimited Time ⏰ Time: 8:00-18:00🐶 Pet: Can bring dogs to play, this is really nice 👍 Must praise 🧊 Ice Car: 30¥/Hour ⛸️ Ice Climbing: Extreme Sports, Reservation coach 🏠 Accommodation: There is a mountain and water house in the scenic area 🛖 Reservation in advance 🍴 Restaurant: There is a restaurant in the scenic area, breakfast is included, lunch and dinner can be ordered in the restaurant. 💳 Document: Beijing self-driving partner with ID card, return journey past the checkpoint needs to be checked
Hanjian Cuixigu Children World
136 Reviews
blue721Not many people, the sun is good, there are many facilities, but it is still very cold and a little far from the city. The baby is very happy. The consumption inside is not very cost-effective. There are many people who choose to live here. It is estimated that there are activities.

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Shihua Cave
Shihua CaveBeijing,China

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Xizhouyandouyizhi Museum
Xizhouyandouyizhi MuseumBeijing,China

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Kaiyuelai Hotspring Convention Center
Kaiyuelai Hotspring Convention CenterBeijing,China

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Meiyou Gongchandang Jiumeiyou New China Memorial Hall
Meiyou Gongchandang Jiumeiyou New China Memorial HallBeijing,China

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Beijing Liulihe Tianxiang Mudanyuan
Beijing Liulihe Tianxiang MudanyuanBeijing,China

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Bairuigu Sceneic Area
Bairuigu Sceneic AreaBeijing,China

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Fangshan District Weather

Mar 8, 2021
0 ~ 10
Mar 9, 2021
2 / 16
Mar 10, 2021
4 / 14
Mar 11, 2021
6 / 13
Mar 12, 2021
Light rain
4 / 10
Mar 13, 2021
5 / 14
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Fangshan District
Mar 8, 2021 Fangshan District Weather:Sunny, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:86%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:40/18:15
Fangshan District Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Low

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