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George Town,Recommendations
Khoo Kongsi
Penang's small travel resort | Khoo Kongsi
There are many old mansions in Penang that have been forced to transform, some have become museums, and some have been developed into boutique hotels. The Longshantang Qiu Company, which is hidden in the alleys of the old city, has continued to this day. The descendants of Qius family are now shining all over the world. Their university degree certificates and industry achievements are full of several houses.
Surprisingly, this magnificent Chinese-style ancient building is rarely known to Malay locals, and many foreign photographers come to visit. Longshantang has an amazing architectural beauty, extremely symmetrical layout and exquisite carvings and clay crafts. It is a dream place for architectural fans. On the last Saturday of each month and the special festival Longshan Hall will light up. From 6:30 to 10:00 in the evening, admission is free. For other days, if you want to go in, you will be charged MYR 10.

Longshantang Qiu Company is the most special one among the Malaysian Chinese surnames. The Qiu clan is one of the "five major surnames" of Fujian people in Penang. It is an important blessing force in the early society with Xie, Yang, Lin and Chen. In the nineteenth century, the five major surnames set up company settlements in Chulia Street on the winter street of Georgetown, and in the south to the community street. Each company is centered on the ancestral hall and surrounds the street house belonging to the company on three or four sides. This kind of close, close and defensive settlement of the same name is very rare in immigrant society.
LiAn Zhang
George Town,Recommendations
Penang is a city full of food, but the best way to taste the most authentic Penang cuisine is to be as lively as the locals. Some inconspicuous snacks may also be family chefs that have been inherited for generations. So when you eat Penang, you have to look for it and not let go of the stalls of every street.

This is a favorite of Penang people, which is different from the Chaoshan area. The purlins used in Penang are relatively large. When frying, put bean sprouts, shrimps, eggs, etc., and add spices, and the savory stir-fried noodles are ready. As the seasoning of the stir-fried strips is similar, the difference is in the speculation. In Penang, you can still find a charcoal fire instead of gas to fry.

No one in Penang does not know and does not like to eat fried core. A large bowl of frost is sifted, and the long-grained red beans, black sugar, green rice flour mixed with Pandan juice, and the last spoonful of milky white coconut milk are poured. The color is tempting, and the appetite is great.

improved from Shahe powder, steamed and more tender and smooth than Shahe powder. The taste is different from the soup, fried or dry mixed Shahe powder. With sesame, cooked oil, sweet sauce, hot sauce and shrimp paste. Shrimp paste tastes a little heavy, and it is mixed with sweet sauce, hot sauce, sesame and pork sausage powder. The taste will become very rich and sweet, so friends who are not used to heavy tastes are advised not to stir.

Fujian Noodles
Also called Penang Shrimp Noodles, there is soup. There are three flavors, the soup is red, relatively light, this is called pure shrimp noodles. The soup is thicker and darker, and the kind is called noodles. Penang people eat shrimp noodles like to add the raw shrimp soup and the noodles to form a third flavor.

Hainan Chicken Rice
originated in Wenchang City, Hainan Island, China. Wenchang is a local chicken with white-cut chicken and rice with chicken oil and chicken water. Therefore, it is also called Wenchang Chicken Rice. In the early 20th century, with the tide of immigration, this dish was spread to Southeast Asia and other places and carried forward.

is a Nanyang-style barbecue. It is a traditional Malay food. The marinated meat is grilled on a charcoal fire and tastes very good. If it is accompanied by Malay rice wrapped in coconut leaves, plus cucumber and onion, the taste of the sand will be stronger. In addition to the method of curing the meat, the cooking time is also very important. There are two ways to grill the satay. If it is crispy, it will be oiled on the skewers after the barbecue. To soften the taste, it is necessary to apply oil before the barbecue.

Penang eating method
Why do you want to introduce this specifically, because friends who are new to the market are likely to buy food to stand on the street, or sit in the shop but can't order to eat. The food stalls in Penang are so matched: the various hawker stalls at the door specialize in selling food, and only drinks are available in the shop. If you want to sit in the shop, no matter what you buy outside, you have to choose: 1 a cup of drinks in the shop 2 pay a table fee (1RM), with a table, the food is ready A special person will be sent to your desk and you will pay. This coexistence economy is also a very special feature of Penang cuisine.
George Town,Recommendations
Wonderfood Museum Penang
Penang is the best place to play in the brain--the most fun food museum to see here
Penang, which is the best city in my mind except for Jeju Island, which is a great example of the museum culture. There are more than 50 museums, large and small, all kinds of whimsy, brain holes have been opened to the extreme.
And this food food museum is one of the things I find very interesting. Because the cuisine of Penang is world-famous, the sands, the clams, the clams... the two slaps are not counted. This food madness is the food of Penang, which is presented by both large and small models. A great place to have fun and knowledge of science.

Play Raiders: The museum is divided into two layers, all of which are Malaysian specialties, all made into models, with a mini version in the showcase, and a magnified version for visitors. Taking a picture and taking a lot of photo props is definitely a place where you can shoot a lot of interesting photos with your brain wide open.
The second floor is about introducing food knowledge around the world, such as the world's most expensive food rankings, what are the most acidic, hottest, stinky, sweetest foods in the world, and We have some knowledge about food in our science, showing the calories of the snacks we usually eat in a figurative way, telling us to eat less junk food, and there is also a promenade that connects Penang from the past to the present. The history is presented one by one, very interesting, and also allows visitors to learn knowledge without knowing it.

Ticket information: MYR 25 for adults, MYR 15 for children, bring student ID card, there are discounts, remember! Remember!

Opening hours: 09
George Town,Recommendations
Upside Down Museum
Puer Wang
George Town,Recommendations
Jubilee Clock Tower
After watching the film "The Rings of Lights" directed by Ang Lee, I will definitely be impressed by the old streets of Wang Lihong and Chen Chong who strolled between Ye Zuyi Building and the Tax Gate Bureau. The bell tower on the background is the famous old Guanzijiao clock tower on the streets of Penang.
The Big Bell Tower, which stands in the old Guanzijiao, has a history of 104 years. This landmark building is a mixture of the English bell tower and the Muslim Moorish dome. It was established by the local Chinese businessman Xie Zengqi of Penang to commemorate the British. The 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria's accession to the throne. Although the clock tower is no longer a bell for the people, its historical value and commemorative significance are rich and far-reaching.
As long as you are close to the Big Bell Tower, it is not difficult to find the English words on the wall of the clock tower that "this clock tower is donated by Xie Zengqi to Penang, and the Queen Victoria is enshrined in the memorial - 1837-1897".
In 2005, the Urban Council allocated funds to beautify the office. In addition to adding neon lights to the big clock tower, the traffic circle in front of the big clock tower erected a giant iron betel nut with a strong local color. Under the latter, the big bell tower was even more Adding modernity, it quickly became another landmark for tourists to enjoy sightseeing.
The old streets of Penang stand with old-fashioned buildings of European, Southern and South Sea flavors. The thick nights of Shanghai are still lingering, and the mottled walls have witnessed the traces of historical change and power.