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In Spanish, the pomegranate is called Granada, an ancient city located in the Andalusian autonomous region of southern Spain, the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, the junction of the Daro and the Heil River, with the Moorish masterpiece Alhambra. The palace, as well as a variety of famous historical monuments that blend Muslim, Jewish and Christian styles, are fascinating. Da Wenhao Victor Hugo once praised the ancient Spanish city of Granada: "There is no city, like Granada, with elegance and smile, with glittering oriental charm, spreading under the clear sky. " Alhambra Palace is the royal palace of the medieval kingdom of Granada established in Spain. Its name comes from Arabic, meaning "red fort." Located in the heights of the northern end of Granada, the palace is the essence of Arab architectural art. In 1492, after the Moors were expelled from Spain, the Alhambra was abandoned. TIPS: General winter is the low season, while Holy Week and Summer are the peak seasons. In the high season, visit the Alhambra. If you do not book online in advance, you should queue up to buy tickets as early as possible (6 o'clock). . In the peak season, even if you have booked in advance, you will have to check in at the sights of the various attractions inside the palace. Among them, the Naseri Palace can only accommodate 300 people every half hour due to the restrictions of the venue. It is forbidden to enter the venue one hour before the closure. If you miss the visit time, it is easy to regret the loss of the right to visit, so it must be properly planned. Itinerary, arrive at the sights on time.
JOJO’s wonderful trip
The fascinating Alhambra Alhambra is the royal palace of the Granada kingdom established by the medieval Moors in Spain. Arabic means red fort. After the Moors were expelled from Spain, the building began to be abandoned. Later, with the support of Ferdinand VII, the architects Jose Contreras and other long-term repairs and reconstructions restored the original features. We booked tickets for the Nasri Palace at 2 pm (you must make an appointment, otherwise you will be queued at 6 o'clock in the morning, after all, there is a limit for the number of people in each time period). At 12 o'clock, you have already arrived at the scenic spot, thinking about it. Let's go to other free places to see. As a result, neither the Summer Palace nor the Fort Akasaba will be allowed. Only the Carlos V Palace can. So booked 2 tickets, all paid attractions must be 2 o'clock before entering. Although Nasirs Palace, Akasaba Fort and Summer Palace are separate attractions, as long as they meet the visit time, it is completely OK to go out from one toll attraction and then go to another toll attraction. Remember that each toll attraction cannot be used. Going in again, the staff at the door were very careful to check the ticket. Introduce some personal favorite spots. The design of the palace must first mention: How did the glass not be used in ancient times? The Moors used a very laborious but extravagant way to cut out a honeycomb window! If a person quietly stays in a closed space for a whole day, watching the sun cast the shape of the light hole on a dim roof or wall, moving with the sun's trajectory, it is good to feel the passage of time. Experience. The myrtle atrium is enclosed by marble columns, with a shallow, flat rectangular reflecting pool and a beautiful central fountain. Two rows of myrtle hedges lined up on the side of the pool, which is also the source of the name of the atrium. The lion atrium is said to be the place where Alfonso XI and his lover have fun, and she is legendary the most beautiful woman in Spain. From the castle you can look out over the Sierra Nevada. The Henry Lofer Garden consists of two groups of buildings connected by a canal atrium, all of which are fairly stable, simple and simple. This means that when the king retires, he longs for the garden to provide an intimate and tranquil atmosphere. There are only some decorative patterns of stucco, which are not too exaggerated, but still show exquisiteness and taste. The summer garden is very beautiful and offers panoramic views of the palace. In addition, it is recommended to go to the Nicholas Lookout to enjoy the palace at sunset, beautiful!