Ganzi County
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Things To Do in Ganzi County

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CD云上Ganzi Temple passed several times did not come in, this National Day to the stone canal play, passed here decided to come in to see, outside the temple to look up quite momentum, inside relatively large, few tourists, almost all believers in the inside pray for the Buddha.
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Ancient Pagoda
风的呢喃1963Also to the sugarcane stunning white tower park to stay in the "Shangri-La Hotel", with the window is the snow mountain, not far away is the "white tower park." Too close, this has to go around. The front temple is still renovated, can not visit, so with the local turn, clockwise circle. Of course, I was just a little bit of a lively. White Tower Park is very special, but, I didn't see any information. Seeing a few mirrors before and after, I couldn't help but wonder "the first time I saw the mirror in front of the tower, what is the particulars?" Praise yourself, I am a good learner, do not understand ask! [Smug]Seeing two monks dressed middle-aged people came, with glasses, it looks like the senior people in the temple, and asked for advice, the answer is as follows: "This mirror, one side is a treasure mirror, the other side is solar energy, the street lamp charging at night." Looking closely again, so it is! The weather is good today, the blue sky white clouds, very beautiful. So left and right patted, patted enough, anyway, no one urged me. In the careful viewing, met three soldiers, chatted for a long time, details will not talk. White Tower Park is everywhere is the lighting device, so think whether the night light? And modestly ask for advice, said "at 7:30 pm light." So, and wobble, wobble to the first light. Night wan, do not have a mood, and photographed for a long time. A few locals of sugarcane are also wandering, chattering, just know a little about the white tower of the past life: the white tower park, this place, before a volcano, the surprise point is not that it will erupt, but it will grow tall! Often need to use explosives to flatten it... So, a high priest built this white tower here, just to put it down, no longer long. [Fang tooth] I half believe half doubt "there is such a thing? Legend, right?" The other party serious question and answer "How can the legend, the real thing! You see the following hotels, are hot spring hotels." I really looked at the hotel not far away, and indeed, they are all hot spring hotels. I knew that the hot springs were famous here, and I should have picked a hot spring hotel to stay, I missed it.
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CD云上N years ago, the first time from the county of sugarcane cross to seda, took milk farmers god mountain, one of the eight big god mountain in tibet, that road rotten people remember, after a few years again pass this road, let people have to feel what is called the infrastructure mad.
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enjoyzentDegongpo is located in the Kangba Zhehuo area, now in Deba Village, Ganzi Town. It is an important transportation route to the inland and all parts of Tibet. It is in this special geographical location, which is very important to the inland and Tibet in terms of politics, economy, and culture. Communication has played an important role. Degongbo sits north and faces south and is divided into three floors. The ground floor includes the front porch, the scripture hall, and the guardian hall. The main hall is large in scale, supported by 102 square pillars, of which 63 are 54 pillars. The 4th and 3rd square pillars on the left and right of the entrance hall are written with the four Chinese characters "Tai Ping under the Heaven" respectively. They are the words given by Emperor Qianlong after the expansion of the Palace of Protection in the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. These four long pillars hold up the skylight and brighten the interior.
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格格巴The mountain scenery of Ganzi in western Sichuan is amazing. The Jianziwan Mountain outside of Yajiang County not only has abundant vegetation conditions, but it is also said that there are extremely rare wild pandas living in it. This is our national treasure! The road to Jianziwan Mountain is barren and lonely. Most of the hillsides here are barren hills and exposed rocks, which are not as beautiful as imagined, but as soon as you reach the hillside towards the southeast, you will find a tall mixed forest. The terrain has a gentle slope and is covered with green-yellow weeds, forming a vast forest and meadow area. The holy and beautiful pure land is awesome!
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格格巴When I came to Zha Ri Yong Kang Shen Shan, the mood is super good, the sky should be beautiful, simply parked the car on the side of the road, take out the camera and the mobile phone a punch shutter. Nobody who has not come, can never imagine the shock here. The trees, the rocks, the ridges, the wooden houses, the streams, the crowds, and the whole mountain, the air is full of life and peace atmosphere.

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Baita ParkGanzizhou,China

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Dajin TempleGanzizhou,China

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Baili TempleGanzizhou,China

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Zhariyongkangshen MountainGanzizhou,China

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