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Great Urban Parks in Fukuoka

Ohori Park
336 Reviews
2.4km from downtown
City Parks
"The Osaka Park is built like the West Lake of Hangzhou, with a total area of 4.1 square kilometers. It is one of the only water parks in Japan, with a pond about 2 kilometers around, and four green islands connected by a bridge. The pond is full of weeping willows and beautiful azaleas in the wind, which adds a lot of beautiful breath to the whole park. The broad lake, large green areas, small bridges, fishing and boating, is also the best place to watch wild birds, is a beautiful metropolitan leisure place."

Reasons to Recommend: Dahao Park is located in the west of Fukuoka City. The park is built around the moat of Fukuoka City, and its shape is similar to Hangzhou West Lake. There are Japanese gardens, Noh Theater, Fukuoka City Art Museum, children's playground, restaurants and other facilities in the park. Dahao Park is very close to the city center and is a good place for citizens to relax and exercise. Ohori Park is one of the leading water parks in Japan, where you can enjoy jogging, cycling and other sports, as well as enjoying the flowers of different seasons while taking a walk. In addition, there are quite a few tourists boating here. On the north side of the Japanese Garden Ohori Park is a Japanese garden with lush green trees, green grass, and many flowers and plants. It is full of greenery in spring, and in autumn, you can enjoy red leaves. The different scenery of the four seasons is unforgettable. Art Museum There is an art museum in Dahao Park with a brown-red exterior and beautiful surrounding scenery. There are permanent exhibition rooms for modern art and ancient art, special exhibition rooms for various domestic and foreign special exhibitions, and citizen art exhibition rooms. Walking into Kannai, you can also see paintings by world-renowned painters and works by Japanese writers. Noh Theater The structure of the Noh Theater here is somewhat similar to the Tokyo National Noh Theater. In the lobby, you can enjoy the beautiful Ohori Park. Children's Amusement Park is a children's playground on the west side of Dahao Park. There are some basic facilities for children's play. It is very popular with children. Every weekend, many families will come together.

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Momochi Seaside Park
171 Reviews
4.7km from downtown
"A sightseeing spot in Fukuoka. There are paypay (Fukuoka) dome Fukuoka Tower and so on around, and access is good from downtown Tenjin."

Reasons to Recommend: Bay Park is located to the north of Fukuoka Tower and includes the seaside Momochi Seaside Park and the vast waterfront area of Momochihama area. In the middle of the beach are restaurants, wedding halls, marine sporting goods stores, etc. In summer, many people come here to enjoy the sea and beach in summer, and sports such as beach volleyball and beach football can also be played here. There are also Fukuoka Tower, Fukuoka City General Library, Fukuoka City Museum, TNC Broadcasting Hall, RKB Broadcasting Hall, Fukuoka Yahoo Dome and other facilities nearby, attracting many people to come. To have a good time and have fun, this park is a highly recommended place.

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Maizuru Park
208 Reviews
1.8km from downtown
City Parks
"Located about 15 minutes walk from the Tenjin in the center of Fukuoka, the park symbolized by the Fukuoka Jo castle site. The four seasons are beautiful natural scenery, is known as the beautiful park to enjoy the scenic spots."

Reasons to Recommend: Maizuru Park is a park built on the former site of Fukuoka Castle, symbolized by the ruins of Fukuoka Castle. The park is equipped with a comprehensive sports field and various sports facilities for citizens to exercise every day. Maizuru Park has beautiful natural scenery in four seasons and is a well-known cherry blossom viewing spot in Japan. Every spring, tourists flock to see the cherry blossoms. In addition, plum blossoms in February, hydrangea in June, as well as cherry blossoms, peony, wisteria, rhododendron, peony, lotus, camellia, calamus, etc., make this place a lot of tourists all year round. Because Maizuru Park is located next to Ohori Park and Fukuoka City Art Museum, many tourists choose to take a break here after playing and tired, and feel the strong cultural atmosphere and relaxed and comfortable atmosphere here.

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Uminonakamichi Seaside Park
56 Reviews
9km from downtown
National Parks
"A world of flowers in Fukuoka City, Kyushu, Japan. It is called Uminakamichi Seaside Park. It is full of all kinds of exotic flowers and plants, with exquisite settings, blue sky and white clouds, and the beautiful scenery of the island , It is a rare and wonderful place in the world."

Reasons to Recommend: Kaizhongdao refers to the peninsula between Bode Bay and Genkai Beach, among which famous facilities include Kaizhongdao Seaside Park, mainly around the themes of "flowers", "animals" and "playing", consisting of various natural and recreational facilities . You can enjoy the flowers of the four seasons at the Kaizhongdo Seaside Park. In addition, there are "Flower Outings on the Road of the Sea" in spring, "Rose Festival in the Sea" in early summer and autumn, "Sunshine Pool", the grandest leisure water event in Western Japan in summer, "Flower Festival in the Sea" in autumn and 10,000 in winter. The "Christmas Candle Night in the Sea", where candles are lit together, is a tourist destination suitable for all seasons. No matter what season you visit, you can experience the unique charm of Nakamichi. The sun swimming pool in the park is the largest swimming pool in Western Japan, with 6 special swimming pools including "Flowing Water Pool", suitable for adults and children. There is also a rest area with roof shade for the tired tourists to take a break, and there are food sales in the rest area. There is a fully equipped campsite in Haizhongdao Seaside Park, you can leave empty-handed, and you can also experience the fun of barbecue during the camping process. In addition, there is an aquarium with more than 450 species of fish in the park, and the "ZA・RUIGANZI" resort hotel with all guest rooms are sea view rooms. Area.

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Nishi Park
48 Reviews
2.6km from downtown
City Parks
"West Park is a large urban park in Fukuoka City, with mountains and waters, greenery, several shrines and some historical sites, all seen in green, is very eye-raising, pleasant. The scenery is very good, especially standing on the lookout, can see the beautiful sea view."

Reasons to Recommend: West Park is located on a hilly area of Hakata Bay. From the central observation deck, you can overlook the seaside city and the beautiful scenery of Hakata Bay. In the park, there is Koun Shrine, which is used for worship, and there are many statues of ancient people. The cherry blossom viewing spot West Park is the area where the local cherry blossoms are concentrated in Fukuoka. It is one of the top 100 cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan. There are more than 1,300 cherry trees planted in the park, including Yae cherry blossoms and Oshima cherry blossoms. The park is also planted with pine trees, Oak is an urban park full of natural flavors. When the cherry blossoms are in bloom, the West Park seems to be covered with a layer of pink clouds. On the high steps in the West Park is the top of the park, and Guangyun Shrine is located on the top of the park. The shrine was originally built under the castle tower in the center of Fukuoka Castle, but was relocated near the current Keigo Shrine in 1871, and then moved to the top of Nishi Park.

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16 Reviews
1.9km from downtown
Buildings by Famous Architects
"The Japanese really like pine trees, and you need to buy tickets for this park. But it's not expensive at seven or eight yuan. There are pine trees in various shapes. It was really amazing, they were able to dent the pine trees in different shapes."

Reasons to Recommend: Shofuen is the third largest park in Fukuoka, Japan with Japanese teahouses and gardens. It was built in Showa 20 (1945) and opened to the public as "Shofuen" in Heisei 19 (2007). Shofuen Garden is located in the water purification area of the high-end residential area on the south side of Tenjin, a busy street in Fukuoka City. Various activities such as tea ceremony are held here, and it is known as a park for enjoying the beautiful garden, flowers and autumn leaves. Shofuen Garden was originally the former residence of Tanaka Maruzen Hachio, the founder of the famous department store Tamaya in Fukuoka and a collector of high-end ceramics in Kyushu, "Shofuso". Zenbaweng likes to drink tea, so the famous tea house architect Kaichiro Fatebuki built the tea rooms "Songfengan" and "Si'a". The tea room "Shofuan" loved by the Tanaka Maru family has maintained its original appearance to this day. "Shofuan" is a tea room with four and a half tatami mats, of which half of the tatami is a wooden floor. This design is called "Four Mats", and they gathered with the famous medieval "tea saint" Sen Rikyu at Dade Temple in Kyoto. The "Masquerade Seat" in the mausoleum of Guangyuan is exactly the same, which shows Shanbaweng's love for tea. Passing through the main entrance, the layers of stone steps come into view, as if walking in the deep mountains and forests. As you climb the stairs, you will be greeted by a beautiful Japanese garden themed around Suruga Bay and Mount Fuji. Mainly maple trees that are over 100 years old, woven lanterns, spring lanterns, swastika-shaped chairs, and pavilions are embellished, and you can feel the beauty of Japan's changing seasons. There are "Fukuoka City Zoological and Botanical Garden" and "Hirao Mountain Villa (Nomura Wangdongni Mountain Villa Ruins) nearby, and there are many fine-cover bakeries and dessert shops scattered along the clean water road, which is a good place for a walk.

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Fukuoka City Botanical Garden
21 Reviews
2.4km from downtown
Botanical Gardens
"The botanical garden is quite big, compared to the free parks. There are flowers and plants everywhere. And the shapes are very beautiful. In the primitive ecological environment, I saw a lot of weird insects,"

Reasons to Recommend: Looking down from the botanical garden, you can almost see the city of Fukuoka. It is connected to the Fukuoka City Zoo by a land bridge, and tourists usually spend a day visiting the zoo and botanical gardens together. More than 2,600 kinds of plants are planted in the botanical garden, including a cactus greenhouse, a butterfly greenhouse, as well as ornamental flowers and plants in the flower and tree garden, red leaf tree garden, aquatic botanical garden, wild grassland, conifer garden, etc. Visitors can not only come into contact with natural plants You can also learn a lot about plant cultivation. Walking in the botanical garden is like walking into the beautiful woods and breathing in the fresh air. There are large flower beds, lawn square pavilions, wall springs, flowing water and open-air cafes in the botanical garden. Visitors can take a break from watching the plants when they are tired. There is also a Ferris wheel overlooking the entire city of Fukuoka. There is an observatory on the north side of the park, which is 73 centimeters high. It can not only overlook the changing scenery of the park throughout the year, but also the scenery near Hakata Station. There is a coffee shop on the first floor, serving coffee, black tea, beef curry, takoyaki, hot dogs, etc. If you are tired of shopping, it is perfect to take a break in this coffee shop surrounded by plants. Imagine that after a day of fun and sightseeing, you can enjoy coffee and food at the observatory while overlooking the beautiful scenery of Fukuoka City and the sunset in the distance. It must be a unique flavor.

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