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"Itinerary arrangement: walk: リバーサイドホテル Kumamoto ⇒ City Dianxin Island Station City Dianxin Island Station ⇒ City Diankumamoto Station Front Station JR: JR Kumamoto Station ⇒ JR Hitoyoshi Station Destination Experience: Sightseeing Train かわせみやませみ (Jade Mountain Jade) Walking: JR Hitoyoshi Station ⇒ Qingjing Asu Shrine Walking: Qingjing Asu Shrine ⇒ [ Zhongqing Jingyi ] Bus Station Bus: [ Zhongqing Jingyi ] Bus Station ⇒ [ Kumachuanxia り Jingzhou Shipyard Before ] Bus Station Walking: [ Kumachuanxia り Kumachangxia ] Bus Station ⇒ Kumachuan drifting destination experience: Kumachuan drifting free shuttle bus: ⇒ [ Hitoyoshi Station Front ] Bus Station Destination Attractions: Forge Yewu Tongtong Accommodation: Hitoyoshi Hot Spring Bouya Primary Museum Dinner: Hitoyoshi Hot Spring Bouya Primary Museum Traffic Strategic: Emerald Mountain Emerald Operation Information Operation Section: Kumamoto ~ Hitoyoshi Composition: Some trains are free seats (1 and 2 cars are free seats, and all 3 to 6 are designated seats). Kumamoto - Hitoyoshi 1 7:12 Kumamoto departure - 8:44 arrived at Hitoyoshi 3 11:23 Kumamoto departure - 13:01 arrived at Hitoyoshi 5 15:24 Kumamoto departure - 16:58 arrived at Hitoyoshi Hitoyoshi - Kumamoto 2 9:30, Kumamoto departure - 10:59 arrived at Kumamoto 4 13:20 Kumamoto departure - 15:01 arrived at Hitoyoshi 6 17: 25 Kumamoto departure - 18:55 arrived Hitoyoshi itinerary highlights: Hitoyoshi City has many temples, monuments and cultural relics preserved today. Among them, the Aoi Aso Shrine, founded in Datong Yuan, is the largest shrine in Hitoyoshi Kuma area, and is the local general patron god. Hitoyoshi city has a unique corner of interest proportional to the small Kyoto, the most representative of which is the blacksmith shop. The former blacksmith's building, as his name suggests, was a street where blacksmiths gathered, and even today, there are still two blacksmith shops that operate. The Kuma Gawa river is famous in Japan because it is called the three major rapids in Japan along with the Mogami Gawa river and the Fuji Gawa river. On this clear and fast Kuma Gawa river, there is also an outdoor activity, which is the Kuma Gawa river rafting I want to experience. Average consumption: 2000 + small tips: Recommended to live in the local very famous hot spring hotel pot house main restaurant dinner is also can be eaten in the hotel, is a room with a view. The Japanese cuisine is served with sashimi and so on, followed by pots and barbecues and the essential tasty soup. Each is small in size but it is rich in variety."