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Xianhu belongs to the plateau lake, with an elevation of 1721 meters. It looks like a gourd. Fuxian Lake is only 70 kilometers away from Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province. With an area of more than 200 square kilometers and a maximum water depth of 151.5 meters, it is the second inland deep lake in China. The water quality here is excellent, the lake is crystal clear and the transparency is 7-8 meters. The northern part of the lake in Fuxian Lake is wide and deep, the south is small and shallow, and the middle is slender and shaped like a gourd. Surrounded by mountains, the lakes and bays are staggered. Standing on the lakeside, the water is clear and transparent; the eyes are far-sighted and the water and the sky are all the same. The lake in Fuxian Lake is extremely clear and has maintained Class I water quality. The locals have always called Fuxian Lake as Haizi. Residents here often draw water directly from the lake. Fuxian Lake has a beautiful scenery. Every morning or evening, the lake surrounded by green hills will shine with emerald-like luster and luster under the rays of the rays of the sun.
Posted: Dec 28, 2018
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Dolphinarium, close to the lovely dolphins Fuxian Lake Cambrian Happy World contains three major themes of the Ocean World, Dream World, Animal World, and now the Ocean World is still under construction However, there have been more than a dozen dolphins that have been transported by air from Japan and live in the holding house. I know that our hotel guests can purchase the corresponding packages and get intimate contact with the dolphins. This makes me excited. I have to make an appointment and come to the holding house to enter the hall. The rain boots were disinfected and the staff took us to the dolphins. The trainers here are all trained from Japan. They are quite professional. We went to the pavilion to visit. They are training dolphins. The curator is a Japanese grandmother. She is very kind and shows that they can give us performances. Suddenly, the Dolphin Baby danced ballet in the water and watched the exciting high-altitude jump in the blink of an eye. Its really hard to imagine that the dolphins could jump so high. The dolphins here are lively and joyful, smart and lovely. When we see a group of people who have come to see them, it seems to be inductive, very active, jumping on the water, lively like a child. For the first time, we know that dolphins are also divided into different types. The staff in the pavilion gave us a lot of knowledge about dolphins. They saw the calm blue water in front of my eyes, with fins first. Breaking the waves, diving into the water, and then perfecting the power, jumped up and danced the dance of the dolphins, which is their strongest expression of freedom, happiness, and vitality.
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