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About Greece

Greece, located in southeastern Europe, is often called the "cradle of Western civilization." Its many islands scattered throughout the Ionian and Aegean seas are renowned for their beauty and luxury. In the capital Athens, visitors can explore ancient ruins at the Parthenon, see the Theatre of Dionysus, or watch the sunset from Mount Lycabettus. Stroll past the famous blue church domes on Santorini Island and enjoy spectacular meals overlooking azure blue seas. Visit the famous Meteora rock formations with their incredible Eastern Orthodox monasteries or explore Ottoman history in Thessaloniki. Greece has been enchanting visitors since ancient times. Come explore this land of beauty and wonder.

Popular Cities

Popular Attractions in Greece

Acropolis of Athens
963 Reviews
Historical Site
The Acropolis is located in the southwest portion of central Athens. It is one of Athens' greatest landmarks and a symbol of ancient Greece. The Acropolis consists of ancient architectural relics such as the Parthenon, the Temple of Erektio and the Temple of Athena. The Acropolis is steep, with only a channel in the west, which serves as a natural barrier. Actually, the Acropolis used to be a military fortress. Standing in the Acropolis, you can also look at the magnificent panorama of Athens.
The Parthenon
441 Reviews
Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
The Parthenon is an ancient temple dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena. It is situated on the excavated site of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Construction started in 447 BC and was tentatively completed around 438 BC, although decorative parts of the temple continued to evolve until 432 BC. The building has had many uses over the centuries, including that of a treasury, a Christian church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, an Ottoman mosque and an ammunition dump. In 1975, the Greek government began serious restoration efforts in the attempt to preserve the Parthenon and other Acropolis structures. Reconstruction efforts continue to this day.
Temple of Olympian Zeus
280 Reviews
Historical Site
The Temple of Olympian Zeus is located in the village of Olympia and was built for the sacrifice of Zeus. The Temple of Olympian Zeus is under the responsibility of the sculptor Fideias, with stucco limestone on the surface and marble on the top of the temple. The stone statues behind the temple temple are carved from the marble of the island of Paros. Many statues on the west side of the temple are decorated with a herringbone style.
Syntagma Square
299 Reviews
Syntagma Square is the pulsating heart of the modern city of Athens, composed of the actual square together with the surrounding streets, open areas and assemblage of grand buildings that include banks, offices, top hotels and the old Royal Palace - now the Greek Parliament building. Syntagma Square is named after the Greek constitution (Syntagma) that was proclaimed from the balcony of the royal palace that overlooks the square on 3 September 1843. The former palace has housed the Greek parliament since 1935.

Trip Moments

Posted: Dec 27, 2018
Go to Santorini, Greece, take a full Raiders, Europe honeymoon travel must collect I am a travel photographer, have been to Santorini several trips, the Holy Island is indeed a very filming place, presumably Every girl dreams of going to Santorini with a loved one? If you can, please leave this wonderful place to your favorite people. Visa: You need to apply for a root certificate. I will not elaborate on the specific method. You can also apply online or you can find a travel agent. Foreign currency: Use the Euro, you can change it in the country in advance, or you can change it at the airport. External traffic: From Athens you can choose from three modes of transportation to Santorini 1 aircraft the fastest is the aircraft, which lasted about half an hour. 2Blue Star Cruises It takes eight hours to sit in, but there are several beautiful islands along the way. The cruise facilities are great and there are movies. 3 speedboat five hours internal traffic 1bus After the island, there is a round-the-island bus, there are many lines, the price of one way is 1.8 euros. From the airport to the town of Fira, the town of Oia, or the Fira-Oia round-trip, you can take this bus, which is economical, but the bus basically does not go according to the timetable. Sometimes you have to wait for more than half an hour. . 2Taxis Outside the airport, many hotels have airport transfers, so you can make an appointment in advance. After staying at the hotel, you need to go to the front desk to call at any time. 3 Car rental There are car rental points near the airport. Hotel The two most beautiful towns in Santorini are Oia and Fira~ especially love Oia.
Posted: Feb 1, 2019