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Trip Moments

Recommended flowers in Chengdu|Ganzi Danba looking for the most beautiful country, exploring the

Because of the reason of Luding Bridge, we have known this for a long time local. It used to take a day's drive. Now, after the highway is opened, it takes only 3 hours to get there from Chengdu. Nowadays, it has become a back garden in Chengdu. It is about 1,700 meters above sea level, with plenty of sunshine and pleasant weather. It is the first scenery on the Sichuan-Tibet line.
March is under the snowy mountains, and it is the season when peach blossoms are open. Located at the foot of Happiness Township, 17 km away from Luding County, there are 1900 acres of peach blossoms. Come from Chengdu, take a look at the peach blossoms, look at the snow-capped mountains, play mahjong under the peach trees, feel much better than Longquan.

Danba Jiaju Zhaizhai, Zhonglu Zangzhai:
Depart from Luding to Danba, about 2 hours drive.
Damba is the most beautiful country in China that was selected by China National Geographic magazine. It is also named after the beauty of the beauty, the famous Beauty Valley is here, and there is a grand beauty pageant in May every year.
Jiaju Zangzhai is an early tourist attraction in Danba. Tickets are 50 yuan and the road conditions are very good. It is suitable for self-driving. There are three viewing platforms in
, and parking is also convenient. There are many inns and restaurants opened by local villagers. It is very convenient to eat and stay.
March and September to October are the best seasons for tourism.
After eating lunch, the day was completely clear, and everyone finally saw the blue sky and white clouds, super excited, I feel that I can finally release the film today. Ask the driver where we are going next, he said to go to Huiyuan Temple, a lotus temple under the snowy mountains of Yala.

A few times before, because it is not self-driving, or it is with a group, or a ride, seeing beautiful scenery along the way is always missed, can not stop, but fortunately we are a few smart, take the minority The boutique custom route, want to shoot and stop, properly, the driver is very familiar with this route, and many places he took us.

The weather is good, and everything is beautiful. The beautiful scenery of the grasslands, forests, river valleys and glaciers near the Yala Snow Mountain is a beautiful picture that is constantly appearing in front of us.

When the Huiyuan Temple arrived, I dont know if its Lai, or Lai Ling. I got off the car and started the self-proclaimed mode. I also took the opportunity to shoot some beautiful people. Before the bad weather, we were kneeling. After the brain, although this big noon is relatively dry, but everyone has not taken care of sunscreen.

Huiyuan Temple was built in the 7th year of Qing Emperor Yongzheng (AD 1729). It is the only guru temple built by the state to set up, repair and offer incense. The

temple has been rebuilt three times, and the temple is luxurious. It is a boutique of Khampa architecture, and there are various valuable cultural relics in the temple.
Cuopugouguojia Forest Park
We went to the sister lake
from Batang first and then turned to the sputum ditch
before I went to the small four to take the vaccination
Toupugou. The car did not necessarily go in
/ Hh/When I was in Sister Lake, I made myself a hit
high-altitude running in order to get close to the lake for a flight
while waiting for him, I followed a group of lamas to the hillside
help They took photos and asked them to do my model

The road from 318 to Tupugou is still so bad
must be ready to turn back at any time
hot spring sprayed out by the river Someone made a boiled egg
small four again
drone hit the wire

this time finally satisfied my desire to soak a natural bare bath
then it was dark after entering In the trunk of the Pupugou
raining and lost, but fortunately encountered a car to give us directions
I also asked a mentally handicapped problem
what kind of cattle farm they are going to

Last time in Chopugou and Tianyi, Mocha, Caotang lived in the temple
this time still lived in the temple
but the temple was built for tourists to stay in the hotel

after the departure of the next day Me and Xiaosi I made a second time
he wanted to take a car in the forest
So I have an undocumented driver who has fear of driving and controls the steering wheel
results almost lifeless
later turned to the mountains The people helped us to lift the car up

to the front of the Thomp Lake
small four drones attracted the child's childlike fun
big white horse Tashi very warm to take us to see the land dial Rat
took us to feed the fish
I asked him how good Mandarin is
he said that last year he handed a Chengdu boss
still blaming other children to scare the groundhog

After leaving the Tupugou, I went to the hot springs
local group of holiday guys also at
talking to ask for directions last night, talk to help us today
everyone Hearing and laughing together, hh/Jie, who was studying in Xichang, enthusiastically took us to stay at home for one night
night, he also played the glory of the king with the fourth. hh/
The trip to Tupugou is more unforgettable because he knows a new friend

The only regret is that he is so excited that he doesnt even take a photo
can only take out the grass pond for me. Hh/ as staying / Hh // / goodbye and I hope I can see you hh
lovely friend