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Things To Do in Gibraltar

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National Park
Nature Reserve
WillSumAll kinds of monkeys who are not afraid of people grab things, but the scenery here is really unparalleled. The unique angle of looking at Africa is particularly eye-catching. The whole mountain is not too high. There is also a great cable car to go up. It is still a bit expensive at 15 pounds. The airport can be seen here. The feeling of flying at low altitude when the plane is landing is very shocking from the mountain.
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ChenhutamuGeographically, Gibraltar is an interesting existence. Although it is in the southern part of the European continent, it belongs to the United Kingdom, and the British pound/Gibraltar pound is used instead of the euro. The lighthouse is in the southernmost part of Gibraltar, and you can take bus 2 to the terminal. The sea here is the Strait of Gibraltar. It is a very meaningful place to look at the African continent.
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Observation Deck
Historical Architecture
WillSumThere are still various fortresses and some historical relics on Gibraltar Hill. I came here after fighting the monkeys along the winding mountain road. Nowadays, although the building itself maintains its original basic outline, the interior feel has been miserably reflected here’s unique geographical location and strategic position
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WillSumWhether it is from a port bordering Spain by land or an international airport, you have to cross the runway and then pass here. The square on the west side of the runway is not very large, and a sculpture is the core Behind is the football park. There are many children playing here. It has a very life-like atmosphere.
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City | ​​landmark
ChenhutamuGibraltar is a small place, the size is the size of a town. The busiest part of the town is the main street, and the main buildings are on both sides of the street. Shops and everything are nearby, and tourists are also concentrated here. You can buy souvenirs for meals on this street.
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Modern Architecture
Historical Site
ChenhutamuA building on the main street of Gibraltar is quite conspicuous, but I don't know what it is for. I took a few photos outside, but there was no way to go inside and maybe it was not open to the outside world.

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Trinity LighthouseGibraltar,Gibraltar

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Rosia BayGibraltar,Gibraltar

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Prince Ferdinand's BatteryGibraltar,Gibraltar

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Main StreetGibraltar,Gibraltar

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The Moorish Castle Complex (The Tower of Homage and The Gate House)Gibraltar,Gibraltar

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South BastionGibraltar,Gibraltar

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