Grantown on Spey
Scottish Highlands
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Things To Do in Grantown on Spey

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TodemmyCragganmore Distillery is a very interesting winery. The overall style is great. It is worth visiting. You can see how the popular science wine is made. The staff will lead the tour throughout the whole process. It is good, and you can taste the wine. It is worth coming One trip~Drink without driving, driving without drinking!
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Outdoor skiing
coo***anClimbing CairnGorm Mountain is really tiring. Many of the steep mountain trails are simply mountain cross-country trails. Seeing that local foreigners come with equipment and trekking poles, we can see its professionalism, rich vegetation, and mountains with a good view~
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National Park
coo***anThe center of the Scottish Highlands is surrounded by Cairngorms Mountains, which account for 4,500 square kilometers, which is one tenth of the area of Scotland. It is the "Cairngorms National Park". There are ideal ski resorts in the park. There are five ski resorts in Scotland, three of them here. In addition, the geographical environment of the entire park seems to be completely preserved in its original state, except for a few old castles and small villages. Because of this, a 250-kilometer walking trail in the park is very popular with backpackers. Walking on this trail, apart from being able to fully feel the mountainous interest of the Scottish Highlands, it can also be somewhat relieved of the nostalgic complex.
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_We***24The lake is frozen year-round, steep and densely wooded. The northern end of the lake is a river that connects the North Sea. It is the third largest freshwater lake in Britain at the northern end of the Grand Canyon fault that runs through the Highlands of Scotland. The only channel to contact the lake is the Nice River, which is 52 feet above sea level, 24 miles long and one mile wide.
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Historical Site
隨時出走Inverness Castle is the highest in Inverness. Upon arriving at the accommodation, I lost my luggage and rushed to the castle. I walked along the river bank and the scenery was pleasant. By the way, almost no one was walking on the road. I went to the castle and found it was being renovated. In the middle, I had to make a detour and walk down the block to stroll around. Europeans are very leisure, and many shops have opened foreigners. I found a family willing to receive me. I bought a pair of rainbow rain boots. They are so beautiful. They are the most memorable item in my life (currently)^^
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Military Site
隨時出走The Battlefield of Culloden is a museum built to commemorate the Battle of Culloden. It occupies a very large area and several landmark buildings are still there. The museum retains some ancient weapons and objects. The most worth mentioning is that there is an exhibition hall with white walls on all sides. After the visitors enter, the Culloden War Epidemic will be screened! I was crying, and the troops from both sides rushed from all sides, watching the people of Scotland (of all tribes) holding swords against the guns of the English army! Hit the rocks with pebbles, the battle was broken, the roar of killing the enemy, the rumble of guns , Struck towards the center (where I stood), immersed in the environment, super scary, although Scotland suffered heavy casualties, but won! So later Scotland existed.

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Ballindalloch CastleGrantown on Spey,United Kingdom

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Cragganmore DistilleryGrantown on Spey,United Kingdom

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Grantown MuseumGrantown on Spey,United Kingdom

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