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Top Things to Do in Guangwu Mountain 2020



63 things to do found in Guangwu Mountain
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Feng Zhi Yi Qinling Yingzuifeng Huaxiang Base

Feng Zhi Yi Qinling Yingzuifeng Huaxiang BaseNearby City

Open from 8:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
Gaoguan Pubu Lijiayan Mailixiang Farm Tour

Gaoguan Pubu Lijiayan Mailixiang Farm TourNearby City

5/51 Reviews
Monday to Sunday All day; (Local time)
"A farmhouse with a good environment, and the food is delicious."
Fucheng Escape Room (zhonglou)

Fucheng Escape Room (zhonglou)Nearby City

4.8/54 Reviews
Escape Room
10:00-23:30 Monday to Sunday (Local time)
"The bell tower and drum tower are symbols of historical civilization and ancient wisdom. Worth a visit!"
Exit Escape Room (saigaojiequ)

Exit Escape Room (saigaojiequ)Nearby City

4.8/55 Reviews
Escape Room
10:00-22:00 Monday to Sunday (Local time)
Zhuizhuzhe Escape Room (mazetracke)

Zhuizhuzhe Escape Room (mazetracke)Nearby City

5/54 Reviews
Escape Room
"Very fun game for adults, a catalyst in life"
Mizhishikong Escape Room (yinxiangcheng)

Mizhishikong Escape Room (yinxiangcheng)Nearby City

4.8/54 Reviews
Escape Room
09:00-21:00 Monday to Sunday (Local time)
"It may be the most European-looking script I have played so far. Whether it is a costume or a secret room setting, it is full of noble and elegant European style. The layout is carefully designed around the background of the incident. There is no npc here, only you [wit] The whole body is full of acting and it depends on acting‼ ️ [Environmental atmosphere] The overall light of the Apollo trial is fairly bright, with a total of 4 main character rooms and hidden secret rooms (no spoilers here), which is very immersive in the plot. The first living room after entering the secret room is used for meetings after gathering clues for everyone. Three brain-burning inferences will be conducted to confirm the killer. [Theme] The theme of the secret room we experienced is 🔯Apollo’s Trial🔯, real-world reasoning➕ role-playing, derived from a suspicious murder case, it is a test of evidence search ability and logical analysis, it is recommended 6~8 people, estimated 180 Minutes ⌛️ [Process] After entering the store, there is a rest area for the players. First select the characters and interpret their scripts, and then enter the dressing room to change clothes. There are lockers at the entrance for storing carry-on items 🛅 [Clothing] The clerk will assist in the disguise change and give the characters necessary hints to solve the case. The overall style of clothing is European, although it is one size, the size is too large and does not pick the figure [Organization and props] Some organs are obvious, while others need to be combined and reasoned. The props are novel and lifelike and are highly integrated with the atmosphere of the scene [Clue puzzle] You need to repeatedly enter every room and turn over boxes and cabinets. Don't miss any clues. The secret room mechanism is very likely to be hidden within your reach 🧐 [Key points] The scripts that everyone gets are different, and the story needs to be restored through the game links. If you think you are a murderer, you can conceal your identity appropriately, but it is recommended not to create a false impression before you know the truth. [Service] The store will help to take custom photos for free, explain the game rules and the requirements for solving the case in detail, and provide clues to promote the progress of the plot if necessary. The overall response speed is faster and will help monitor the progress of the time [Joining venues] You can join the venue online and view the team information in real time. If you make up 6 people, the venue will be successful 🆗 [Reservation] It is recommended to reserve a time slot 3 days in advance. If there are 6 players, you can book the venue directly. No refunds will be accepted after the order is submitted. [Price] At present, the store has launched a three-person group purchase package of 334 yuan, and there is a limited time peace of mind in April. You can save 66.8 yuan when you place an order, and you can start with two copies. The per capita consumption is less than 100 yuan, and the price is very high"
BBQ Farm Farm Tour

BBQ Farm Farm TourNearby City

5/51 Reviews
Monday to Friday 08:30-20:00 Saturday,Sunday 08:00-20:30 (Local time)
"It's really good I highly recommend this bbq"
Wudao Escape Room (zhonglou)

Wudao Escape Room (zhonglou)Nearby City

4.3/53 Reviews
Escape Room
9:00-23:30 Monday to Sunday (Local time)
"Oh, this is a place where you can escape, the design of the environment has its own characteristics, and it is very different from the people who played before, and the design of the game links inside, and then some teamwork It’s convenient to wait. Things are very exciting and fun. You’ve never played something you have never played before, a different one."
2.0 Shidai Escape Room Experience Hall

2.0 Shidai Escape Room Experience HallNearby City

5/52 Reviews
Escape Room
10:00-22:00 Monday to Sunday (Local time)
"[Scenery] is very good, [Interest] is very good, and [price ratio] is very good."
H xiansheng Escape Room

H xiansheng Escape RoomNearby City

5/52 Reviews
Escape Room
Monday to Sunday 11:00-23:00 (Local time)
"The part of their escape room design is thrilling." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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