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Things To Do in Fuyuan

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曹 操In fact, the so-called East Pole is just a hoe. Previously, the large areas of territory outside this area were all Chinese. In fact, Fuyuan has nothing to go around except this area. Just punch in and take a photo.
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13611302253The Ussuri River is a tributary of China's Heilongjiang River, the boundary river between China and Russia. The Wusuli River has a wide surface and slow water flow. The main tributaries are Song'acha River, Muling River, Naoli River, etc. The land in the Wusuli River Basin has been nourishing the people of all ethnic groups on both sides of the strait for thousands of years. Since ancient times, Manchu, Han, Mongolian, Hezhe, Dahaner, and Oroqen people have lived here.
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热爱生活0618This is a tourist attraction on Heixiazi Island. When I came to the square, I felt that the sky was so blue. The square is very spacious. It has nine floors and is very majestic. The scenery is really beautiful. The square has a big Chinese character, which is equivalent to the easternmost point of China, the first one. You can see the sunrise.
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山在穷游When I went to Qiandao Lake a few years ago, I saw the fish museum in Qiandao Lake. At that time, I was very impressed with bighead fish. I came to Fuyuan this time and opened my eyes again. I got a new understanding of the types of freshwater fish. . The earth is really amazing. A planet here has not only nurtured us, but also the civilization of nature, especially the civilization of the sea. The beautiful part of the entire experience hall is the oval transparent corridor. Standing under the corridor, you can watch the fish swimming by your side.
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gz当地向导伊妹儿Dongming Temple is the temple with the lowest altitude in the country, only one meter above the sea. The three characters of Dongming Temple at the gate of the temple were inscribed by Zhao Puchu, the chairman of the Buddhist Association. The incense in the temple was strong. I walked down from the top and waited for about an hour for the ferry boat. The pilgrims from the Daxiong Hall still heard the chants.
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山在穷游Fuyuan on November is the most beautiful, I didn't catch up, it was early. Fuyuan on May 1st was refreshing. My plan came but didn't come true. I specifically asked a local friend, the flowers on May 1st just bloomed. Although you cannot come here on May Day, if you have a chance to come to Fuyuan, you must climb Nanshan within two time periods. The first time period is early in the morning where we can climb to the highest point to see the beautiful sunrise, and the second time period is the same sunrise that we saw in the evening, where we can see the sunset. Of course, the premise of all this is based on sunny days. There are more sunny days in autumn, and more rainy days in spring.

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East Pole PlazaJiamusi,China

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Renmin SquareJiamusi,China

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Dongming TempleJiamusi,China

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Fuyuanhonghaimanyuemei BaseJiamusi,China

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Nan MountainJiamusi,China

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Mangjitazhan Old CityJiamusi,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Fuyuan, including: East Pole Plaza,Jiamusi Ussuri River,Dongji Pagoda
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