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Guangzhou travel can not miss the girl heart this time to go to Guangzhou to play the second home because the time to go to Foshan first home stay is not right Then temporarily booked this home result is much higher than expected Environment The decoration style of this home is a girl's heart-studded pink for likes The girl who takes pictures can be said to be very suitable for powder white mosaic wall simple white floor-standing table lamp powder princess bed sofa pillow is also pink peach heart balcony and a bow Bar seat (suitable for taking pictures) curtains are very shading inside there is a layer of white gauze day can open blackout curtains white gauze through the sun to take pictures particularly good looking daily supplies should have all one All have a pink small refrigerator can put snacks traffic traffic is very convenient from the subway is about five minutes downstairs there is a 24-hour convenience store The building has a security gate to enter and exit the need to swipe safety factor is very good food week A lot of snacks can also take the subway to the nearby places to eat local authentic snacks pig sausage powder boat porridge Chen Tianji fish skin wonton noodles double skin milk all kinds of Cantonese cuisine thoroughly stimulate your taste bud Check in details Add the contact information of Miss Baker's sister If you have any questions, please feel free to ask attitude is very good, very patient subway can not find a picture will tell you how to go / Hh/full live broadcast is the password lock card card placed in the room in and out need to bring Oh Changshou Road subway station B exit taxi address
Guangzhou Panyu|The high value and delicious net red restaurant concerto bistro Although the location is a bit biased, it is not very good parking, but the word of mouth and unique small fresh pastoral style of their home Western food, We still came to punch the card. Entering the store is like entering the secret garden of the family. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating. It is recommended to sit outside for dinner without the recommendation of mosquitoes. In addition to the good light, the outdoor air is fresh and fresh. The kitten can't tease, the cat smells the smell of the food and runs over it, taking care to jump on the table and knock over the food. The outdoor long table is very suitable for three-five friends to gather, it is also the best background for taking photos. Clothing with a small fresh rural skirt. Western main dish We ordered the vanilla garlic oil, prawns and Angus eyelids (48 prawn, 128 pieces of naked eyes), the taste is very good. Salad with fresh fruit vinegar pear salad with caramelized roasted nuts, with smoked fish inside, coke candy is delicious, because you have to drive a non-alcoholic drink, the name is forgotten. Overall, although it is a red shop, but the Western food tastes good, even if you do not like to take pictures, it is also recommended for their home. People: 100 or more (two people eat 280 yuan), if you have eaten, you can only order dessert. Address: Auxiliary Building, Jiejin Building, No. 2, Jinjie Road, Guangzhou, China Metro: Line 3, Shiqiao Station Exit A, 500m It is recommended not to drive by yourself. The parking lot next to it is too expensive. !
Chimelong Paradise
Adults always expect us to be angels, but in fact, we also want to be a night's demon. Every year, we can't miss the one-night long-range Halloween carnival. This year, we will experience the 99-yuan ticket for the first time. One night, invincible, happy heartbeat, and the need for such a carnival is too much for us to force the office workers to release! !! Play Tips 1Open at 3 pm, try to go early, play more projects, because many people line up for each project! 2Remember the parade of several key time ,, must not miss the ghostly 3 6 after 6 pm, the park began to show a gloomy environment, be careful behind, too many ghosts 4 Girls will wear more trousers, black is the best in white 5 free makeup! There is also an exquisite selection of upgraded version of 30 yuan or more !! Staged time charge October 10 - October 18 The fare is: 99 yuan October 19 - October 25 The fare is: 129 yuan October 26 - The fare on November 3 is: 159 yuan !! 2019 new changes 1 puppet master puppet master haunted house invited by the foreign professional team to build, the focus is really a ghost atmosphere! 2The Cursed House is run by 2019, the latest king of the Dark Devil Brian. In the depths of the gloomy woods, the ghosts create their own stories in the desolate mansion, truly showing the cursing horror environment! 3The eight original ghost kings are coming all round, and walking on the road in minutes and suddenly appears behind you! If you are lucky, you can meet the eight ghost kings at once, and then take a big photo, cool burst !! 2019 upgrade version must play 1 4th platform, one of my favorite projects! In the subway car that didn't know when it was the end, 13 different characters swam in the subway haunted house, and couldn't tell which ones were real ghosts and which were puppets! 2 ghost prison! There have been upgrades this year, and there are mournings in the ruins of the prisons, as well as the unpredictable small steps, sneer, crying, and a little bit of movement can make your scalp numb!