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George Town,Recommendations
Pinang Peranakan Mansion
If you want to know the Nyonya culture, one-stop punching is enough here! In Penang, Malaysia, there is such a museum that shows Malaysia's special Nyonya culture, reflecting an era of the past. This is the Penang Peranakan Mansion. Nyonya, is a unique vocabulary in Malaysia. It is a symbol. It is a descendant of a Chinese married to a local in Malaysia. The girl is called Nyonya and the boy is shouting. This Nyonya Museum is actually the home of the late Chinese Zheng Jinggui. It is a courtyard house with a mix of Chinese architecture and European courtyard style. Play Raiders: The whole museum is actually a mansion of the year, and it has been completely preserved. The rich life of the Nyonya people in the colonial era is also fully presented to us. Not only is the architectural style intact, but the interior decoration ornaments and the costumes of the Nyonya are displayed for us to visit. It is an invaluable treasure house. Entering the museum, the first thing that catches the eye is a patio-style grand living room. On both sides of the living room, there are two restaurants in both Chinese and Western styles. It is said that when Zheng Jinggui was at the banquet, he would specially arrange foreign countries. Guests can dine at the Chinese restaurant, and Chinese guests dine at the Western Restaurant to promote a blend of cultural understanding. came to the second floor, which is the room of the family's Nyonya and ours. Every piece of equipment displayed here is a precious cultural relic of the year, vividly reviving the rich and happy life of Nyonya and our people. From the second floor down through the eclipse, you will come to the back garden of this mansion. The ground floor is made of imported porcelain tiles from the UK. The Chinese courtyard style is decorated with European-style carved glass windows and fountain pools. Presenting a unique combination of Chinese and Western beauty. Going further, it is a museum that displays the ornaments and decorative ornaments worn by the Nyonya. The gold jade, the beautifully carved, the large number and the exquisite design are enough to make us stunned and sigh the rich life of the giants. . Ticket information: MYR 20 for adults, free for children Opening hours: 09
George Town,Recommendations
Khoo Kongsi
Penang's small travel resort | Khoo Kongsi There are many old mansions in Penang that have been forced to transform, some have become museums, and some have been developed into boutique hotels. The Longshantang Qiu Company, which is hidden in the alleys of the old city, has continued to this day. The descendants of Qius family are now shining all over the world. Their university degree certificates and industry achievements are full of several houses. Surprisingly, this magnificent Chinese-style ancient building is rarely known to Malay locals, and many foreign photographers come to visit. Longshantang has an amazing architectural beauty, extremely symmetrical layout and exquisite carvings and clay crafts. It is a dream place for architectural fans. On the last Saturday of each month and the special festival Longshan Hall will light up. From 6:30 to 10:00 in the evening, admission is free. For other days, if you want to go in, you will be charged MYR 10. Longshantang Qiu Company is the most special one among the Malaysian Chinese surnames. The Qiu clan is one of the "five major surnames" of Fujian people in Penang. It is an important blessing force in the early society with Xie, Yang, Lin and Chen. In the nineteenth century, the five major surnames set up company settlements in Chulia Street on the winter street of Georgetown, and in the south to the community street. Each company is centered on the ancestral hall and surrounds the street house belonging to the company on three or four sides. This kind of close, close and defensive settlement of the same name is very rare in immigrant society.
LiAn Zhang
George Town,Recommendations
Sunway Hotel Georgetown Penang
Sunway Hotel George Town Phenang , Newtown, Penang This hotel in New Lane is close to the Everbright Building and Penang Times Square, just ten minutes walk. Overall, the Sunway Group hotels are just fine, and this is no exception. The standard rooms are not large, the layout of the rooms is compact, but the room partitions are relatively scientific, and the facilities are also very complete. The simple and stylish personal decoration style of the rooms is very personal, and the meeting and lounge areas of the executive rooms are separated. The rooms are individually air conditioned and have greater controllability and wind power than the central air conditioning used in general hotels, and are also suitable for the tropical climate of Penang. The twin beds in the standard rooms are 1.2 meters wide, the deluxe king size bed is 1.8 meters wide, and the average room size is 28-30 square meters. The size and room size of this bed are quite satisfactory. The quality of bedding, bathroom, spare parts and mini bar drinks in the rooms are good. The power sockets are all national standards, and the quality of the matching furniture is also very good. Although the bathroom is small in size, the bathtub does not shrink accordingly, but remains in normal size. From the safety point of view of the hotel, the windows of the room can only be partially opened, but the ventilation and natural light are no problem, and the cleaning work of the room is also done more thoroughly. The swimming pool, gym, multi-purpose hall, etc. are also available. Guests staying in the 16-story suite can enjoy the food, leisure, entertainment and business facilities of the Executive Gallery on the 14th floor. They can enjoy the quiet view at night. The night view of the city is also a pleasure. The location of the hotel, in addition to the commercial shopping center, the biggest advantage is close to the middle of the "food street", there are many restaurants during the day and night, and the night market in the night is gathered in Penang. Authentic cuisine. Several times in and out of the hotel in three days, the service staff reported a natural and gentle smile, the hotel's occupancy rate is quite high, the front desk is full every day when breakfast is served, met tourists from Europe, America and China, of course, Malaysian locals There are also many. I also chatted with a group of Chinese who came from Kuala Lumpur to play. They were so enthusiastic that they took me to eat authentic food. When I can't brush the room card by the elevator, or go out of the hotel lobby without an umbrella, there will always be a hand to take the initiative to swipe the card, there will be an umbrella in front of you, in fact, there is nothing, this is just a hotel The daily service, but for me, I feel only warm. The hotel offers authentic Nyonya dishes. Asian ginseng and sassafras are mixed with southern ginger, lemongrass, red onion, pepper, sassafras, bala, tamarind and ginseng fruit. The coconut milk rice is a combination of rice, coconut milk and eggs. Cucumber, peanuts, larvae, sesame, and Chaozhou frying, although the coconut milk is sprinkled with brown sugar on the shaved ice, the mung bean fans with soda water still make the whole dessert full of the strange taste of sweet and salty mix. If you don't adapt, it's better to come to the bowl of red bean ice. The hotel also supplies fried clams and satay. The wide strips are mixed with shrimp, eggs, sausage, mung bean sprouts, fish cakes, leeks, and soy sauce and oil-consuming frying, which is the unique taste of Penang. There is a kebab there, and a layer of thick peanut butter, coconut sauce, jujube and other prepared satay sauce has another flavor.
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