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Longchi Academy

6 Reviews
Longyan Top 7 in Local History
Recommended Sightseeing Time: 1 hour
Address: Xinluo, Longyan, Fujian, China

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Youlongchi Academy Author: Miao Miao's Flower horizon 2. Liuyang Cave I have seen some colleges taken by others before, but they are not complete and there are not many text introductions. Therefore, I have a rather light impression of a courtyard, a tower and a pavilion. Great, and here, we have one surprise after another... On the right side of the academy, not far away, there was a big hole. The black hole looked like a pair of eyes at first glance. It looked a little grim, but it was an abandoned mine. Naturally formed karst cave! A guy like me who loves geology Naturally, there was a burst of joy and excitement! There are small terraces formed by dripping water all the year round. The geology is very hard and meandering, which is very peculiar. On the wall of the cave there is a stele of "Liuyang Cave" carved in the Wanli Year of Ming Dynasty. There is a huge stalactite on the roof of the cave. It is said that the stalactite can grow one meter in ten thousand years. This is more than one meter, which shows the age of the cave. Inside and outside the cave, there are different shapes. Since I met you, I have another chance to get close to the ancient land. 3. Stone Forest From the upper academy through the bamboo forest, there is a unique rock cliff, and there is a stone forest on the top of the mountain. It is a typical karst landform. Standing on the top of the stone forest and looking into the distance, the fear of height makes me dizzy and afraid to look directly. A few images left on the ground can be regarded as a fate in return, please do not imitate! At the foot is a piece of karst landform that grows upwards-stone forest, can you see it? Red flags are flying on the rocky cliffs~ Some of these rocks are like monsters with mouths wide open, and some are like giants, breaking out of walls...The wonders of nature's creations are breathtaking! We interact with the years on this pristine rock cliff, and our breath is closely connected. Looking up at this uprooted earth, the admiration in my heart is stirring! I stayed for a long, long time, and finally reluctantly went down the mountain, bid farewell to this strong original pulse, and look forward to seeing you next time... Author: Miao Miao's Flower horizon

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