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Things To Do in Guangde

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Geological Sites
龙龙Taiji Cave is very big, stalactites are strange, very novel, especially the water cave is very long, before the boat, don't have a fun, this time with seven other friends travel, in the May Day to Taiji Cave to play, not as crowded as originally thought, booking is convenient and discounted, very good. Overall great, good value for money,
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E31***64This place is very peaceful! The air is so clean! Bamboo sea took one whole day to see and there is also a hot springs nearby worth visiting on another day. The hike to the top is very intense but the view was worth it! you can see animals along the way but only the Pandas are treated well. The food in the area is not very good! Bring your own snacks! It is in a small town so brush up on your Chinese! The park does have English signs inside.
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charlesIt doesn't feel very fun, it seems very suitable for young children and the elderly to play. The scenic area is very big and there are various small tents. The lawn is very large and spacious, so going out in spring and autumn will feel better.
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辛虞嫣My Chinese is not good, but I can write Chinese! My English is not good, but I can read China! My geography is not good, but I know the rooster on the map! I’m not good at math, but I remember 9.6 million square kilometers My history is not good, but I will never forget 1949!
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Botanical Garden
D31***26The place is really awesome. I really liked it. It doesn't matter what you like. You just go there and you will find so many things. There is a zoo. Plenty of rides and so many beautiful scenes to see. I will strongly recommend to see this place. But you must spend your whole day to see it completely.
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Hot Springs Resort
JCNmy colleagues and i had a great experience at the hotsprings. there are a variety of hot pool from, lavender, rose and wine, beer, bamboo, fish that eat dead skin, hydro massage bubbles type of thing. the staff are very friendly and helpful and keep the area tidy and clean at all times.. the hotel room we stayed in was big and equipped with everything and a balcony. in the mornings we could go down to the dining area for a full breakfast with 100s of different foods to choose. was truly a 5 star experience.

Popular Hotels in Guangde

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Muzi ResortXuancheng,China

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Hexie SquareXuancheng,China

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Haowangjiao Huanle Shui WorldXuancheng,China

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Taiji CaveXuancheng,China

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Qingqing ManorXuancheng,China

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Guangde Southern Creek DriftingXuancheng,China

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About Guangde

Guangde County is located in southeast Anhui Province and surrounded by mountains on all four sides. It adjoins Zhejiang’s Changxing and Anji Counties on the east, Ningguo City to the south, and Xuanzhou City to the west. Located against the Yangtze River Delta, famous attractions here include the Taiji Cave, an enormous cavern that is listed as a national scenic attraction. Here you will also find the fascinating rock forms, precipitous peaks, and cascading waterfalls for which the Lingshan (“Spirit Mountain”) Daxiagu (“Grand Canyon”) Resort Area, known as “Little Huangshan,” is famous. Over its thousands of years of history, many literary figures have come here to see the sights and relax.

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Here are the best places to visit in Guangde, including: Taiji Cave,Qingqing Manor,Taiji Wuse Valley
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