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About Foshan

Foshan is a center of Lingnan culture. Cantonese opera, Wushu (also known as kung fu), dragon dancing and ceramics are all common here. Foshan’s Ancestral Temple showcases a pillar of the local culture. Other than going to look at classically elegant Lingnan architecture, there are also Wushu and dragon dancing performances for you to enjoy. Foshan is also the hometown of many Wushu masters such as Ip Man, Wong Fei-hong and Bruce Lee. Lingnan Tiandi is a cultural and art district that was transformed into its current state from traditional old residential areas. The old-meets-new district has become a new landmark in Foshan. Shunde is famous for food. It is the origin of one of the most important schools of Cantonese cooking and, as a result, this place attracts the interest of many gourmets and gourmands.

Popular Attractions in Foshan

Chuanlord Tourism & Leisure Expo Garden
7,443 Reviews
Amusement Park
Theme Park
Chuanlord Tourism & Leisure Expo Garden is an integrated resort located in Foshan of Guangdong Province. There are five huge theme areas in the park comprising a resort, amusement theme park, water activities area, and a zoo. It is a popular attraction among locals and foreigners looking for a quick getaway from the city. With its variety of services and options, you will definitely find something to do that matches your cravings!
Xiqiao Mountain Scenic Area
2,145 Reviews
Xiqiao Mountain Scenic Spot is located in Foshan, Guangdong Province. It not only has beautiful natural scenery but also has many cultural attractions. Attractions include the Nanhai Guanyin Culture Park (Baofeng Temple), Tianhu Park, Baiyundong, Biyu Cave, Cuiyan Rock, Shiyan Rock, Jiulong Rock, Taohua Garden, and Huang Feihong Lion Martial Arts Pavilion.
The CCTV Nanhai Movie and TV Town
1,917 Reviews
Film Studio
Nanhai Film and Television Town is located in the South China Taoyuan Tourist Resort. It is a filming base directly under the control of CCTV. Many film and television hits are filmed here, including "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and "Taiping Heavenly Kingdom". The base is comprised of three main film and television themes, namely the Tianchao Palace District, Jiangnan Water Township District and the Old Hong Kong Macau District, each with its own special characteristics. Of course, attractions here are not limited to photo ops with classic film and television scenery, but there are a number of great performances to enjoy.
Egret Lake Exploration Kingdom
1,332 Reviews
Amusement Park
Located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, Egret Lake Exploration Kingdom weaves together the journey of expedition of Meibei Bear, a cartoon character. The theme park consists of 5 major areas: Zone of the Mystery of Time and Space, Sky Farmland, Happy Territory, Shrieking Strip, and Town of Dry Snow, and boasts multiple rides and recreational facilities including the Crazy Train, Parachute Tower, Polar Snow Lane, Happy Theater, 4D Cinema, etc.

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A Guide to Touring the Mountains Around Guangzhou
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World Heritage Sites
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The Mountains around Guangzhou--Up-close Views of the Superlative Danxia Landform and the Bodhisattva Statue on an Extinct Volcano
TripBlog   Dec 2, 2019

Foshan Weather

Aug 13, 2020
26 °
Moderate Rain
Aug 14, 2020
Thunderstorms with Rain
Aug 15, 2020
Aug 16, 2020
Thunderstorms with Rain

Trip Moments

I am Ann An   
The girl loves to visit the Shiwan Doll Street. You want to have a small art and fresh food here. Take a picture of the stage and put a picture on it. Put your thoughts on the ancient time, touch the simple ancient stoneware, and stare at the elegant porcelain. ... Look at the information and say that it is called Gongzi Street. It is the antique ceramic product sold called "Doll". The original meaning of Aberdeen refers to young animals, and the Cantonese dialect refers to sons. Passing very like a shop selling Gu Tao, a small bowl of small cups, as a commodity for sale, as a decoration, no need for much additional meaning, just quietly placed then good looking. When I saw the stoneware cup I liked, the boss even took it to me for a drink. Its a bit embarrassing. Later, it seems that the guests who come and go are like this. Sit down and chat and drink tea, and become familiar with friends. Its superfluous when I sit down. The houses in the scenic area are all buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. They have the architectural characteristics of Lingnan folk culture. They are the heritage of ancient architectural civilization. They have been preserved intact. In 2002, they became the key cultural relics protection units in Guangdong Province. An international artist village has been established here, and artists have been stationed. Trying to make pottery on the doll street. Thinking of giving your soul to your work with your own rich imagination? I really think too much, and the strength of the finger is a little bigger to make it ruin. It is a blessing to ensure that the mud forming part will not collapse.
Posted: Aug 23, 2019
Recently at the junction of Foshan, Guangzhou, I found a super-pretty seafood shop: expert! I heard that every night, people who come here to eat are more likely to line up! ! ! The simple store has a variety of seafood from all over the world. There are many varieties to no friends, and seafood is still a "deluxe version" of ""! [Canada imported lobster emperor] lobster has seen a lot, but such a large lobster, really see you first! Listen to the clerk, the lobsters here are shipped from Canada are all centenarians! ! ! The oldest is already 160 years old! Monkey Sai Lei! 10 centimeters per 10 years old, can grow into such a large size, it is indeed the merits of the years! This time, my friend and I ate the lobster emperor around 100 years old. Even the discs are divided into 2 albums, just crab claws, all bigger than my face, great? Eat it, the meat is really sweet, from the sweetness of the tongue to the entire mouth, but also very refreshing, this is not the ordinary lobster! [Thailand imported wild diarrhea shrimp] I am a laureous shrimp controler. I have never seen a long urinary shrimp like an arm. It is no wonder that it is called Lai Shrimp. ! Pick up the thick shrimp, which is hidden with yellow and attractive shrimp paste, my goodness! Going to the water outlet! It tastes rich and delicious, like a sea breeze blowing, then chewing the shrimp paste slowly, and returning it to your mouth! [North Korean natural wild Mabe] Please don't laugh at me! Before I came to the experts, I didn't know what Mabe was. When I came, I fell in love with it! Mabe is so sweet and sweet, every bite is very sweet! Zhang Dazui, a mouthful of Mabe, this satisfaction is not to eat 10 pieces of Arctic shells! [Alaska Super Crab] When I took it in my hand, I was scared by the giants of the behemoth; when you became the food on the table, I would kill you gently. is the steaming method, the crab meat is as sweet as the first love, even the memories are sweet [ expert super oysters] came to experts, how can Do not eat oysters. Without astringency, surrounded by garlic, the unique salty, sweet taste of oysters is played to the fullest! A bite of oysters bigger than the palm of your hand, super satisfied! [New Zealand imported wild extra large green mouth] came to the expert, really everything is ""! The green version of the plus version evokes my desire to conquer it! A bit chewy, a bit sweet, super suitable for a small wine! [Sea urchin fried rice] This is a dish that makes me amazing! The sweetness of the seafood is mixed with the sweetness of the sea urchin, making the layering in the mouth extremely rich! Trouble to come back again! [Frozen Wonton] , Expert's fried wonton, must eat! ! ! Don't regret it! Bite the soft and crispy wonton skin, which is filled with seafood! It is a bit of chewy shellfish, the more delicious it is! Today, I don't lose weight! [] This ordinary can not be ordinary squid cake, here is actually made sweet and sweet N times. Bite the squid cake, I ate the cuttlefish meat, small pieces, the real price is really different!
Posted: Sep 10, 2019
In China, since ancient times, there have been folk slang words of food in Guangzhou, kitchen out of Fengcheng (souvenir in Shunde) to praise the rich and profound food culture of Nanyue. Shunde said that it is not big, saying that it is not small, as a representative of Cantonese cuisine, the dishes can be described as quite complete, and in the Cantonese-style restaurant, there is such a restaurant in Ronggui, conquering a group of southern Guangdong with traditional morning tea. The human stomach, a cage representing a barbecued pork, is enough to make people dream. Ronglian Hotel is an old-fashioned hotel in Ronggui. It was built in 1992 and was the earliest star-rated hotel at Ronggui. Can assess the star rating, even if you have not experienced it, you can feel the glory of that era, is Ronggui's most well-deserved old hotel. It is closely adjacent to Guanyintang, a famous millennium temple with a long history. The pilgrims who come to visit the blessings every day in the temple are full of pilgrims. After the blessing, the pilgrims will go to the old-fashioned Ronglian Hotel to go to the restaurant to have tea. The owner of Mandengden Restaurant has been in business for more than 30 years and has won numerous awards in the industry. He has always adhered to a principle for decades, and he has been modestly introduced with Ma Ma. Although the business in the store is very hot every day, it is not a special excitement of his own cooking, but he will tailor it according to the ingredients of each dish to make the most delicious cooking method of this dish. For decades, such an insistence has made the guest in the store like a cloud. Hushan radish squid soup Hushan radish squid soup why is it called Hushan? It turns out that there are still stories in it, so that Ma Ma will give you a detailed guide. Originally, Taishan has a Hushan Village, which is rich in radish, the radish here is characterized by large, sweet and slag-free
Posted: Aug 23, 2019
Shunde Huaxuanli Hotel, with a luxurious and fashionable interpretation of the cultural oriental Hua Xuan Li Hotel (Foshan Mei's headquarters store) where the "International Fortune Center" commercial building is located near the US headquarters, is a relatively mature business in Shunde in recent years shopping center. Whether it is eating, shopping or entertainment, it is very convenient. [The front lobby is low-key and warm and concise] As the light and luxurious new Chinese hotel brand under the Huaxuanli Hotel Group, Hua Xuan Li is a low-key luxury and fashionable route. Into the store has been refreshing. Whether it is three choices of welcome drinks, people waiting to walk down, do not want to go to the waiting area fabric sofa, or the smiling front desk customer service staff skilled in the check-in process, everything is so harmonious. [Public space and artistic atmosphere] Featured book: The transitional zone from the front desk to the cafeteria is a culturally rich book. If you want to stay quiet for a while, this is also a good choice! Classical furnishings: The wood color is matched with the characteristic small furnishings and wall decorations, creating an oriental cultural atmosphere that gives a sense of modern and ancient cross. Private security: The hotel's internal and external full-range electronic monitoring, no dead angle monitoring equipment to ensure the personal safety of the guests, people feel very at ease. After careful observation, there is no case of a small card being inserted here. It seems that the internal management is quite good. [Comfortable room, stylish and luxurious, meet classical] comfortable bedding: KING SIZE's bed mattress is soft and moderate, high-woven bedding is clean, clean and soft, and has a total of 4 touches and heights. Very comfortable pillows. Under the care of the comfort of the perfect bedding, I sleep sweetly until dawn. High-end bathroom: The semi-open bathroom is spacious, translucent and private, with separate toilets and showers. The toilet is clean and powerful; the showered head is hygienic and the hot water is fast, and the rinse is very cool; the two bath towels, two face towels, two hand towels, one towel are very clean and soft to the touch. mini bar: Provide coffee, tea and other drinks, the most interesting thing is the tea set. [Details determine success or failure] Let the room clean 20 times more fresh than the outdoor air purification: humidifiers, air purifiers are common in some luxury hotels or high-end B&Bs, but I am still the first time in the New Air Purification Equipment See you in the hotel room! Compared with the simple indoor purification function of the air purifier, the fresh air purification equipment integrates ventilation and purification, and can realize indoor ventilation and ventilation without opening the window, and send clean external fresh air to the room, and discharge the indoor original. Some dirty air keeps the indoor air fresh and clean. Aromatherapy: In fact, toiletries are the best reflection of whether the hotel is on the heart of the guests. The large-package silicone-free green tea hand soap, silicone-free green tea shower gel and shampoo two-in-one shampoo are all from the jasmine village of France. The green tea's leisurely fragrance makes people feel incredibly cured and relaxed, while no silicone oil is used. Three thousand troubles are the best favorite.
Posted: Sep 1, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Danzao Fairy Lake Resort, Tianhu Park, Zaomu Mountain, The Qingyun Caves, Shiwan Park.
Here are the absolute best restaurants in Foshan: Neng Ji Shao La Hong Kong Style Teahouse, Jin Yan Restaurant, Hai Tian Restaurant, He Ma Lv Dou Bing ( Li Shui ), Renxin Shuangpinai.
Here are the best places to visit in Foshan, including: National Arts Studios, Foshan Ancestral Temple, Qinghui Garden, Midea Egret Lake Hot Spring, Sanshui Lusong Hot Spring Resort.