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Popular Attractions in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

64 Reviews
Observation Deck
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany
Bavarian Alps
22 Reviews
Bavarian Alps, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Partnach Gorge
8 Reviews
Graseck 4, 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle
1,056 Reviews
Neuschwanstein Castle is on a small mountain peak in the suburbs of Fussen, a small town on the southern border of Germany. It has a fairy-tale appearance, with a blend of beautiful scenery. Its interior decoration is sumptuous. Inspired by the musical "Swan Knight," the Bavarian King Ludwig II took many years to build it. Regardless of the season and from which angle you view the castle, it pleases the eyes. Neuschwanstein Castle attracts visitors from all over the world.

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Trip Moments

Rachel Yu   
Tianlong Mountain: The name of the first red scenic spot
Tianlong Mountain in Zhangzhou sounds very domineering. "Sacred Tianlong Mountain, guest parents Shougu", here is the first red scenic spot in Zhangzhou. Tianlong Mountain is a scenic area where martial arts culture and meditation culture are merged. It is inextricably linked with "Tianlong Ba Bu". There are Tianlongshan Temple with extremely strong incense. There are many interesting legends here.
Come to the front of the Tianlong Mountain Scenic Area, the words "Tianlong Mountain" on the tower are so vigorous and powerful. Going forward, I came to the archway of the "Sacred Tianlong Mountain, the guest parent Shougu", and it seemed to enter the holy place through this archway.
Indeed, after officially entering the scenic spot, the horizon is suddenly clear. The calm lake, the green trees and the stretch of mountains form a beautiful picture.
We walked by the lake, or walked up the wooden plank road in the center of the lake. The flowers and plants here made us unable to bear to disturb, so we couldn't help but quiet down, talking only whispers, carefully Quietly taste the comfort of this holy place.
There are many nice decorations on the lake and on the lawn by the lake. It is now summer, but it gives me the feeling of spring.
Today's Tianlong Mountain is famous for its Quartet, and Jin Yong's "Dragon" is famous all over the world. Listening to the local old man, the story of the legendary Tianbing Tianzhis fierce battle is quite similar to the situation of the fierce battle described in the "Dragon", which is probably something unexpectedly expected by the great writer Jin Yong.
There are many elements about the "Dragons and Eight" in the scenic area. Visitors can enter the wood and clear the bar, enjoy a drink, and experience the tenderness of the man. You can also enter the Mandu Mountain Villa, cross the time and space, and join the gods and sisters together. It is also possible to be in the north and south of Fujian and Taiwan. If you are a Jin Yong fan, you will definitely fall in love with it.
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In the heart of Longnan, meet the nostalgic food!
Bamboo Forest Banquet is hidden in the bamboo forest of the heart of the town, walking along the street sign to the restaurant, ancient poetry in the mind.
Bamboo is one of the four great gentlemen of plants. It has been loved by Chinese people for thousands of years.
The painter and literati are the best lovers of bamboo. The ancient poetry and Chinese paintings created by bamboo and bamboo forest are numerous. The bamboo forest in the
bamboo banquet, as well as other bamboo forests in the heart of the town, will be red.
The bamboo of the whole bamboo forest is planted regularly, and it is quiet and not chaotic.
In addition to these bamboos, which are good raw materials for farm tools and handicrafts, the bamboo shoots produced in spring are still delicious. The
bamboo banquet is exquisitely crafted, the variety of dishes, tea and bamboo shoots are the biggest protagonists, in addition to many Hakka famous dishes.
Especially like bamboo steamed eggs, the egg's egg scent and the bamboo's clear aroma blend together, and then sprinkle some green onion, eat a bit full of fragrance.
Yanzhu is a special dish of Hakka, and the simple match is scented.
Personal favorite is the tea stir-fried beef, the main ingredients are fresh tea, fresh beef and red pepper.
The famous tea scent and meat scent of the pot are blended together, perfect! Here, the red pepper plays a very good role in refreshing.
is said to be the hometown of bamboo forests. Tasting bamboo shoots is an indispensable part. The bamboo shoots in the heart of the town are fresh, crisp and tender, and the taste is excellent!
steamed pork ribs, the practice is similar to Cantonese cuisine. The characteristics of mountain food are fresh and people want to eat a few more.
Stuffed tofu is a traditional Hakka cuisine. The stuffed tofu made from fresh ingredients in the mountains is fresh and original, and tastes far better than the stuffed tofu in the city. Although
Longnan is under the jurisdiction of Jiangxi, the residents who live here are mainly Hakkas. Their eating habits are closer to those of Meizhou and Heyuan in Guangdong. People in coastal provinces can eat habits.
Hey town has a strange green bamboo ice wine, you need to inject the wine into the growing bamboo in advance, and take the wine out of time. Affected by the growth of bamboo itself and the change of climate, the amount of wine that is infused sometimes becomes more and sometimes less. This wine combines the mellowness of the wine with the fragrance of the bamboo, which is unique to the town of the heart, very precious! It is an honour to be able to taste a bite.
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