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The Temple of Confucius is also known as the Temple of Literature and the Temple of the Sacred. According to legend, it was built in the Southern Song Dynasty, Ming Shuhua's ten years of Wu Shuhe reconstruction, Ming Zhengde sixteen years, Longqing two years of double repair, Ming Wanli twenty-two years rebuilt and molded Confucius and Yan Hui, Zi Si, Zeng Shen, Mencius four images Qing Daoguang Xinyi was once again advocated by Chen Ruolin, the official of the Ministry of Justice. It is one of the five Confucius Temples in Fuzhou (Fuzhou Fuwen Temple, Lixian Confucian Temple, Houguan Confucian Temple, Huai'an Confucius Temple and Luozhou Confucius Temple). The Confucius Temple faces southwest and consists of Qixingmen, Dianchi, Gate Tower, Patio, Biyi, Dacheng Hall, etc. The red wall is high and the courtyard is deep, and it has its own kind of prestige. From the outside door, you can see a beautiful stone archway, the whole archway, the imposing style, the simple and elegant shape, is a must. The six-column and three-opening rooms have a gilded structure. The special spatial pattern forms a rhythm between the virtual and the real, which evokes the majesty and beauty of the whole temple. The door of the three stone gates are decorated with exquisite reliefs. The middle gate is a double dragon play bead, and the left and right are Danfeng Chaoyang. On the stone pillar, the double dragons are relatively coiled and rising. They are full of vitality and dynamic. There are also six carp jumping at the height, jumping through the dragon column and jumping into the gantry.
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## One-time tasting of a variety of Fuzhou snack restaurants - old Fuzhou Xu Ji
Fuzhou specialty snacks - seafood pot side
recommended a relatively small number of people know, but can taste a variety of authentic Fuzhou snacks at one time The restaurant - the old Fuzhou Xuji (Doudian Branch), this old Fuzhou, which is full of tourists' Damen Road food street, has fewer tourists, and the environment is good, the tableware is more sanitary, and the food is more refined and delicious. Even if there is a high-end dish-style Buddha jumping wall, but the price is fair, eat cheap or expensive, you can choose.
Xuji Buddha Jumping Wall (small)
Fuzhou Shangri-La Hotel
You can see Fuzhou Shangri-La Hotel in Fujian Grand Theatre, walk about 10 minutes in that direction, first find Fuzhou Hotel, you can find the road ramp Opposite the old Fuzhou Xuji (Doudian Branch), Address: No. 5, Hongtengge, No. 55, August 17th Road (opposite to Fuzhou Hotel).
() menu
() can eat To many Fuzhou specialties, Fengqi by people, expensive price of Xu Jifo jump wall (small) 89 yuan (about 400 grams), Xu Ji Buddha jump wall (large) 419 yuan (about 1200 grams), folk Buddha jump wall 129 yuan (about 250 grams), the old Fuzhou Buddha jump wall (small) 329 yuan (350 grams), the big 899 yuan (1200 grams).
Xu Jifo jump wall (small)
Xu Ji Buddha jump wall (small)
medium price of South Jiangan, cold fish lips, sesame oil shrimp, scallion fresh oysters, seaweed fried sea bream, etc., the price is about For the price of 29.9-59.9 yuan, the low price is also recommended to have a horseshoe cake 5 yuan, 12 yuan mud, Fuzhou pot side 13 yuan -25.9 yuan, group purchase website can use 95 yuan to buy 100 yuan vouchers. For drinks, try Bing Xin's favorite black jasmine tea and red dates.
Bing Xin jasmine tea
cold fish lip
I and my friends ordered Xu Ji Buddha jump wall (small), cold fish lips, the most expensive pot side, horseshoe cake and black jasmine tea total 160 yuan, the feeling of eating after eating is very delicious. As a senior foodie, I think it is very difficult to get something from a store that is so delicious. I want to eat it again before I go home. Unfortunately, time is not enough. There is no more to go, a little regret.

Fuzhou | Super good shot! The most complete map of "Zhongping Road" One afternoon contracted the whole city network red punch card points!

and the girlfriend finally punched out this "net red punch card point one dragon" street ~ It can be said that it has been a long time!
Zhongping Road is near Taijiang District, also known as Fuzhou's Shili Ocean Field. The whole street is decorated with vintage brick walls and old plaques. It is far from the ruthless age. There is a kind of feel~
that comes back to the Republic of China through time and space. In addition to punching in front of the retro facade, it is also absolutely Can't miss the countless number of net red shops hidden in the lanes~

Today I will introduce several "Zhongping Road" networks that I have been hiding for a long time. Red punch card ~

1Check Point
You can see the facade and canopy of this black and white style simple coffee shop at the intersection of Zhongping Road~
Check Point is the earliest in Fuzhou The Western architecture was transformed into a bright barber shop. After being transformed into a coffee shop, it is still faintly able to see the bright signboard~
The best punching point is the black and white canopy outside Check Point. The storefront, inexplicable in the streets of Japan and South Korea, the visual sense ~

Map Search Zhongping Hostel can find the coordinates!
"Zhongping Hostel" is very eye-catching in its four characters. Its predecessor was opened in 1914. It is the oldest western restaurant in Fuzhou. Later it became a hostel~
, the best punching point is Outside the door! Postbox, brick wall, nostalgic plaque

This is the old site of the famous Nanfang Daily newspaper during the Republic of China. It has been refurbished, but it is faintly visible to the former Xiaoyanglou Faner. Retro fonts, red and white backgrounds, photos are super-chronological ~ like an instant through the deep rainy scene!
The best punching point: in front of the facade~ It is recommended to avoid the peak of the commute

super-mirror pure white romantic princess wind coffee shop ~ overall environment with white minimalist ins Mainly wind, there is a super beautiful spiral staircase, the second floor has a pure white flower fa flower fa, and a pure white piano on the first floor can be said to be a super senior princess wind! It can be said that it is a very girl's heart! Suitable for girlfriends gathering, chat and take pictures
Location: Up and down Hangxinghe Lane Master Pavilion 4-2B

It is really difficult to find such a small Hong Kong style in Dafuzhou Shop~ I was so excited when I saw it!
There is only one floor in the store, the interior space is not big, but every corner is super suitable for taking pictures, and Super Harbor! Very good value for money ~
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