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Things To Do in Gaomi

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Botanical Garden
aijun000Gaomi Nanhu Botanical Garden is actually a park with a 360-degree view of the lake. In the morning, young people run here, and in the evening, the aunts and uncles jump here in the square lake. The air is good.
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Famous Residences
在这个城市漫步The old house is very old, there is a primary school next to it, because to buy tickets did not go in, there are many toys selling snacks around, it is very good to touch the literati, worth a look.
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City Park
乐乐嘻嘻哈哈Located at the west end of Zhenxing Street in the urban area, it covers an area of more than 500 acres and has a total construction area of 7,600 square meters. There are more than 190 acres of open lawn, 12 acres of water, Phoenix Pavilion, Museum, Hundred Gardens, Zoo, Songbai Pavilion, Jinshui Pavilion, Xiaochun Pavilion, Cuiyun Bridge, etc. and the Maitreya Buddha that has been passed down to the present
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aijun000Xiaokanghe Pedestrian Street is a food pedestrian street in Gaomi City. It is modeled on the architecture of Suzhou. There are many snacks on the pedestrian street, such as Gaomi stove, fire, Chaotian pot, Xiaodongbei cold noodles, and some shops selling clothing.
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City Park
wbclawyerThe Cultural and Sports Park is located on the south side of Kangcheng Avenue, with convenient parking and convenient transportation. The surrounding environment is good. There are musical fountains on the square, many flowers and trees planted in the green belt, sports stadiums, and outdoor fitness equipment. It is the best place for leisure and exercise.
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wbclawyerI saw Baiyang Mountain as a scenic spot, not far away, so I stopped by to take a look. Although it is called Baiyang Mountain, if you don’t pay attention to it, it doesn’t look like a mountain in the distance. The terrain is not very high. There are more vegetation and good greening. Spring is here and there are many flowers dotted with it. The scenery is not bad. You can go and watch it nearby.

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Mo Yan's Old ResidenceWeifang,China

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Liuhe ParkWeifang,China

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Jinfulong Amusement ParkWeifang,China

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Longshen TempleWeifang,China

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Yundongyuan Sports Leisure SquareWeifang,China

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About Gaomi

Gaomi City is located in eastern Shandong Province between the Jiaolai and Wei rivers. It is administered under Weifang City. Known in ancient times as Yi'an, Gaomi has over 2,200 years of history and is the birthplace of famed Spring and Autumn period government minister Yan Ying, Qing era senior imperial secretary Liu Yong (Liu Luoguo), and the winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature, Mo Yan. The “Three Treasures” of Chinese folk art - puhui nianhua (“ash-dabbing Spring Festival painting” - a painting method that incorporates a base layer of ashes), clay sculpture (nisu), and paper cutting (jianzhi) have long enjoyed a fine reputation and are famous throughout the world. Famous destinations include the Zheng Ancestral Temple, the former residence of Mo Yan, Fenghuang (“Phoenix”) Park, the Nanhu (“South Lake”) Botanical Garden, the Xiaokang River, and Baiyang (“Chinese White Poplar”) Mountain.

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Here are the best places to visit in Gaomi, including: Nanhu Botanical Garden (South Gate),Mo Yan's Old Residence,Xiaokanghe
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