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Bright Angel Trail

Bright Angel TrailNearby City

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"There is a kind of path that little angels have walked-the Bright Angel Trail is really not as beautiful as the flowers when it comes to play here, but I enjoy every step of the way on the Bright Angel Trail. The weather is a bit hot, but the whole environment is very good for walking. The road is not very rugged, but it is still a challenge to physical fitness. The small trees on both sides of the trail are not so dense or even a little sparse, but they are very fresh and green. There are dots of flowers and colors in the cluster, which feels very good. Since I’m going to hike, I just walked over from the bottom of the canyon. I never thought I would walk from the bottom to the top, and the trail is still very long, but I am happy that there is a water source on the way. For me when I was young, it was really a blessing to have some heat and water in the weather. When I got up and got up, I found a bird with beautiful feathers. It was very beautiful. I originally wanted to take pictures. But it flew very fast, so I had to give up, which is a pity, but I have to continue walking, so I don't think about it anymore. The sweat has soaked my shirt and I just want to dissipate the heat with the breeze. There are still beautiful views on the small road along the way, but I was even more surprised that the scenery inside is spectacular. There are different patterns on uneven rocks, other patterns and flowers that I don’t know. I leave at around 5 in the morning. I didn’t go back until 6 o’clock in the evening. There were strange scenery, beautiful birds, and the hard work of walking up step by step, which made me remember it. Before I left, I took a picture and left a copy for myself. Good memories.​"
Powell Point

Powell PointNearby City

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"Historical Site"
"Roaming the beautiful western United States canyon-Powell Point The Grand Canyon Village in the western United States, also called the Grand Canyon National Park, is located in the Kaibab Plateau in the western United States. It is one of the longest canyons in the world, with a total length of about 446 kilometers. The largest reading is about 1,740 meters, with a total area of 2,724 square meters. The pride of the Wilderness Grand Canyon is always seen in the Grand Canyon of the Western United States in movies and westerns. This time, driving to the Grand Canyon by car is a personal experience. The road is very smooth along the way, but there are many signs indicating that there are wild animals. I feel scared, and maybe a deer will pop out. However, I have never met all the way to the Grand Canyon. The most terrain of the canyon is various shrubs. There are small yellow flowers in the clump. The famous viewing platform of the canyon There are many viewing platforms in Grand Canyon Village, and the one we visited this time is more special, called Powell Point. It is a very popular sunset viewing spot in the area, and Indians here often come here. Watching the sunset, we met a pair of Indian mothers and daughters when we went there. The daughters hugged their mothers and sat quietly, leaning against each other and looking at the sunset canyon, which was touching. The Grand Canyon is not like the mystery of the tropical rainforest, it is more like an American brawny, very heroic. It is basically composed of cliffs, but it is uninterrupted. The strangely shaped rocks are like sand sculptures under the sun, all of which are works of art. There is also a photo of a rainbow in a canyon at Powell Point. This is formed by the water vapor from the sun shining on the canyon after raining over the canyon. It is very spectacular. Unfortunately, when we went there, the weather was very good. It did not rain before, but the sun was setting. A little bit of disappearance in the canyon is considered a miracle of the canyon, and it will be fresh in my memory for a long time. Tips: Do a good job of sun protection, remember to put on a jacket after watching the sunset, the temperature difference is relatively large." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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