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Things To Do in Greiz

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TodemmyA museum that car enthusiasts must not miss! Must punch ~ August Horch is one of the important pioneers of the German automotive industry and the father of Audi. In the August Horch Museum, the history of 4 factories (Horch, Audi, Wanderer and Little Wonder) before and after World War II is described. In the museum, you can also see the prototype cars of the four factories.
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小思文The snack square is quite a lively place. After sunset in the afternoon, you can see a lot of locals and tourists gathering here. There are also some places to eat near the square, and there are roadside music performances. [Scenery] The surrounding scenery is beautiful [Fun] Quite interesting square
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小思文This monument is quite large. This building is quite tall. It is a very independent monolithic monument. You need to climb a lot of stairs to get up. It is also a building to commemorate the German National War. [Scenery] Climb up and the surrounding scenery is nice [Fun] Very interesting sculpture
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小思文The Nicholas Church is a very historic building. There are a lot of old buildings here. Leipzig is also one of the very old cities in Germany. There are many good design methods in the city. The Nicholas Cathedral is also A more elegant place to visit.
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suifeng2019The appearance of Bach’s house was reconstructed several times from the 16th to the 18th century, and it did not become what it is today until 2000. There are many facilities for listening to Bach's works in the museum, and those who are interested can feast their ears here.
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Ornamental Hot spring
Historical Architecture
梅理熊[View] Located on the main street, near the river. The milky white cloister is exquisite in shape and has hot spring water points. There is a wide step next to it, which is full of tourists at dusk. [Fun] The hot spring is the theme of Karlovy Vary. It is drinkable. It is rich in minerals that are beneficial to the human body and has a healing and health care effect. Due to the high temperature of hot spring water, hot spring cups suitable for drinking are produced locally. [Value for money] Free

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