Feixi is located in the central part of Anhui Province, southwest of urban Hefei. It is an important part of Hefei's modern city construction. Feixi is the hometown of Liu Mingchuan (the first Qing Dynasty Governor of Taiwan) and the famous physicist Yang Zhenning. The area has beautiful natural scenery and numerous historical sites. Xiaojingzhuang, which is located in Feixi, is the birthplace of China's household contract responsibility system.
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Things To Do in Feixi

Sanhe Ancient Town
1,748 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
_We***30if you are into history and ancient artifacts you can visit this place for personal gain
Xiangyuanhua World
58 Reviews
Amusement Park
郑伊妮🚌: Hefei Bus 529, Feixi Bus 699, 629, 693, get off at Huamucheng Station Opening time: ⏰: 9:00—18:00 (stop entry at 16:30) Tickets🎫: 20 yuan/person, buy on-site on the same day, online ticket purchase is the same Opening area: 🎠 European Garden, Flower Pavilion, Tongle Valley, Goddess Circle Square, Twelve Constellation Maze, Embroidered Flowerbed, European Town, 520 Flower Sea, Bungee Tower, Zipline, Hot Air Balloon (Currently under maintenance), Music Lawn, romantic beach 🏖️, fairy garden 🧚‍♀️, Butchart garden, rose garden 🌹, sunken garden, flower mountain windmill, colorful slide 🌈, crystal church ⛪️, flower cube, fantasy paradise. Recommended photo spots: 📷 2⃣️ (European Town)⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The European-style town is based on Milan, Italy (not the shopping village of Denza), and integrates a variety of European architectural styles such as Spain and Tuscany. Walking from the direction of the Goddess Square, looking at it, it is like a beautiful kingdom of dream castle. 3⃣️: (Bungee Jump Tower)⭐️⭐️⭐️ The bungee jumping tower is 47.2 meters high, which is a thrilling and exciting punch-in place for extreme sportsmen 4⃣️: (Hot Air Balloon)⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The hot air balloon uses an 8-level ball with a maximum weight of 600 kg and can carry 5-6 people. The best flight time is one or two hours before the sun rises or the sun sets. Also don’t forget to take some videos and photos under the hot air balloon (but it’s under maintenance for now) 5⃣️: (Elves Garden🧚‍♀️)⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Elf Garden borrows from the Hobbit Village Shire in (The Lord of the Rings). Hobbits live in a unique semi-basement house. The roof is covered with grass, flowers, and even trees. The whole house looks like a "back garden". . Personally recommended photo location. 6⃣️: (Colorful slide) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The colorful slideway is designed by taking advantage of the height difference of Huashan highland. You can slide down the colorful slideway from Huashan Mountain. It is not only thrilling, but also enjoys the view of Tanchong Lake, and you can experience the real "tour of flowers". This is also a highly recommended scenic spot to take pictures. Huashan Mountain is similar to a windmill. Taking pictures from the bottom of the colorful, you can take pictures of the colorful scenery alongside the windmill. 7⃣️: (Crystal Church⛪️)⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Crystal Church is a modern building with a stylish and beautiful style, beautiful and romantic. In front of the church is a large green lawn, and behind it is a romantic mountain of flowers rippling. Such a beautiful scene is worth experiencing a romantic wedding on the platform with someone you like. feel. (Time to take pictures) 📷: August 25, 2020 Now that there are not many people going there, there is no blocking for taking pictures, it's really free and easy. (About the scenic area) 🍚☕️🍰🍵🍃: There are restaurants in the scenic area, and there are many restaurants in European-style towns, as well as dessert shops. (About sanitary conditions) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ There are multiple toilets in the scenic area, so don't worry about having no place to go to the toilet, and each toilet is very clean and tidy
Hefei Ocean World
2,376 Reviews
_We***30its the place to be almost like the Shanghai aquarium but for its level its good
Mount Zipeng National Forest Park
143 Reviews
惊奇队长1Zipeng Mountain National Forest Park is located in the south of Zipeng Town, Feixi County. It is about half an hour's drive from downtown Hefei. The park is not very big, full of greenery, and the mountains are not high, making it easier to walk. There are famous historical sites such as Xilu Temple built in the Three Kingdoms Era and Baiyun Temple in the Song Dynasty.
Hefei Rongchuang Park
591 Reviews
Theme Park
_FB***27we had a wonderful and memorable time at the theme park.. my baby had so much fun riding most of the rides. the park has lots of rides for all ages. I definitely go back next time.
Hui Garden
1,120 Reviews
Steven ZhangHuiyuan was built in the end of last century, when as a standard of Hefei cultural tourism, has a relatively good study tour function. After more than ten years of construction, become a foreigner to Hefei to understand Anhui simple and fast a window. It is also a shooting base of CCTV in Anhui. The park is a city of Anhui province, each city's characteristics as the main body, to show visitors its history and culture. The most worthy of visiting is Huangshan Garden, Chizhou Garden, Xuancheng Garden and Anqing Garden, which are either culturally rich or culturally relics. The most representative is Huangshan Garden, which is the first place in other parks, whether it is natural scenery or historical culture. It is well worth the tourists to take a little time to visit. Why is Huangshan Garden the most worthy of seeing the whole Huiyuan scenic spot? Because Huizhou culture in Huangshan is not only representative of Anhui, but also represents the feudal culture of China for thousands of years. People who know the origin of Huizhou know that Huizhou has settled here since the Western Han Dynasty, and is the last emperor of the Tang Dynasty, Li Peng's descendants live in the place. Understanding Huizhou is equal to understanding the feudal history and culture of thousands of years, and in Huangshan Garden can see many Hui school buildings, let people tasteless! As the area of the park is not very large, so generally take half a day to walk through the city garden, Yamano Jun likes photography, while playing while taking pictures also took more than 3 hours. Of course, it's too hot during the summer holidays, so it's better to come here in spring or autumn.

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Feixi Guantingwan Mu Ecological Park
Feixi Guantingwan Mu Ecological ParkHefei,China

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Shangpaizhen Huamu Xiehui Huahui Shengchan Base
Shangpaizhen Huamu Xiehui Huahui Shengchan BaseHefei,China

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Yayuan Square
Yayuan SquareHefei,China

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Mount Zipeng National Forest Park
Mount Zipeng National Forest ParkHefei,China

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Liumingchuan Former Residence
Liumingchuan Former ResidenceHefei,China

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Hefei Finance And Economy Vocational Institute
Hefei Finance And Economy Vocational InstituteHefei,China

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Feixi Weather

Feb 27, 2021
5 ~ 11
Feb 28, 2021
Light rain
10 / 14
Mar 1, 2021
Light rain
1 / 10
Mar 2, 2021
5 / 13
Mar 3, 2021
4 / 13
Mar 4, 2021
5 / 17
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Feixi
Feb 27, 2021 Feixi Weather:Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:96%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:42/18:07
Feixi Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Very Low

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