Fufeng County is located in the Zhang River basin in east Baoji City. During the Western Han dynasty (206 BCE-9 CE), this area was the fiefdom of the official known as the You Fufeng, so the county was named after the title. Fufeng has a long history. Its bronze age Zhouyuan archaeological site is said to have been originally excavated during the Eastern Han dynasty (25-220 CE), as the site of the ancient capital of the Western Zhou dynasty (1046-771 BCE). At Fufeng, you will also find the Famen Temple and its precious ancient relics. Today, Famen Temple is a sacred Buddhist site of worldwide fame.
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Things To Do in Fufengxian

Famen Temple
4,071 Reviews
Historical Architecture
E27***70absolutely amazing! the history behind this temple is a must see. When you come to Xian travel to Baoji you wont be disspaointed
Taibai Mountain Phoenix Hot Springs
611 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
阿虎扬帆起航The hot springs are very good, the service is very good, the name is not worthy, definitely five stars. The only downside is there is no place for indoor kids to play as I took them with me, it is cold outside in winter, the children slides on the hot springs and so on are easy to catch cold in the open air, and the facilities for children to play are simple.
Helix stupa
95 Reviews
Ancient Pagoda
M28***93A must-see place for a day trip to Famen Temple. There is a square in front of this building, there are several pools, and you must project your picture on the tower. It's very good (。・ω・。)ノ♡. Suyan is quite delicious 😍
Taibai Mountain National Forest Park
2,038 Reviews
Lxy60Although the eight days of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival this year are rainy and rainy, as an office worker, I have time to go out only at this time. Although the weather in Taibai Mountain is extreme, I can see the dense fog from another angle. The beauty of the Baishan Mountains, especially the Taibai Mountain, which is seen from a high altitude on a smooth ropeway, is so spectacular and shocking. From the bottom of my heart, I feel that the mountains and rivers of my motherland are so beautiful and spectacular!
Wild River Mountain Scenic Area
28 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
娴雅小溪Yehe Mountain Scenic Area is located in the north of Nanyang Town, Fufeng County, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province. It has the former site of the People’s Commune, the hometown of Concubine Yang, the Fengshen Terrace of Jiang Ziya, Mangshe Valley, and colorful slides, glass slides and other playgrounds. I have driven in in the past. , The area of the scenic area is very large. Now you need to take a shuttle bus to visit the scenic area. The ticket is 30 yuan per person. It may take five or six hours to tour the entire scenic area.
Fufeng Town's God Temple
31 Reviews
Taoist Temple
清风若溪Fufeng City God Temple: Fufeng County Museum, located on the East Street of Old Town, Fufeng County, Shaanxi Province. The temple was built during the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty. It faces the south and is a courtyard with five entrances and three halls. The main existing buildings along the central axis from south to north are Shanmen Hall, Wooden Archway, Bagua Pavilion, Bell Tower and Drum Tower, Xian Hall, Main Hall, Sleeping Hall, East and West Wings, etc. The Chenghuang Temple is now the Fufeng County Museum, which houses nearly 10,000 cultural relics.

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Wild River Mountain Scenic Area
Wild River Mountain Scenic AreaBaoji,China

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Guanzhong Fengqing Park
Guanzhong Fengqing ParkBaoji,China

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Fuyang Hot Spring
Fuyang Hot SpringBaoji,China

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Eastern Buddha Temple
Eastern Buddha TempleBaoji,China

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Xianshan Temple
Xianshan TempleBaoji,China

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Fufengxian Museum
Fufengxian MuseumBaoji,China

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Fufengxian Weather

Feb 27, 2021
2 ~ 7
Feb 28, 2021
Light rain
2 / 6
Mar 1, 2021
0 / 10
Mar 2, 2021
2 / 13
Mar 3, 2021
2 / 17
Mar 4, 2021
5 / 18
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Fufengxian
Feb 27, 2021 Fufengxian Weather:Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:92%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:21/18:42
Fufengxian Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Fufengxian, including: Famen Temple,Wild River Mountain Scenic Area,Helix stupa
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