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Things To Do in Fusong

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    Zhangbai Shan Tianchi Xue Ziran Ski FieldBaishan,China

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    Neyin Ancient CityBaishan,China

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    Changbai Mountain Wanda Water ParkBaishan,China

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    Changbai Mountain Qingfeng Lishe Hot SpringBaishan,China

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    Changbai Mountain Grand TheatreBaishan,China

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    Xijiang ParkBaishan,China

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    Fusong Travel Tips

    About Fusong

    Fusong County is located in the upper reaches of the Songhua River in southeast Jilin Province. The county is full of mountains and dense forests, and its natural conditions make it ideal for growing ginseng. Fusong County is a major ginseng producer and has been called the "Ginseng Capital.” Fusong County includes the vast forest of the Changbai Mountains, majestic volcanic mountain ranges, many volcanic mineral springs, unique snow and ice scenery, hot springs resorts, and the Lushui International Hunting Grounds. Every year the county attracts many tourists, particularly to the dramatic landscape of the western slopes of the Changbai Mountains.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the best places to visit in Fusong, including: Neyin Ancient City,Changbai Mountain Wanda Water Park,Xianrenqiao Hot Spring
    You could try Neyin Ancient City,Zhangbaishan Luneng Shengdi Ski Resort,Xianrenqiao Hot Spring,Changbai Mountain Wanda Water Park,Shenyang Railway Bureau Spa Sanatorium in Fusong
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