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About Fuding

Fuding is a county-level city in Fujian province, close to the city of Ningde. The area has a fertile, hilly landscape that is ideal for growing trees, tea, fruit and other crops. Taimu Mountain is known for its granite peaks and caves and offers spectacular views over the surrounding hills and coast. The Taimu Mountain Scenic Area includes a number of other attractions including waterfalls, coastal islands, beaches, Ruiyin Temple and one of southern China's best-preserved ancient residences, built during the Qing dynasty in the 18th century.

Popular Attractions in Fuding

Taimu Mountain
3,367 Reviews
Taimu Mountain was a filming location for the movie Mr. & Mrs. Single. Three of the mountain's sides look out to the ocean, and it forms one of three “tripod legs” together with Yingdang Mountain and Wuyi Mountain. The mountain is the primary attraction of the Taimu Mountain Scenic Area and is a major national park. The mountain’s forests of granite peaks and many rock cavities and grottoes make it unique. The area’s combination of mountain and ocean scenery, rivers, and historical structures make it a great place to spend a vacation.
Dayushan Island
442 Reviews
Dayushan Island is located in the southeastern waters of Fuding. It has preserved its tranquility and original form due to the fact that it is not known by many outsiders. The island is uninhabited, so visitors must walk or rent a car. The coast is eroded by seawater and reveals the bare bedrock and reefs. The sea-eroded landscape is very prominent. The island's vegetation is very dense, inhabiting tens of thousands of migratory birds.
Little Egret Bird Beach Resort
347 Reviews
Little Egret Bird Beach Resort is a superior bathing beach near Fuding City in Ningde City. The beach is spacious and sandy, with gentle slopes and muted waves. Both sides are green hills with lush trees. Blue sky, white clouds and water pure and clear. There are multiple water recreation projects and places to stay in the scenic area, making it suitable for a relaxing holiday.
Jiuli Creek and Waterfalls
145 Reviews
Jiuli Creek and Waterfalls Scenic Area is in the southwest of the Tailao Mountain Scenic Area and an integral part of the four major scenic areas—mountain, sea, river and island—in Tailao Mountain. In the area, tourists enjoy themselves in the canyon sport park and the outward bound training base. There are dozens of fun rides.

Fuding Weather

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Trip Moments

If Fujian's cuisine is seafood, it will have a place. After all, Fujian is close to the sea and seafood is very much. Fuding City is very close to the sea. The seafood here is fresh and delicious, because it is very close to Wenzhou, Zhejiang. In the evening, the seafood stalls were full of fun, and many Zhejiang came over to eat seafood. The most lively thing about travel is the food. The most famous here is white tea. The tea is paired with prawns and it is a dish. The crab meat is delicious. You should taste the local food every time you go, it is good. Tips: 1: Fuding Seafood Street is very lively at night, the fish are all on the spot, so choose a fresher fish. The seafood shop here is very famous. 2: Be careful when eating fish, and some fish bones are fine.
Posted: Sep 1, 2019
Chixi Village, located in Taimu Mountain, Fuding City, is the first village in poverty alleviation in China. Walking in the village, looking at the green rice fields, I am enchanted by the beautiful nature. The villagers are eager to be passionate. When the rafting stream in Jiuyixi Bamboo Plow is slow, it is urgent. The gentle place is like a leisurely walk, leisurely contentment. The rushing place is like an arrow, and there is no danger. The most thrilling thing is the transparent glass path on the cliffs opposite the village. It is raining and walking on the glass path 100 meters above the river. The heart beats faster, but the panoramic view of the whole village is far away. The drizzle turned the whole village into a dream.
Posted: Sep 1, 2019
Fujian cuisine|Fuding cheap seafood street Fuding seafood street is also called Fujian Province food street all of them are seafood places one at night, it is brightly lit The owner of the store said that in addition to the local residents there are many people from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai to drive here each store is full of all kinds of seafood there are many have not seen Fish In addition to these delicious seafood, each family also has local specialties recommended a few I think more delicious tea shrimp Fu Ding white tea is a famous tea in the country / Hh/fried crispy tea with fresh shrimp and then fry chew up a touch of tea hanging cream taro this taro is also Fuding's specialty betel nut / Hh/ eat super soft, you must try is the sign here, one crystal clear transparent dough made with sweet potato powder wrapped in meat meat The taste of Yantang is sour and spicy. It is appetizing fried small yellow croaker fried fried yellow croaker is a rare dish with a little bit of taste fuding is very Where there are many yellow croakers, it is said that one of the wild ones should be several thousand fried to a golden softness and bite down to full aroma |Tips| address
Posted: Sep 2, 2019
[Fuding Taimu Mountain] Taiwan ruthless stone, all of them are works, as you know, Vientiane is in the chest. Hundreds of millions of years ago, nature's ingenuity, formed this mountain and sea wonders on the shore of the East China Sea. There is a sea in the mountains, there are mountains in the sea, mountain and sea are connected, picturesque. is not a sea fairy, Taimu Mountain.
Posted: Jan 1, 2019
Taimu Niangniang Square, it takes 10 minutes to walk to the hotel, and it takes a little rain. Be careful when walking. The first time people come to Taimu Mountain, they will first come to the Mother Mother Square. Most of the natural landscapes are related to the gods. This is Chinese. wisdom. Xu is the power of the gods to pray for the longevity of beautiful nature. On the right side of the statue of Tailing Niangniang is Hutougang, overlooking Lushan Island in front, and relying on Capricorn Peak in the back, it is a rare treasure land. Taiwan Niangniang statue is beautiful, peaceful, kind and intelligent. The head is slightly lower, the kindness is slightly open, the left arm is bent, and the engine is Ganoderma lucidum, which gives the world a love. The right hand is holding the dust, and I want to sweep away the mist of the world. I visited Taimu Mountain in the early years, but in the moment of re-entering this world, in addition to sighing its wonderful landscape, there is a memory of the past. Come. At that time, I still don't know that the vast world has more than all the scenery that I am looking forward to, and all the beauty that I can't imagine.
Posted: Feb 4, 2019