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Hanzhong Shimen Catwalk Scenic AreaNearby City

Hanzhong Shimen Catwalk Scenic Area

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"Ancient Trail"
Ranked No. 1 in Hanzhong Local History
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"Luling Temple is the layout of the courtyard, like other classic cultural attractions, if there is no explanation or behind the story, this place will lose more than half of the meaning of the tour. Fortunately, I met the administrator, Master Ma, and learned a lot. For example: 1️⃣ Luling Temple is one of the three sacred places of the sect of "Shu De Ninye" in Islam in China, and is also the place where the founder of the sect is quiet and quiet. 2️⃣ Luling Temple was built in Kangxi 58 years (1719), and there are many ancient rituals and paintings, such as Tang Bohu, Lanxi, Zheng Banqiao 🎨 and Kangxi Yushu real traces 📖. However, they are not exhibited. 3️⃣ Many believers in the Northwest will worship here, and there are also the tomb-keepers who have been handed down from generation to generation. It is a cultural belief of them that they are set apart in the small courtyard next to the long courtyard. 4️⃣ There is also a rare rootless tree in the courtyard 🌿 hanging on the branch, growing green all the year round, only when the leaves will fall. It is said that the founder picked one of two trees during the retreat of Dri Shui Cliff, the other one in the Baba Temple in Sichuan. 5️⃣ There are two stone statues of Sika Deer 🦌 in the temple. It is said that after the peace and quiet, I will lie in front of the grave and not go. Later disciples thought it was auspicious. They found someone to carve two deer, which is also the source of the temple name. 🕙Opening time:09:00-17:00(However, because the activity has not been restored, the door is generally closed, you need to call the phone posted at the door to see if you can enter the inside) 💰Tickets: No tickets, free 📌Small Tips: Remember to respect religious customs, don't understand, you can ask ~Remember not to touch the ancient building, After all, it's been a long time, and the locals are protecting it."