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Things To Do in Gotha

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野枫印象The Kramer Bridge in Erfurt crosses the Brestor River, a tributary of the Gera River that flows through the city center. This bridge with houses on both sides is unique in the northern Alps. It is 120 meters long and is the longest built house in Europe. Closed bridge. The house bridge has become an iconic ancient building in Erfurt.
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Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
godknowsMountain stream wooden bridge, arched city gate, the forecourt of the castle with a unique cave, overlooking the old castle, ancient manor, high tower, city wall, pool, promenade, old wooden structure. Climbing to the top of the tower, the Thuringian forest scenery can be seen.
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小鱼儿2015A small city in Frankfurt, with a very typical architectural style, similar to a rural environment. Each courtyard and house are relatively independent. There are not many prosperous facilities. It is quiet and a good place to live.
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灯火通明的**Erfurt’s Dom is built on a small hill and is large in scale. There are exquisite sculptures of gods on the two main doors. Although the height of the doors is not high, the sculptures are very delicate. The large oil painting in the teaching is very eye-catching, and the altar decoration is complicated. The overall layout of the church is quite different, the door opens on the side, and the lobby is split-level.
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National Park
coo***anA very interesting place, admirable. However, in the end I still feel...? The tower watch tower is of course great, and the scenery is of course the same, but the road is more like a road...for the price...well...we have been there before, but I can't feel the absolute return. A pity
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Historical Site
M32***83In Germany, it is an organization that specializes in dismantling tanks and armored vehicles, so it is also called a tank cemetery. Here you can see armored vehicles from all over the world being disassembled.

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