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Mount Iron TrackNearby City

Mount Iron Track

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"On the Iron Doushan Trail, when you walk along, you see that the door in Figure 2 on the left is closed, and you enter the mountain from the right. There are trees full of red fruits on the side of the road. The yellow flowers on both sides of the path have already bloomed. There is a statue of a dog at the entrance. The foreigner passing by, holding the dog and greeted you with a smile. I thought my journey would be easy, but the more I walked, the fewer people, the steeper the slope, and the path through the Miza pine forest. I haven’t encountered it for a long time. A person starts to be scared and worried that he has gone wrong, what should one do if he gets lost in the mountains? However, there is only one road that can accommodate two people walking side by side on this mountain, and the other roads are narrower. It should not be wrong to walk along the road. I can only see the mountains and small towns as I climbed high and far away. Apart from being tired or tired, my sweaty clothes stuck to my body. I began to wonder if I was stupid. Before entering the mountain, I regretted that I had no chance to take the Roy Trail. The two men in my family were afraid of hardship and sun. After going all the way up the mountain, they kept retreating. It seems that my physical strength is missing the Roy Trail. In the end, I persisted. The moment I climbed to the top of the mountain, I suddenly felt bright, tired and scared. On the platform on the top of the mountain, I was surrounded by nature, and I didn't want to go down for a long time. When I went down the mountain, I looked at the beautiful scenery all the way and overlooked the small town of Wanaka. The lake lingers around the high mountains and always appears in front of my eyes. I feel that the road to the hill is a little bit slower, and it really becomes a road without steps. If I go up the mountain from here, I will return on the same road. It’s easier and accompanied by beautiful scenery all the way. There are many private territories on this mountain, so just walk along the road. There are many little rabbits on the mountain. They often see them obediently by the roadside. When they cough, they ran into the bushes in fright."