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About Fuqing

Fuqing is a coastal city situated in the east of Fujian province. It was one of the first county-level cities to pilot economic reforms and has a rich history. The city is the ancestral home of the Qing dynasty scholar Lin Zexu and boasts a number of natural and historical attractions including Shizhu Mountain, Mt. Lingshi National Forest Park, a large stone statue of the Laughing Buddha, Wanfu Temple and South Shaolin Temple.

Popular Attractions in Fuqing

Shizhu Mountain Scenic Area
434 Reviews
The Shizhu Mountain Scenic Area is located in the western suburbs of Fuqing City, adjacent to Carp Lake. It is a famous Taoist mountain in the area. The "Nine Immortals Dream Praying House" is one of the main features of Shizhu Mountain religious culture. Shizhu Temple, situated in the middle of the mountain, is an ancient temple that observes both Buddhism and Taoism. The main god enshrined is the famous Nine Immortals of He. The summit is called Champion Peak. Two hiking trails converge at Fuqiang Pavilion in the middle of the mountain, becoming one trail that leads to the mountaintop. Additionally, Lion Rock Hall, also located on the mountain, is a renown place of prayer.
Yonghong Yesheng Dongwu World
150 Reviews
First Drift of the East
69 Reviews
The First Drift of the East is located in Houxi Village, Yidu Town, Fuqing City, Fuzhou City. It is a unique canyon drifting ride. The forests along the canyon are lush, and the two sides are covered with odd-looking peaks and rocks. Visitors ride a kayak down the river, crossing forests and navigating rapids. When the kayak dips, the water splashes everywhere and the experience is thrilling. When the water is calm, patrons can leisurely paddle the kayak and admire the beautiful scenery on both sides.
Ocean Hot Spring in Fuqing Tiansheng Farm
101 Reviews
Hot Spring
Located in the Tiansheng Farm Tourist Resort, Fujian, the Ocean Hot Spring in Fuqing Tiansheng Farm is a hot spring garden designed based on the architectural style of Bali Island and features Southeast Asian scenery and unique ocean hot springs. There are different architectural styles. With azure seawater, there are open and private hot spring pools built along streams, making it the best destination to relax on the weekend.

Fuqing Weather

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Trip Moments

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"Its better to have a lighter feel on paper. Its better to meet Zhushan." Fuqing Shizhushan Scenic Area is known as "China Dream Town, Shizhu Xianshan". The Shizhu Mountain is adjacent to the Shizhu Lake, and the landscape is beautiful. It is famous for its unique dream culture and the generosity of the three religions.
Posted: Dec 16, 2018
A persons life is going to be countless dreams? Such dreams have strange and unpredictable, and even many are absurd. If you have a dream, and after a few hours, it becomes a reality, do you think it is amazing? In Fuqing, Fuzhou, there is a famous Taoist mountain. It is known as the Taoist holy land of our country. It is a good place to be known for the dreams and spirits at home and abroad. The special "Dream Culture" of Shizhushan adds a lot of mystery here. .
Posted: Dec 25, 2018