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Crown Range Road

Crown Range RoadNearby City

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"New Zealand’s famous road: Crown Highway, the only way from Wanaka to Queenstown, with a total length of 67 kilometers. The reason why this section of the road is famous is the scenery along it, especially when you are near Arrowtown, the dense observation decks one after another will surely feast your eyes. The road is not easy to drive, and the climb is very high, especially the seven hairpin turns before Arrow Junction, and everyone is driving carefully. Only by drone shooting can we see the whole picture of the hairpin bend. From the observation deck here, you can overlook Queenstown and a corner of Lake Wakatipu. Seeing the straight runway in the picture, it is Queenstown Airport, and the actual location is also in Frankton. We saw a few planes approaching from the observation deck on the top of the mountain. It seemed that it was quite difficult to cross the mountains. Look closely at the picture, an airplane is flying by. Driving along the hairpin bend, the height keeps dropping. Anyway, I am just the co-driver, and I can take pictures when I have time. This picture of a high mountain pasture, the flock of sheep and the snow-capped mountains behind it, I sighed all the way, the dairy company must be very impressed to come here to shoot the advertisement. The top of the mountain here is also a treasure place for paraglider lovers. When I saw a paraglider, the first image that flashed through my mind was the image of Guo Jing diving down from the top of a mountain in Taiwan in the MV "Next Daybreak". Since then, I have been interested in paragliding. Although it was not arranged in the itinerary this time, I hope that this wish can be realized in the future journey." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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