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Instagram-Worthy Locations in Frankfurt

The Roman Forum
549 Reviews
71m from downtown
"Frankfurt has few monuments, and the Roman Square remains after 80% of the old city bombed by World War II was destroyed by the bombing. The reason is called the Comic Man Square because the ancient Roman Empire really had rule here, there were also troops. Now there is only a church and surrounding German-style residential. The square stands in the middle of the statue of the goddess of justice."

Reasons to Recommend: The Roman Forum is located in the center of Old Frankfurt. It is also the city of old city hall. The square was built in the Middle Ages and destroyed during WWII. It was later almost completely reconstructed. Now it's the only Middle-Age style street left in Frankfurt and stands in stark contrast to the other modern buildings in the city. The Roman Forum is a can't-miss sightseeing destination.Many famous attractions in Frankfurt are nearby, including City Hall, the museum, the church, etc. For many travelers, the Roman Forum is a great place to come and learn about Frankfurt's culture.

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Frankfurt Cathedral
359 Reviews
237m from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"Frankfurt Cathedral is the most sacred place in Frankfurt and also the landmark of the city. It is difficult to photograph the exterior of the church because the square in front of the church is too small and surrounded by buildings. But the towering spire can be seen in many parts of the city."

Reasons to Recommend: Frankfurt Cathedral is located in the Roman district, adjacent to the Roman Forum. This Gothic church was built between the 13th and 15th centuries. In the 14th century, it became the coronation site of the Germanic kings. A total of ten emperors of the Holy Roman Empire held coronation ceremonies here. Therefore, it is also known as the "Emperor's Cathedral". The Frankfurt Cathedral was once destroyed by fire, and now it is in front of people's eyes that it was restored in 1877. The appearance of the building is different from the gray and black solemnity of ordinary Gothic churches. The walls of the Frankfurt Cathedral are brick red, and the building lines are simple and smooth. The relatively complicated building is the towering tower. The tower was built in the 15th century and is 95 meters high. It can be seen at a glance from many places in the city, which is very eye-catching. There are 322 steps in the tower to the top of the tower. You can climb the tower for 3 euros and enjoy the city scenery of Frankfurt, but the space in the tower is narrow, so pay attention to safety when climbing. Inside the church The towering curved dome in the church is majestic, and the four huge base columns form a "crown" shape at the top. Although the huge glass windows have no gorgeous decoration, the good lighting makes the interior of the church more holy. bright. The central altar is quite eye-catching, the main altar was built in the 15th century, and the relief on it shows the scene of the crucifixion of Jesus. The painted reliefs on the north wing corridor of the remnants of the colored statues of the central altar money are also very special and worth seeing. The museum of the church displays the mass ritual items from the 14th century to the 20th century, including vestments, wine glasses, holy vessels, etc., which are worth viewing.

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Iron Footbridge
259 Reviews
311m from downtown
"Frankfurt's business card links the residential areas in the south of the city and the CBD core business district in the center of the city. The historical and cultural symbols correspond to famous landmarks such as Frankfurt's Cathedral."

Reasons to Recommend: The steel-framed pedestrian bridge spans the River Main and connects the south and north banks of Frankfurt. Construction of this neo-Gothic-style bridge began in 1869, and after many renovations, it took shape in 1993. The guardrails on the bridge are covered with iron locks, and visitors hang their wishes here.

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Römer City Hall
166 Reviews
68m from downtown
Historical Architectures
"The gate of the old city hall opened in a very inconspicuous courtyard on the fork road, and there was only a self-service ticket vending machine. Ascended a circular staircase and came to the interior of the city hall. The walls on both sides are covered with portraits of successive kings."

Reasons to Recommend: This is one of the landmarks of Frankfurt. Located on the Roman Forum, the three gabled buildings are the city hall of Frankfurt, because the middle one used to be the residence of the Roman merchants, hence the name Romer. It used to be the place where the emperor was crowned and is now the office of the mayor. On the second floor of the building is the Kaisersaal, the place where the Holy Roman Emperor held his coronation ceremony. The walls of the hall are hung with portraits of 52 emperors from Charlemagne to Franz II. It used to be the banquet hall after the emperor's coronation ceremony, now it is the reception hall, and now it is also the place where the German national football team triumphs and fans revel. On the second-floor terrace decorated with emblems, players of the German football team were greeted by the crowd.

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Bad Homburg
28 Reviews
13.7km from downtown
Ancient Towns
"Humboldt is also an old Roman building in this place. The real castle is also a very interesting building. There are many places for vacations, as well as very nice hot springs and gardens, which are great places for vacations."

Reasons to Recommend: Bad Homburg was originally the official residence of Count Hesse Humboldt and the location of the summer residence of the German Kaiser. The places of interest in Bad Homburg include the quaint old town, the historic buildings and monuments in the health park, and the Earl's Garden stretching to the Taunus Forest. There are scenic woods and health parks in the town, and this town with more than 30 hot springs is full of lazy vacationers.

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94 Reviews
738m from downtown
Observation Decks
"The Main Tower is one of the three tallest towers in Frankfurt's central business district. This is also a rare skyscraper in Germany. Whether it is on the river or on the edge of the city square, the buildings with some water chestnut concepts are very eye-catching as a landmark of the entire city. The building and the nearby European Central Bank also hook up the skyline of the core area of the financial center of continental Europe"

Reasons to Recommend: This is one of the many skylines in Frankfurt, opened in 2000 and is 200 meters high. Visitors can take the elevator to its observation deck to get a panoramic view of Frankfurt, especially when night falls, to feel the urban atmosphere of Frankfurt.

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3 Reviews
1.3km from downtown
Historical Architectures
"In a high-end office building in Frankfurt, there are also many high-end restaurants and bars downstairs, which is not noisy, and the whole building looks like a Gemini, as if filming a movie."
Fountain of Justice
73 Reviews
54m from downtown
"There is an eye-catching bronze statue in the center of the Roman Forum, the fountain statue of the goddess of justice. The goddess holds a sword in one hand and a balance in the other, calm and firm, symbolizing fairness, very exquisite and profound."

Reasons to Recommend: The landmark fountain in the Roman Forum, legend has it that during the coronation of Matthias in the Holy Roman Empire, the fountain spewed wine. Now this fountain is integrated with the Roman Forum and the City Hall, creating a very distinctive "German town" artistic conception, and there are many tourists! Although the fountain is very ordinary, there are still many tourists taking pictures here.

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