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Trip Moments

Chaerhan Salt Lake
The Chaerhan Salt Lake is one of the largest natural salt lakes in the world.
The Qaidam Basin between Kunlun Mountain and Qilian Mountain is known as the treasure bowl of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The heart of the Qaidam Basin is the famous Chaer Khan. Its rich and surprising salt mine resources and the 32-kilometer singular Banzhang Salt Bridge have made its name resound for more than half a century.
Most people only know the Chaka Salt Lake, but the Chaer Khan Salt Lake is larger and less well known.
"Chaer Khan" is Mongolian, meaning "Yanze". Salt Lake is located in the Gobi Desert, where the climate is hot and dry, the sunshine is long, and the evaporation of water is much higher than the precipitation. Due to the long-term wind and sun, a high concentration of brine was formed in the lake, which gradually crystallized into salt particles. The lake panel was formed into a thick salt cover, which was extremely hard.
Incredibly, there is a 32-kilometer long road and railway passing through the salt lake. It is a wanzhang salt bridge floating on the brine. The road and railway are a section of Golmud to Dunhuang Highway and Qingzang. A section of the railway. Unlike Chaerhan Salt Lake and Chaka Salt Lake, it is really a "lake."
In fact, this is not a scenic spot, and the road to come in has also taken some effort. This is a salt lake where you can see the rushing lake. The shore is full of salt and alkali, a thick layer. When you step on it, it will seep slightly in the water. It feels like walking in the snow.
Mimo Chiu
Only lucky 1000 people can see, NODE planet!
To say that in August, where the more unforgettable experience is, I personally feel that it must be a NODE planet. It is under the Kunlun Mountain in Golmud, Qinghai Province. It is supposed to be on the Gobi Desert of the Loess. There is a unique planet for 5 days and 4 nights.
In the summer, throw away the lights in the city, ride the car, and come to this Gobi Desert to participate in the carnival of this minority. NODE Planet adheres to the concept of creativity, truth, sharing, nature, etc., and builds a carnival city for everyone who comes here. Here, you can stay close to nature and release yourself to do everything you want to do.
Here, you can ignore the eyes of the people around you and follow a bold idea inside. You can wear yourself in your favorite costumes. Everyone who comes here is self-expression, if you Still wearing T-shirt shorts, it is really too "alternative".
On the NODE planet, not just your own performance, but you also need to consider the "bad" wild environment. The sunshine on this Gobi desert is still very abundant, so if there is a long time outdoors Exercise and experience, you still need to do a good job of sun protection, no matter where you are, you can't have less sun protection! Here, the temperature difference between day and night is large, in addition to sun protection, remember to keep warm.
Come to the planet, of course, you can't miss the local cuisine. Here, you can taste the unique northwest flavor. In the NODE planet, you can use everything in the local currency. To get more or better, you need your own efforts to earn.
You can choose any method to come here, then go to the planet to explore, not much nonsense, and immediately start my adventure journey~
Kunlun Mountain Pass
Kunlun, the fairyland, the NODE planet on the next beach, explore the new life of the universe
I believe many people often think, there are other planets besides the earth, there are other alien life. Oh, of course, this is also a problem that countless scientists are exploring. They found water on Mars and showed signs of life on a certain planet... They have been waiting for news reports, but why not start on their own and come to a strange planet. "Let's explore for yourself?" ! The
NODE planet appeared on the next-door beach under the Kunlun Mountains. This planet, which only appeared for five days and four nights, was found by more than 1,000 people who were lucky, and felt the charm of this planet.
Here, you can let go of yourself and don't worry about anything. Even if you don't know how to dress, no one will point you at you, wearing a T-shirt with short sleeves. It may already be the most heterogeneous one.
Because of environmental factors, the ultraviolet rays here are very strong. On the planet that is in close contact with the sun, you must still do a good job of sun protection. Otherwise, it will be the same as me. Inevitably.
You can experience the game on the NODE planet. Its not too cool to open an all-terrain vehicle in the Gobi Desert. You dont have to worry about your technology being bad. You will bump into the road and you will come over. The photo is required, of course, because my mount is so cool.
Under such a yellowish Gobi Desert, you must wear it brightly, and if you are too lazy to wear sunscreen, it is recommended to wear long sleeves, at least physical anti-sun
red logo embroidery T-shirt CLUB XXHH
black red strip sport trousers CLUB XXHH
fish jump gantry Li Ning
white cap Pannabai
aviator sunglasses

The color of two similar colors will make people stand out in the entire Gobi Desert. The punching photos will also form a focus. It will not be a mediocre tourist photo. Oh, wear a reminder: In a hot environment, the dark will It's easier to release heat than light-colored clothes, it doesn't make people feel hot~
Qaidam Basin
Tonight, I only have beautiful Gobi, starry sky
night I don't care about humans.