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Things To Do in Guangyuan

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Historical Site
National Park
m11***31On April 5th,l had my car to travel Jianmenguan.It was a very funny and exciting spots.we had a great time.
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Ancient Settlement
社会颜色Zhaohua Ancient City is located in Zhaohua Town, Zhaohua District, Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, with a long history and a rich humanistic life. It was originally called Yichang County, and was changed to Zhaohua County. Located in the intersection of Bailongjiang, Jialingjiang and Qingjiang, the Jialing River water in this Lanlan, the water system Wancheng, Taiji Tiancheng, "the first landscape Taiji" natural wonders of the reputation. The ancient city is surrounded by mountains, three faces the water, the mountains and clear water show, outstanding people, ancient ruins, many relics, the folk style is simple and elegant, is the vast number of tourists sightseeing, leisure and holiday, scholars archaeological research ideal place.
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Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客Perhaps it is tired to play the mountain and water, the sky arranged a soothing wet spring, washed for everyone a day of fatigue, jianmenguan tianci hot spring can indeed bear such health care weight.
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Historical Site
E30***08if you are in Guangyuan and you want a place where is peaceful just visit this cliff. nice view and a lovely place.
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M29***26After visiting the Qianfo Cliff and Huangze Temple, the unintentional attractions were temporarily decided to stay in Guangyuan for another night. The next day, the train station was very convenient to take the Zhongba. The scenery is very different from the Jianmen Pass and Zhaohua Ancient Town. The tour of Mingyue Gorge can learn more about the ramp -- Golden Bull Road. Standing on the roadway of pre-Qin to see the river green train pierced through, let us long-time living in the city people feel very fresh. Visual feast unexpectedly let husband carelessly lost, mobile phone fell to the cliffs of the river [big cry] mood suddenly fell to freezing point. Two people look at the mobile phone lying on the cliff wall but choose to leave, buy the scenic bus ticket when ready to go out of the mountain, not intentionally a sentence, its scenic staff patted the chest boast must help us to get up, the terrain is steep and not separated the screen see, I was reluctant to twitch the muscles of the calf to take a picture, Fortunately, the mobile phone is safe, and the follow-up tour continues (healthy green code is more important than the mobile phone [tooth decay]). The scenery of Mingyue Gorge is beautiful, people are better, highly recommended
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旧爱鱼香肉丝Because Wu was born in Guangyuan, she naturally became a representative of local tourism. The Cliff Statue of Huangze Temple, the first national key cultural and security units (1961), was built from the North and South Dynasties to the Song Dynasty. Kozawa Ji Temple itself is the only imperial edict of the emperor, takeseten, in China, and there is a statue of her appearance (old age), but the existing building is basically a Qing Dynasty building.

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Emerald Cloud GalleryGuangyuan,China

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Zhaohuaniutou MountainGuangyuan,China

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Gucheng Mountain-Qili Gorge Scenery SpotGuangyuan,China

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Youle Xiaozhen Shuangyu Zhiye Experience HallGuangyuan,China

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Jialing RiverGuangyuan,China

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Chuan-Shan Shu Road RuinsGuangyuan,China

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About Guangyuan

Guangyuan, formerly known as Lizhou, is located in the upper reaches of the Jialing River. It is the birthplace of Wu Zetian, the only female emperor in Chinese history. It is an important historical and cultural corridor of the Three Kingdoms Period. It is also an important part of the Sichuan-Shaanxi Communist revolutionary base. Guangyuan has abundant resources with beautiful scenery. It offers many places of interest and scenic spots, including Huangze Temple, Qianfo Cliff and Jianmenguan Pass, which fully showcase the style of this historical, cultural and tourist city.

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Here are the best places to visit in Guangyuan, including: Jianmen Pass,Zhaohua Ancient Town,Qianfo (Thousand Buddha) Cliff
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