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Things To Do in Golmud

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Karen晓喵It is the only water Yadan landform in the world, because the lake is raised, gradually submerged the north edge of the group of Yadan, formed a unique water Yadan, like a vast desert out of the empty out of a 'Orange', it stands on this ocean, magic and mysterious. Blue lake, the magical Yadan landform, the sky ducks, the water glitter, the sunrise orange xia, the dune lake formed a beautiful moving picture, photographed the water Yadan, gold Yadan reflection, beautiful.
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西北当地向导小石头Chaerhan Salt Lake is the second largest salt lake in the world. In the industrial mining area, although the tea card is 50 times larger, it is not as well known as the tea card. There are Wanzhang Salt Bridge and Qiandao Salt Flower! 🚕About 50 kilometers away from downtown Golmud🚘By self-driving or chartered car, follow the navigation to drive for about 1 hour to the tourist service center,🎫Tickets are free, but you need to buy a sightseeing ticket, 100 yuan/person, the bus goes to the entrance of the factory, and walks through the salt Bridge, parked at Qiandao Salt Flower, 2 locations at the central pier, you can get off the bus and tour⏱Visit time: about 3 hours☁The film can only be released if the weather is good, so the weather is very important
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_we***25Once drove to the no man's land in Cocoxili, then passed the Tangula Mountains, then the Kunlun Mountains were very, very shocked, then on the drive, then met a lot of Tibetan antelope, black donkeys, cows, and wolves, The wolf is very thin. He also met many colleagues and photographers. And then he felt very, very good. Well, I have the opportunity to go again in the future, and then I hope to go home, and then go to the Kunlun Mountains. I feel very, very shocked. I think everyone can go. I highly recommend.
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红霞Ruby🔥Practical tips: With waterproof shoe covers, drone 🚖 Traffic Raiders: Leave the water Yadan, because of the dense cloud, the sky is dark. A little east, a very far ahead of the right horizon, a bright blue light, is sky blue! Bright as a full super-clear display, not at all the natural colors visible to the naked eye, under the dark sky, more bright, like the heavenly light. Bring to the sky blue light, five minutes, a large sky blue lake appeared. Broad, wide to the point where you can't see the edge. Blue blue, blue blue to dazzling bright. This is Dongtai Jinell Lake. ❤️ Feature recommendation is a recently watched holy wonder, with few tourists and beautiful scenery, known as the eastern Maldives. In my opinion, the water scenery is much better than the Maldives. Parking on the shore, to the lake. At the foot, is the snow-white saline ground. Nearby, is clear and boundless sky blue. Head, is clear clouds. It is like the Garden of Eden outside the world.
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M29***62Kunlun Park is the largest park in Hotan, covering an area of 88,000 square meters. The park is centered on Kunlun Lake, with a water area of 28,000 square meters. It is the only large-scale park with a certain scale in Hotan City, and it is also a good place for citizens to relax and entertain.
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吴立珍The Wanzhang Salt Bridge is located on the Chaerhan Salt Lake in the southern part of the Qaidam Basin. The highway is like a bridge floating on the brine. It is a rare type of road bridge in the world and a great wonder in the Qaidam Basin. The entire road is directly paved with salt. The road and the edges can be seen full of white flowers of salt. Driving directly on the salt bridge, the scenery of the salt lake on both sides is very charming.

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Jiangjunlou ParkHaixizhou,China

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Ge'ermu River East Great Muslim TempleHaixizhou,China

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Dongtai Ji Nai'erhuHaixizhou,China

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Golmud LibraryHaixizhou,China

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Ge'ermu Ke Xiqingzhen DasiHaixizhou,China

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About Golmud

Located in west-central Qinghai Province in the heart of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Golmud comprises two non-contiguous regions, one in the south-central Qaidam Basin and the other in the Tanggula Mountains. The urban area lies in the alluvial plain of the Golmud River in the south-central Qaidam Basin. At an average elevation of 2,780 meters, the area has a high plain, continental climate. Golmud is rich in tourism resources. Unique natural scenery awaits visitors at the headwaters of the Yangtze River, Wanzhang Salt Bridge, Xueshan (“Snow Mountain”) Glaciers (雪山冰川), Kunlun snowscape, sunrise at Han Sea, and desert forest. Famous sites include Yuzhu (“Jade Bead”) Peak, Kunlun Mountain National Park, and the Qarhan Salt Lake.

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Here are the best places to visit in Golmud, including: Water Yadan Geopark,Chaerhan Salt Lake,Kunlun Mountain Pass
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