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Ureshino OnsenNearby City

Ureshino Onsen

4.5/532 Reviews
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"Hot Springs Resort"
"Ornamental Hot spring"
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Kanno Hot Spring is famous, tea also famous. Kanno tea is the invasion of the Korean Peninsula by Hideyoshi Toyotomi, brought back the prisoners of the Korean Dynasty (with the soldiers of Jiangsu and Zhejiang tea-producing areas) also brought back tea-making technology. Wanli 3 march is winning or winning? However, when the tribute trade was followed by the Ming Dynasty in Nanjing, Dongdu brought the technology of iron pot stir-fried tea, said that some of the tea in the wild tea, namely iron tea, still retained the technology of stir-fried tea in the Ming Dynasty. Most of the technology of daily tea tea is the technology of tea, including macha. Talk with a tea garden owner to the organic tea, the kusunoki is a hilly basin area, as long as a tea garden inevitably use pesticides, floating pesticide residue in the air will lead to a large tea garden can not get no pesticide certification, organic certification is very difficult to look. Everyone is as unnecessary as possible without pesticides, and then take the high altitude of the tea is not easily contaminated by second-hand pesticides to do certification. Did not control the tea of one iron porridge tea and another green tea and tea powder mixed tea. Another tea shop website said that there are 3 kilograms of award-winning tea, to see the style of the award-winning tea, the result of the award-winning tea just went on the market a few days to net warehouse, finally bought tourists tea as a gift and returned."